Enneagram 2 careers refer to job opportunities that help these individuals take undue advantage of their sincerity, helpful and compassionate nature. The job profiles must allow them to help others come out of trouble. It will enable them to lead better lives. Do you wish to know if you belong to this type? Undertake one of the online enneagram tests to determine the same. One of the personality tests is the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator.

These individuals are healthy and maintain proper balance when they tend to be helpful, loving, considerate, and generous toward others. They attract others toward them, put the effort in taking those individuals out of trouble, and hence make their lives meaningful.

Enneagram Twos are hardworking and self-motivated individuals. They work with the drive to connect with people across the world. Therefore, they excel in those jobs which help them engage in meaningful face-to-face conversations. It will result in developing strong interpersonal relations and pleasing others through their service. These people even want others to appreciate and value their efforts.

In this article, we will discuss several career options which Enneagram 2 can pursue fulfilling its objectives. We will touch upon all those job opportunities these people should avoid considering at all costs.

Enneagram 2 Careers

Enneagram 2 careers are those job opportunities that allow them to use their qualities of care and compassion. They do well in teaching, nursing, counseling, etc., while they must stay away from modeling, acting, and accounting.

Enneagram 2s are Helpers. It is because of their approach toward people. These people show warmth, generosity, and love to make others’ lives better. They are empathetic and cannot see their loved ones in trouble. Hence, they give love. These people also need to feel loved.

These people possess few other significant personality traits. They include kindness, treating people with care, nurturing their thoughts, and keeping patience along with easy-flowing movements.

These characteristics make Twos look forward to job options where they can use them in the best possible manner. They will help their colleagues in solving issues, thus ensuring the smooth flow of work. Hence, Enneagram 2 will save precious time and use it to increase productivity.

Twos thrive in those careers where they can have meaningful interactions with people. They receive energy being around others and when someone asks them for help. Hence, their job profile must allow them to gel with others. It should let them make a direct impact on others.

As they are approachable individuals, co-workers will find it easy to get with Twos. It will even enable managers to seek feedback. They can also discuss other performance-related issues with them. When an Enneagram 2 personality type individual handles a responsible position, he will try to take others along with him for achieving organizational objectives.

It is necessary to understand that they do not enjoy being a leader. He prefers to use his experience for sharing ideas with their subordinates or co-workers. Thus, it will allow them the privilege of converting those ideas into realities.

Hence, Enneagram Twos love to build strong careers in those job profiles, which let their ideas do the talking. They will not mind even if their subordinates receive accolades for the perfect execution of their plans.

14 Career Options to Decide Upon

Following are some of the ideal career paths which perfectly match the personality type as per Enneagram 2’s strengths and weaknesses –

1. Nurse

A nurse is a health professional who works under the close supervision of physicians to treat various health problems. Their main aim is to relieve patients from this discomfort and make them feel comfortable. Hence, it is an ideal career choice for Enneagram 2. It can help Enneagram 2s to serve people and positively transform their lives.

Nurses can be of different types. Some are pediatric nurses, others deal with cancer patients. and the rest are nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are those who carry master’s degrees. The job profile is ideally suited for an Enneagram 2 personality type individual to achieve excellence.

2. Teacher

Teaching is another noble job that people do to impart knowledge to students. It involves offering unconditional assistance in learning details about life and attaining educational skills, which can help them build a bright future. This career uses love, care, and empathy that a teacher showcases toward their students.

In this career as a teacher, Enneagram 2 gets the opportunity to use their skill and knowledge for planning a curriculum. It allows them to teach lessons in the class as per students’ grades. This profession gives fewer chances for teachers to lose their temper with their students.

3. Doctor

The sole purpose of Enneagram 2 is to live for others and help them lead better lives. They are ready to do so even at the expense of their happiness. Hence, they are ideally suited to take up the profession of a doctor and build a fruitful career.

It will enable them to treat patients. They can make a remarkable difference in people’s lives. They are always available to offer valuable service and take complete care of their well-being.

The most important aspect is that type 2s will not require to learn the art of care and compassion, which doctors must possess within them to let patients share their problems freely. These two aspects already exist in their personality. Hence, they use them to good effect while carrying out their responsibilities in this profession.

4. Customer Service Representative

The job of a customer service representative involves working behind a help desk in an office and assisting customers in resolving their problems. They have expertise in solving problems, which includes handling complaints and offering technical support. It is just the right job profile for an Enneagram 2, as their primary purpose is to serve people and solve their problems.

These representatives generally have certain tiers based on the kind of solution they offer. For instance, someone working in Level 1 technical support offers simple troubleshooting tips. 

Then they forward the call to Level 2 support in case the customer requires further technical expertise and go through advanced steps for troubleshooting. All in all, Enneagram 2s can grow if they make their career in this profession.

5. Social Worker

An Enneagram Two individual can become a social worker to offer various social services to people in need. Social workers are those professionals who provide support to individuals and families who undergo difficulties of different degrees.

They play an active role in improving the lives and well-being of others. The social worker is a jack of all trades. As part of their social work, they can excel in various activities. It involves getting children out of households where they suffer a lot of abuse, keeping vulnerable spouses safe from their treacherous partners, etc.

