Individuals spend most of their time daily carrying out various responsibilities across workplaces. The same applies to an Enneagram 2 type person. Enneagram 2 workplace habits refer to how people with this personality type behave when they play their role as a colleague, a subordinate, and a manager.

An ideal workplace for them is one that allows them to collaborate. It must have a personal touch and offer a friendly and interactive environment. They must develop good connections with their co-workers and receive the necessary support.

Workplaces thrive because efficient people carry out their responsibilities with precision. They happen out of the typical habits Enneagram 2s display while meeting various organizational objectives.

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Enneagram 2 Workplace Habits

Enneagram 2 workplace habits talk of how people with this personality type play their roles as employees, subordinates, and managers. It also talks of their ability to add value in business meetings, apart from resolving conflicts.

Enneagram Type 2s are friendly, empathetic, warm-hearted, open to give and receive love. They show sincerity while carrying out their assigned tasks. Their generous nature allows these individuals to help their co-workers undertake their activities in the best possible manner.

People with Enneagram Type 2 personalities love playing roles in an organization that enables them to face people. These roles make Type Twos use their focus on building relationships. Thus, it allows them to bring the organization closer together.

The ‘Helper’ puts their best foot forward in performing those tasks. It helps them make full use of their ability to give proper shape to work culture. They can even provide effective service and improve connections. Enneagram 2s get a lot of satisfaction when they see people working well as a group. They become part of the reason people enjoy coming to work.

There are a few things that these individuals hate to experience in professional setups. People with Enneagram 2 personality type struggle to cope with some typical work environments. It is applicable for those, which are impersonal and formal. They always stay on the lookout for the people-centric component in offices. When that goes missing, it becomes difficult for Enneagram 2s to work and perform.

These individuals hate those environments that encourage fierce competition among employees to outperform one another. Enneagram 2s will also not like to become part of such offices that lack empathy toward their co-workers. They will prefer working in such an organization that encourages collaboration with one another and let them maintain healthy boundaries.

Type Twos feel disgusted if people do not give them proper value or appreciate their efforts. Rather, they keep finding faults that do not even exist. These people also hate dealing with seniors who suffer from a superiority complex and look down upon others.

If a senior manager or their boss gives an Enneagram 2 the feeling of being a subordinate, it will raise a red flag within them about the workplace. It would automatically hamper their concentration on work. They always treat others with compassion and respect. Hence, they look to receive similar treatment from others.

The purpose of an Enneagram 2 person is to have such working relationships, which can help boost a team’s morale. They spend time offering active support, improving their communications, and taking care of happenings inside the office. It is a priority for them to develop a good work environment. Hence, they always look for a setting that helps leverage these gifts.

Let us now see how these individuals handle different positions in a workplace –

Enneagram 2 as a colleague

When Enneagram 2 works as a colleague, he offers complete support to his teammates. It makes them carry out their responsibilities with perfection and on time. He will be an attentive colleague. This personality type individual will always check out the details of how to perform their work in the best possible manner. Hence, they guide their teammates accordingly.

Due to this reason, they will deliver work to the requirements of the organization. It would simultaneously help take care of the team’s assigned targets. They have the utmost need for praise and appreciation. These allow them to do their work perfectly. Hence, an Enneagram 2 colleague leaves no scope for receiving complaints from the higher authority. In return, they would appreciate feeling loved and appreciated for their contribution.

These people show the highest form of integrity across workplaces. It allows them to deal perfectly with the responsibilities of their assigned work. Companies can rest assured that their data is in safe hands whenever they recruit an Enneagram Two person.

These enneagram types always put the needs of other people ahead of their own. It makes them look for opportunities to add value to their colleagues. They do so by offering necessary inputs from their earlier work experiences. Their focus always remains on the growth of an organization. Thus, it enables the entity to scale new heights from time to time.

Apart from Enneagram 2’s behavioral patterns discussed earlier; colleagues of these individuals gain a lot of energy to put extra effort into their performance. It happens when they see their colleague with this personality type is willing to listen to their concerns and affirm them. It will also help build a great rapport between them.

Enneagram 2 as a subordinate

In the role of a subordinate, an Enneagram 2 personality type individual always looks for praise and appreciation from their boss. It is an integral part of these people. Otherwise, it will not take much time for them to suffer from boredom and leave the workplace.

They have the habit of encouraging others and appreciating their work. These people always look to boost the morale of their companions and other people in their surroundings. Thus, even in workplaces, Twos carry a similar level of expectations.

It is a matter of great pride for a manager or boss to have someone like Enneagram 2 working for them in their organization. The reason is that they are skillful team players. These people gel with others. They focus on fulfilling their responsibilities to meet organizational demands.

