DiSC Profile S Personality is accepting and compassionate by nature. They believe in maintaining a cordial relationship with everyone in the organization. Their pleasant disposition creates trust in the mind of others very easily.

Being steady and supportive in their social interactions, S-style people are popular and friendly. Others like their calm and patient nature. All the more they are level-headed and prefer to maintain peace and harmony wherever they are.

DiSC Profile S Personality – Type Description

The DISC type S person is accepting and accommodating. They are even-tempered, never lose patience, and believe in creating healthy human bonding in workplaces.

The concept of DiSC work styles was first identified and developed by William Martons in his famous work known as the DiSC model of personality typing based on the person’s inclination to work in certain preferred work styles. 

The ‘S’ type likes stability and security. They are known for their steady, calm, and cooperative nature. People with the S style are also easygoing and know how to respect the ideas and opinions of others. These qualities make them good team players as they can work peacefully with just anyone. They hate conflicts and give priority to timely conflict resolution so that their work environment remains peaceful just the way they want.

 The S-style person loves to interact and connect with others. Thus, they have many friends and well-wishers. These individuals are fair and never criticize others. They are serious with a flexible outlook towards life.

Most importantly, S styles love building human connections. Family and friends are always dear to them. They are loyal, friendly, and trustworthy. Others see them as comforting and feel like sharing their deepest desires with the S-style person. 

They are also consistent as far as putting effort and dedication required in the team. People with S-style personalities are resourceful and patient. They would love to assist others in need. 

As they are humble and sensitive, they remain focused on building great teams. They are people-oriented and make sure that the problems of all teammates are resolved with ease. S-style individuals are consistent and they believe in putting up a show that is good all the time. 

These people also make sure that work gets done peacefully and that none of the team members feels alone and secluded from all others in the group. People with high S traits resist change. They prefer stability and like to remain in routine jobs. However, if change becomes necessary they will take it as a hard challenge to be fulfilled.

People with high S traits are also not keen to upset others. In their spree to maintain stability and peace, they may also conceal their own needs and opinions and follow the crowd blindly. They may be overly agreeable with others and fail to express their opinions and ideas, feelings, and thoughts. In this manner, the S types tend to become people pleasers unknowingly.

The S-type person is capable of creating cohesive teams. They are naturally inclined towards developing healthy interpersonal relationships with everyone. As they can support others well, they are usually liked by everyone on the team. S types stay grounded in reality. They follow a practical way of resolving workplace conflicts. 

The S-type person has great multi-tasking abilities. They will move at a slow and steady pace unless the goal is reached. Therefore, they never make decisions in haste and prefer to think and act logically.

They are the supporters in the group and love to approach all others in the team with patience and empathy. Another great quality that the S type possesses is their ability to see through details, leading them to analyze the pros and cons of the big picture intensely. 

Overall, the DiSC S style is understanding, generous, and patient and prefers to win over situations slowly and steadily; much with tact and endurance.

How to Identify DiSC S people?

You can easily identify a DiSC S person from their steady, supportive, and predictable nature. They are understanding and considerate, friendly, and patient. Their even temperament and soft-spoken nature are the qualities that enable them to build cohesive work teams.

They fear change and loss of predictability in their lives. These individuals prefer to connect the dots slowly, only after careful analysis of the entire situation. As they are very detail-oriented, they are good at understanding the processes that take them closer to the goal. They are keen observers as well. Any discrepancy in the system can catch their attention easily. 

The DiSC S style loves to collaborate, give support, and show consideration for others. Offending others and letting people down are absolute don’ts for these compassionate souls. The S-type personalities are kind and affectionate. They are not critical and prefer to show consideration and openness to others’ ideas, policies, and decision-making.

The high S is predictable and prefers a routine. They will not do anything out of the blue. They prefer consistent results and work very hard to achieve the same. These individuals prefer to follow a definite structure to reduce uncertainty in life.

DiSC Type S – Their Key Attributes

 Some of the notable personality traits that they have are as follows:

  • Organized and methodical
  • Certain and stable mindset
  • Patient
  • Considerate
  • Reliable
  • Practical-minded
  • Steady
  •  Consistent
  • Accepting
  • Loyal
  • Calm pleasant
  • Supportive
  • Sincere and loyal
  • Permissive

What Does DiSC Profile S Hate?

All of us have our own share of delights and hatreds. The S-style person also dislikes certain things in their daily life; such as the ones discussed beneath.

  • Since they are naturally polite and easygoing, They hate arrogance and show-offs
  • They dislike communicating with a bunch of people at a time. They are comfortable talking to one person at a time.
  • The S style dislikes when others try to interfere in their private matters
  • They hate when people disrespect their opinions openly
  • The S-style person dislikes disharmony and team conflicts
  • They hate business-like conversations that cannot touch the human heart
  • People with DiSC S work style also hate working under too much pressure
  • They hate disruptions and disagreements with others
  • The S-style person does not like unplanned changes. 
  • They hate holding grudges against anyone
  • S-style personalities hate command and dominance. They work well when the work environment is encouraging and humble.

The shadow side of DiSC S

People with high S are reserved and naturally easygoing. This can backfire at times when others can take undue advantage of their soft nature. Sometimes, their overdeveloped steadiness trait can make them avoid conflict even when it is necessary; turning them to act as people pleasers.

They will tend to preserve relationships and may be overlooked in office meetings because of their reserved and mellow nature. They appear to be overly accommodating and this is a shadow trait that they should improve upon. 

The S style dislikes instability, change, and surprises because it hurts their sense of stability. Thus, they act in line with what others say most of the time and behave more like a follower than a leader.

Learning Style of DiSC Profile S Personality

Each person learns differently based on their preferences, comfort, and individuality. DiSC style S is receptive to new learning. They are patient listeners and can attend to details very closely.

These individuals can learn well in proper routine and structure where everything is in place from beforehand and they know what to expect. The S style is open to new ideas and concepts. They have good observation power, so they will scan through the details of the learning material instantly.

They will always show a lot of interest in using their new learning in various ways. For example, if they have mastered new technology, they will show a keen interest in using this knowledge in varied ways in their professional life. It gives them a sense of stability that they yearn for a lot in their life.

Some of the best ways that they use while learning new things are as follows:

  • They want fun and entertainment while the process of learning is going on
  • The S style likes theories and concepts
  • DiSC S learns best by seeing things. They are keen observers
  • They prefer group learning where sharing of ideas, concepts, and opinions take place easily
  • DiSC S-style people prefer debates and discussions but without disagreements and verbal fights; otherwise, they may leave the scene immediately
  • They also learn well through role playing where they will get the chance to participate actively in the process of learning
  • They like slow-paced learning that takes time
  • They show patience in learning and mastering some of the best-known skills in the organization
  • As they are highly punctual, they learn new work procedures quite easily

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

The S style in the DiSC profile overuses modesty and compromises much more than what they should actually be doing in their daily life. They fear offending others and tend to please everyone to maintain peace all around. Sometimes, they influence others through accommodation and consistently good performance.

For their overall personality growth, they should learn to display more self-confidence and say ‘no’ to the things that they believe are going wrong. In this way, they would be able to reveal their thoughts and feelings clearly to others in the workplace and elsewhere.