Are you excited to explore the alpha male vs beta male comparison?

Well, that was expected… After all, they are the top two tiers of this personality sphere. Yet, people almost worship alpha men but look down on beta men.

So, this think-piece will help eliminate all the misunderstandings and reveal all the major differences between them. So, let’s begin!

Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Most people assume that alpha and beta men are complete opposites of each other. However, they can’t understand how beta males still rank second despite that.

If you can’t wait to know it all, check out this chart…

 Alpha MaleBeta Male
SimilarityThey both depend on clear communication.
DifferencesThey are born leadersThey like to follow and work in teams.
They are competitive.They avoid competition.
They can turn arrogant.They always respect others.
They don’t care about opinions.They feel hurt by others’ opinions.
Most women desire them.They are often friend-zoned.
They take informed risks.They avoid anything risky.
They always try to be the best.They have mediocre performance.
They are ambitious.They lack ambition.
They can say No.They can’t refuse others.
People dislike them for their dominance.They are disliked for being too calm.
They are social.They are reserved.
They are in charge of their relationships.They like to depend on their partners.
They hide emotions.They openly express emotions.

However, personalities are complicated, so let’s dig deeper to understand properly!

Alpha and beta males have good communication skills. Alpha men know how to keep a conversation going and keep everyone interested. They speak confidently and attract everyone’s attention which helps them convey their thoughts better.

Beta males use their communication skills to solve any issue when they can’t avoid conflicts or if the situation is resolvable. Instead of dragging a situation for days, he tries to clear it with open and clear communication.

2. Alpha males believe in leading, unlike beta men

The alpha male is born to be a leader. He has the traits to shoulder others’ burdens and guide them through the worst situations. He understands others’ strengths and weaknesses and can delegate tasks accordingly.

On the other hand, beta men are not good at decision-making. They don’t want to be involved in any kind of leadership position. Instead, he feels comfortable being part of a team.

Instead of taking charge, he wants others to guide him. He even follows the leader’s words without a question. He respects them because he knows it’s a huge burden. However, they are mocked for being dependent and not taking charge.

3. Unlike alpha men, beta males are conflict avoidant

If anyone tries to fight an alpha man, he will never take the other person’s heat. Instead, he will make them regret even trying to talk against him.

Alpha men get pretty aggressive when they are questioned. They don’t try to fight with others but once they are provoked, it’s hard to calm them down. They will debate enough to prove their point.

This might be a great issue in their personal or professional life. But they can also protect themselves and their loved ones during the worst times. They never run away or ignore a conflict.

But beta males are not good with conflicts and often flee from such situations. He won’t get into arguments as he prefers peace over confrontation.

This is great when he deals with authoritative people. However, if he or his loved ones are disrespected, he won’t do anything to defend himself.

4. Alpha men are competitive compared to beta men

The alpha man loves to compete with others. He thrives in a challenging or competitive environment. At times alpha males might try to show off and become toxic during competitions.

If he wins, he makes sure to tell the other person that he is better than them and that they are a loser. However, when he loses, he takes it personally and holds a grudge against that person. So, he might even try to take revenge in other ways.

But the beta male isn’t interested in any sort of competition. So, people often think he is weak and scared to take challenges.

He doesn’t care even if others misunderstand him for this as he enjoys being laidback. He knows he has skills even if he is not as great as an alpha male, but he never gets provoked to compete with others.

5. Alpha males might act arrogant sometimes but beta men always respect others

The alpha male is at the top of the socio-hierarchy. He knows that he is pretty desirable in personal and professional fields. He knows that most of his plans and ideas are invincible.

Some alpha males eventually become arrogant in life when they experience consecutive wins, They become overconfident and look down on others.

They start believing that they are better than anyone else. If anyone questions their choices, they disrespect them instead of explaining things.

However, remember that it’s not the same for all alpha males. Only a few get blinded by their victory.

On the flip side, beta males never judge others for any reason. If anyone doesn’t understand something, they will explain things calmly rather than assuming the worst.

They show the world how to be non-judgmental and never let anger take over.

6. Alpha men don’t care about others’ opinions, unlike beta men

Many people envy the alpha male, and they want to drag him down from the top. So, despite doing his best, people often pass rude comments about him.

Whether at the office or home, he always has others’ best in his mind. However, nobody notices that and only complains about his flaws.

But the alpha male doesn’t care about such issues. Nobody can hurt his ego with a mean personality because he is aware of the truth. He won’t doubt himself just because people can’t have faith in him.

But the beta male gets disturbed by others’ rude comments.  He blames himself when someone is discontent and tries to make things up to them.

He gives too much importance to people. Instead of following his heart, he lets society choose right and wrong for him. He fails to live life to the fullest for this habit.

7. Alpha men are the most desired by women. Beta men often get friend-zoned

The alpha male is the top dog and this makes him attractive to women. Especially, all high-value women desire nothing but an alpha male.

If they meet a capable man with his life under control and not needing to depend on his partner, they can’t ever think of letting them go. They are extremely desirable to women that want to be taken care of.

However, don’t assume that alpha males are targeted by gold diggers. Rather, these high-value women are a mark of status and even alpha men want them.

On the other hand, the beta male’s luck in love life is way worse. He is so kind, down to earth, friendly, and reserved to all of his loved ones.

So, his crush believes that he only treats them as a friend. For obvious reasons, he is friend-zoned because even if he gives his crush more time, he doesn’t give any romantic signals.

8. Unlike alpha men, beta men don’t like risks

Alpha men are crazy about taking risks. They get so reckless just so they can grab an opportunity or win at something. This is also an extension of his competitive nature.

He isn’t afraid of the risks going wrong and takes challenges head-on. People around him often assume that he doesn’t care about their opinions.