Another aspect of their personality is that Twos are easily approachable. The sooner a senior executive develops this learning about the enneagram, the smoother will be their association with one another. They do not carry any aura to give negative vibes to others. Hence, a senior could easily approach them for discussions. They can get the necessary feedback on their work.

Their warm smile plays a significant role in giving the higher authority the confidence to reach out to them for reports on a project. They can even indulge in polite conversations and discuss how the team’s overall performance can improve. Their open mind enables them to entertain and accept new ideas. Once the ideas are in place, Twos make strategies for their proper implementation.

Enneagram 2 as a manager

Enneagram Type Two is one of the enneagram numbers, which carries the innate ability to help others in whatever way possible. They want to ensure everyone hears their thoughts and opinions and acts on them. Hence, these people always enjoy taking up managerial positions to lead others.

Despite this, these people always hesitate to accept the title of manager. They do not wish to take all the credit and hog the limelight. Hence, these individuals prefer to lead from the background and let their tactics do the talking.

They would let their teammates taste success. These people are okay to allow them to receive appreciation for their achievements. As a manager, the Enneagram Type 2 person would accept praise privately.

The most critical aspect of an Enneagram Two manager is that they will do everything possible to remove obstacles from their team’s path to success. They will use their knowledge and experience to provide valuable input. They can help them confront tough challenges and overcome them.

These managers earn respect from their subordinates. It is due to their ability to anticipate their requirements. The approach they take toward fulfilling their needs on time plays a massive role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization.

Enneagram 2 Communication Style in Workplace

Enneagram Type Two personality professionals pay attention to helping their colleagues and subordinates fulfil organizational objectives. They communicate their ideas in an informal, warm, and engaging manner.

Their style includes posing lots of questions and offering compliments to coworkers. Twos must pay attention to their personal boundaries. It will help avoid giving others the impression that they are always at the service of their colleagues. Otherwise, employees will take them for granted.

These people love making direct eye contact. They understand the importance of developing a personal connection with others. Their empathetic approach inspires fellow employees and managers to make the workplace a lot more humane.

There are occasions when Enneagram Two employees focus on harnessing the relationship elements of communication. Hence, they might not emphasize the work they must do. These people must resist their urge to involve themselves in people’s dealings. They should allow them to work with independence. Enneagram Twos must offer their suggestions only when it is necessary.

Enneagram Twos subconsciously want others to like them. It can result in indirect and distorted communication. They may struggle to convey their thoughts properly, which would hamper the workflow.

Thus, these employees should ensure that they do not lose their purpose of communication while trying to develop personal contact with all. They must focus on topics related to work. Twos can even practice the art of disengagement. It is necessary that they make the most of their available time. Enneagram Twos must stop being people pleasers. Hence, it is important that they start acting practically.

How Does an Enneagram 2 Manage Business Meetings?

In a professional environment, someone with an Enneagram Type 2 personality is a blessing. They always try to make things easier for others to fulfill the needs of an organization.

It is a common practice across organizations to hold meetings now and then. These meetings allow the senior manager to review the teams’ performances. They can even communicate new plans for the acquisition and expansion of business.

Enneagram Twos will listen to inputs and actively engage with their seniors in a business meeting. They will put forward their plan for solving all those issues that can crop up in their path to progress. Hence, these people will help bring clarity to the proceeding. It will be regarding how other employees must look to execute their plans to perfection.

Conflict Resolution of Enneagram 2 in Workplaces

Enneagram Twos always look to avoid conflict at all costs. Still, they often suffer from conflict in professional environments. This happens because of the confusion that inherently exists within them. The dilemma is between fulfilling their requirements against the perceived needs of their co-workers.

They get into the tangle of offering help to get something back in return. When someone does not reciprocate similar sentiments, Enneagram Two suffers from demotivation. Twos belong to the group of people carrying a positive mindset for handling conflict.

It denotes that they carry a positive outlook whenever they face a conflicting situation in the workplace. These people place great emphasis on their optimistic self-image. They are image-conscious individuals. Enneagram personality type employees ignore their needs and disappointments in their attempt to resolve conflict.

To Sum Up 

It feels great for managers and co-workers to have an Enneagram Type 2 employee in their organization. They are empathetic and maintain a positive approach. Their focus lies on serving the needs of their colleagues and the company at large.

These individuals ensure complete justice to whatever role organizations assign them to undertake in their professional life. Hence, they make for good employees, subordinates, and managers. 

Enneagram Twos remain upfront during business meetings. They are always ready to offer solutions to problems that can appear while fulfilling some responsibilities.

Finally, these individuals adopt an optimistic approach while resolving conflict. They will prioritize fulfilling the company’s goals ahead of their motives. Thus, Enneagram Twos create harmonious work environments across the organizations in which they work.