DiSC S personality traits show their stable, secure, and predictable nature. They are calm, patient, and friendly as well. People with high S are good observers and patient listeners. Preferring peace and avoiding conflicts is their motto in life.

In workplaces, the S style is highly accommodating and accepting and therefore they always maintain humble and close-knit relationships with everyone.  

DiSC S Personality Traits

People with high S are diplomatic and know how to get the work done without getting into trouble and conflicts. They are highly reliable and trustworthy employees. Being loyal to their work, they offer exemplary compliance to the higher authority. However, they resist change and seek explanations if any role reversal occurs in the organization for them.

The high S seeks stability and security. They fear changes because they know that they are not adept at accepting new changes in life. They will ardently follow a daily routine no matter how monotonous it may look.

People with this work style prefer to keep things the same. They would love to work harmoniously in a team. Therefore, they are always considered amicable team players.

The S style hates dominance and authority. If you are a D-style manager working with a DiSC S-style employee, make sure that you get your basics of relationship maintenance right; otherwise, you may lose a good employee. They prefer to work under the guidance of a supportive employer only.

DiSC S style flourishes in a team environment that is humble, nurturing, and allows relationships to thrive in positive ways. Any sort of backbiting spree taking rounds within the team can make these individuals feel uncomfortable and out of control of the situation.

Some of the major personality traits that they possess are as follows:

Easy going demeanor

DiSC style S are calm, relaxed, and remain unworried as much as possible. Instead, they put emphasis on supporting others and building stable and cohesive work teams.

People with S-style personalities are never easily annoyed and follow a flexible and casual work style. As they are humble by nature, they never show their arrogance outwardly even if they are upset deep inside.

They live life without undue worries and believe in harmony and peace. When work problems or disagreements with teammates take place, they respond with tact and patience. The S type is the manager who prefers to resolve conflicts peacefully without hurting anyone’s space and privacy.

Slow decision maker

DiSC S-style people are thoughtful decision-makers. They prefer to analyze things in detail before taking the final call. People with this personality type do a lot of mental exercises and multitasking before they tend to make decisions. They may weigh options and then make decisions based on the pros and cons of the situation.

DiSC S style is also laid back and avoids competitive situations. As much as possible, they like predictable work environments and focus on the goals in a steady manner.

Being flexible people, they will always make sure that they take help from other teammates while making important decisions on behalf of all.


A DiSC S style dislikes mistakes and setbacks. Therefore they prefer to take things slowly by assessing everything in detail. Their keen observation power helps them to see through the details and the future consequences of their decisions equally well. 

They work well when instructions are clear and definite so that no mistakes happen from their side. Moreover, DiSC S-style people are curious to know the ‘why’ behind everything, so they will get into the details pretty soon. They prefer perfection and want to make minimal or no mistakes at all.

Excellent people skills

TheDiSC S style person can understand the needs and wants of others. They are approachable, caring souls, and others like sharing their concerns and issues with a DiSC S-style person. They also like addressing others’ issues tactfully. 

People with DiSC S personalities are polite, attentive, and empathic. These individuals are also overly concerned with how others in the team are performing. In this way, they make sure cohesiveness and team unity is maintained inside the organization. They refrain from confrontations and prefer to maintain team harmony under all circumstances. 

Aversive to change

Being a steady personality type, they resist change and want to go on with their life in a stable and consistent manner. The S style wants to have a predictable lifestyle that assures security and stability. 

In the face of any new change in the organization, the S style will need time to adjust and accommodate to the new work schedules and procedures. They dislike surprises and want stable modifications that are aligned with their stable mindset.

People with DiSC S style personality fear losing stability and control. Any sort of sudden bad unexpected changes can stress them out in no time. They will behave in restless ways and may not perform at their optimum level.


The S-style person is incredibly peace-loving and wants solidarity and harmony. They avoid conflicts that rob their inner peace. They will always try to avoid arguments and subtle fights with coworkers and this makes them popular and approachable in workplaces. 

These individuals are calm, friendly, and cooperative. They avoid unnecessary squabbling in teams and never try to control others’ ideas and opinions. People with this personality type are not nitpicky and avoid finding faults in others. As such, they are the peace-makers in the true sense of the word.

Modest and humble

These people are easygoing, friendly, and soft-spoken. They never flaunt their achievements and prefer humility and modesty in life. Most importantly, The S type will give credit to those who deserve it and never insults other members of the team openly. These individuals maintain a low-key social life and never like to talk about their accomplishments publicly.

Steady and stable

DiSC S-style people avoid competition and like working in consistent environments. They thrive well in stable workplaces where schedules are fixed and they know what is expected of them. S style people prefer to focus on the goal and work towards it in a steady manner. 

Collaborative and diplomatic at the same time

The S style in the DiSC profile is easygoing and likes to support others. Their workplace relationships are always healthy and they prefer to collaborate with others while working towards the end goal.

These individuals have a lot to offer to the group because they believe in unity. They prefer to work with others collaboratively and give equal respect to all. 

They know the art of keeping everyone happy in the team and prefer to resolve minor and major issues tactfully. They are diplomatic and resolve conflicts patiently by arriving at a common consensus with others. DiSC S style is open-minded and prefers to maintain the situation calm. 

Therefore, you may find them listening to the other person while being in a conflicting situation. They will always listen to what the other person has to offer and then decide tactfully without getting annoyed or angry.

Willing to give

These individuals are always willing to give much more to others in all possible ways. In workplaces, they are helpful, supportive, accommodating, and easygoing. They prefer an assertive communication style that focuses on understanding and consideration. 

Since they are unselfish and generous, they are always helpful and willing to offer their support to others. Armed with humility and kindness, they are quick to understand what others are going through in life. They will always behave in ways that show that they are caring towards all others in the team.

Humble team players

The S type is a humble team player. They never show off and like to remain humble and generous. Their teammates like them because of their kindness. They are not egoists and remain open to what others have to offer the team.

People with DiSC S-style personalities are quick to point out the contributions of other team members. 

They give importance to team efforts more than what they had offered in the team. The DiSC S profile gives credit to all for the overall success of the team. They will never blow their trumpet and dislike taking individual credit for the work that has been done by everyone.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

People who belong to the DiSC S style are patient, steady, supportive, and modest. They are the team players who believe in building a healthy workplace togetherness with other members of the team. 

Armed with good listening abilities, they are skilled in doing their job in perfect ways by considering the ideas and opinions of all on the team. 

They also believe in developing team communication, and teamwork so that the organizational goals and objectives are met properly.