6. Human Resources Manager

The role of a Human Resources Manager involves carrying out responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning and management of a company’s HR department. They understand the company’s requirements.

Then, this professional would align their search for the right candidate with skills, and work experience that they must possess to do complete justice to the vacant spot. Then, they will shortlist prospective candidates who meet the criteria.

The next step involves making calls to those prospective candidates. They will try to understand more about their personalities. It will enable them to check how they carry out professional communication. Then, he will set up a face-to-face interview with the senior manager. Finally, HR would undertake the final round of interview. Then, they can get him to join the organization. Even after recruitment, they complete the candidate’s joining formalities and set up the training module.

The whole process needs them to show patience, care, and empathy for fulfilling their responsibilities in the best possible manner. Hence, no one else other than an Enneagram 2 personality type individual can do justice to this profession and keep growing further.

7. Counselor

Enneagram Type Twos can engage themselves in counseling in the profession of a counselor. The counselor or a life coach helps people deal with difficulties in their daily lives. They do so by offering them practical advice and inspiration. The professional makes them realize that some problems only exist inside one’s mind and not in reality. Hence, they need to clear the clutter, relax and enjoy their life.

Some career counselors offer them appropriate career advice by making them enroll in the right course. These counselors align students’ plans with the potential and interests they carry to put them on the path to success.

8. Worship Leader

The career of a Worship Leader is also suitable for an Enneagram 2 personality type individual. Their duties are primarily dependent on the religion they follow. Even then, religious or worship leaders have the mission to inspire others. They preach and guide followers based on their faith in their teachings.

They have a massive influence on their followers by changing their mindsets, which can help develop society. Worship Leaders ensure to spread messages of love, respect, and compassion. It enables them to make the world a better place to live. These messages are perfectly in line with the qualities that Enneagram Two possesses in its personality. Hence, this career option will be an ideal one for them to follow.

9. Safety Technician

Another career option that an Enneagram 2 individual can pursue and excel in is that of a safety technician. The job profile involves collecting and analyzing data. It helps to determine the extent of safety that business processes and work environments maintain for their employees. The professional would conduct extensive safety tests and measure hazards.

He will evaluate equipment to ensure managers and workers completely adhere to government rules and regulations. The expert will also collect samples of possible toxic materials for analysis. Then, he would take necessary measures to avoid mishaps.

10. Psychiatrist

An Enneagram 2 can even work as a psychiatrist. He will offer excellent service to all those requiring assistance. The professional can prescribe requisite medication to assist patients suffering from several mental issues or disorders. They include schizophrenia, anxiety, or depression.

This physician can help clients constructively manage emotions by offering them emotional support. It will make them function appropriately in their daily lives. Physicians help their patients to develop a positive mindset. They suggest ignoring irrational thoughts that crop up in their minds from time to time.

11. Preschool Caregiver and Childcare Center Director

Where a teacher carries out their responsibilities by taking classes with students, a Childcare Center Director takes care of the whole organization. He offers his support to parents and teachers in different capacities.

Thus, the Director ensures that the proper development of children takes place in their care. Issues regarding course structure or the teaching approach might crop up. He is always there to face the parents and resolve their concerns.

12. Therapist

A person with an Enneagram 2 personality can do well in their career if they work as a therapist. They get the opportunity to help individuals overcome challenges. It will drastically improve their lives. He will diagnose and treat mental health problems.

The professional will create customized treatment plans as per the needs of patients. He would even encourage their patients to meet him regularly. It will enable him to offer counsel, give treatment and adjust treatment plans as and when needed.

13. Motivational Speaker

The job of a motivational speaker involves a professional who delivers speeches perfectly designed to motivate and inspire people. It is yet another ideal career option for an Enneagram Two.

They are good at offering help to others and improving their lives. Twos listen to others’ problems and give appropriate solutions. It is also a feature among motivational speakers.

14. Yoga Instructor

An Enneagram Type 2 personality can opt for a career as a yoga instructor. It gives them a golden opportunity to travel to different places. He can meet new people. The professional can help him become a part of various cultures, and feel the beauty of each destination.

The job responsibilities include designing safe and comprehensive yoga programs for participants from diverse cultures. He will also make groups for classes and show exercises. This professional will also inform their participants about various forms of yoga and their impact on one’s mind and body.

Enneagram 2 Careers to Avoid

There are some enneagram type two careers, which do not suit their personality. They must look to avoid taking up these professions as chances are high that these people will struggle to excel in these job profiles.

Following are such career options –

  • Model
  • Actor
  • Sales Executive
  •  Advertising Manager
  • Accountant
  • Event Planner

To Sum Up

In this article, we have discussed all the job profiles of Enneagram 2, which can help them attain success and fulfill their dreams. It has also stated the different fields of work that these people must avoid to prevent hurdles from cropping up in their path.

Twos work in those organizations that allow them to use care and compassion for serving people. Hence, they manage to bring forth betterment in their lives. Organizations must recognize and appreciate their work to motivate them further.