However, it’s because he only takes calculated risks. So, he either knows things will work out or he is ready to smoothly take care of any consequences.

However, a beta male is not interested in any sort of risk. Rather, he is risk-avoidant and doesn’t even try to do anything adventurous.

He is so scared of making mistakes and not being able to fix them that he won’t ever take any huge chances. He never pushes his comfort zone to avoid such situations.

9. Compared to alpha men, beta men’s performance is often mediocre

The alpha male is focused on creating his own future. He doesn’t want to passively watch things happen and takes things into his hands.

He always plans everything down to every nook and cranny before working on anything new. There are lots of backup plans to help if anything goes wrong. He can guess what may go wrong which helps him figure out good backups.

He might often seem reckless because he goes to extremes to win at life. Moreover, he is self-aware and tries to improve his performance all the time.

But a beta male only gives an average performance. His skills are lacking and he isn’t that driven to bring a change.

Sometimes, he may even have the right skills but he won’t give it his all. He is so in love with being laid back that he knowingly acts average.

10. Alpha men are way more ambitious than beta males

The alpha male always aims for the best. He doesn’t want to compromise when he is passionate about anything. Rather, he does everything to reach the pinnacle of success.

He is dedicated to his goals and goes to great lengths to make his plans work. People of his age or position don’t even dare to aim as high as him.

Of course, life isn’t easy for him but setbacks never put him down. Every time he falls, he is ready to give his best shot all over again.

However, the situation is completely different for a beta male. He is usually unambitious and isn’t even half as driven as the alpha male to reach his goals.

While everyone around him wants to be the best in something, he is often relaxed and takes it easy. Generally, he doesn’t have a clear vision of his aim.

He also doesn’t care to stick to his goals when he faces setbacks and accepts defeat.

11. Alpha men can refuse requests unlike beta men

The true alpha male has no desire to be a nice guy. He knows his boundaries and won’t let anyone cross them. So, even if someone requested something odd from him, he won’t give in.

It doesn’t matter how much they push him. Even if they play the emotional card, he knows better than to be taken advantage of.

The alpha man is kind, but he won’t entertain freeloaders. He won’t let anyone walk all over him. He doesn’t care what others think when he refuses them and sticks to his choices.

On the flip side, the beta male can hardly refuse requests. It takes the life out of him to let anyone down.

He is too kind for his own good as he always focuses on helping others. People might try to use his kindness but he doesn’t even entertain this thought.

This might be great for the needy, but he also makes himself the target of opportunists.

12. Alpha men are infamous for their dominance while it’s the calmness of betas

Since the alpha male is a dominant man, he often orders others. He believes in his own choices more than others. So, he always tries to give detailed instructions to others.

Since he usually succeeds with his plans, he won’t let others try and waste time or opportunities. 

Most people feel offended by how he dominates them. They feel uncomfortable because they don’t get any chance to unleash their capabilities. Though they can rely on him, it makes others feel low and distrusted.

On the other hand, people feel turned off by the beta male because he is way too laid back.

When he faces difficulties and nobody else is in trouble, he passively waits for help. He expects others to notice and come to help him. He procrastinates for as long as he can instead of seeking solutions that tick off others.

13. The alpha male is a social creature but beta men like to be reserved

Alpha male traits make a man social and outgoing. He wants to be acquainted with as many people as he can so he can dominate more social circles.

He is also eager to succeed and he understands that making connections is a necessity for that. From more connections, he increases the possibility of learning about great opportunities.

Though he doesn’t crave it, he likes to have all attention to himself. He has the charisma that attracts everyone when he walks into a room.

However, the beta man is shy and reserved. All beta males may not be introverted, but they enjoy solitude. Instead of socializing with a bunch of unknown people, he likes to invest time in his nerdy interests.

He never wants any kind of attention on himself, so nobody can influence him to do anything crazy.

14. The alphas always give confident vibes while betas are misunderstood for their humility

If you know an alpha male, you know he is confident in every step of his life. He believes in everything he chooses because he gives it a lot of thought.

Since he is a deep thinker he knows what needs to be done. He follows his guts and charges right toward his aim.

He doesn’t second-guess his choices as he knows that many people depend on him. So, if he ever shows hesitation or doubt, they will be heartbroken.

Other than that, alpha men innately have huge faith in themselves.

On the flip side, beta males are also confident but they are reserved and humble. Their modesty and silence make people assume that they aren’t confident. Just because they are content with a quiet life, it doesn’t make them insecure.

Not all, but some beta males feel better when they can depend on someone else.

15. Alphas want to lead in their relationships, while betas like to follow

Since the alpha male is confident in his choices, he also wants to make important decisions, whether in his personal or professional life.

In his love life, he would rather like to “be the man” and take care of most duties. He won’t beat around the bush and even tell his partner how he wants relationship dynamics to be.

Usually, alpha men feel attracted to women that feel loved from being taken care of. Since he is pretty reliable and trusts himself more, he wants to be in charge of the relationship.

On the other hand, beta men are not confident about their choices. They feel more comfortable if their partner takes the lead.

Beta men often act codependent in their relationships. They want someone else to take charge and take care of major decisions.

16. Alpha men hide their emotions, unlike betas

Alpha men never show their true emotions to others or make emotional decisions. They mask their real thoughts and appear “manly”.

But beta men believe in showing their emotional side. They don’t feel ashamed even if people call them weak.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

As you notice, both alpha and beta males are equally impressive in their own way. While alphas are aggressive, betas have mild personalities.

Beta males hold the second position in the hierarchy because they deserve it. They may not be as loud or outgoing as alphas, but they are kind and compassionate.

So, don’t judge them for being opposites, and learn from both of their positive traits! 

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