Enneagram 4 careers are those job opportunities that allow them to express their emotional honesty and creativity. They would hate working environments that let these people lose their identity or significance. These individuals wish to create beauty and surround themselves with it. 

Fours do so to hold on to their feelings and moods. They even help them to protect their self-image. If you wish to know your enneagram type, take the online personality test, just like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Try the most popular enneagram test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator.

In this article, we will discuss various career options Enneagram 4s can pursue to fulfill their objectives. We will also touch upon those job opportunities these people must avoid considering at all costs.

Enneagram 4 Careers

Enneagram 4 careers refer to job options that help them use their creative mind and work with independence. Their empathetic nature helps them understand others’ requirements and perfectly meet their responsibilities.

People with enneagram type 4 possess characteristics that make them different from the rest. They are fully aware of what they want from life. Similarly, they are fully aware of others’ identities as well. It allows them to gel with people in professional environments with ease.

As fours are aware of themselves and their emotions and feelings, they show similar sensitive approaches toward others. They look within and use that skill to get a clear picture of how the thought process of other individuals is working out. It portrays their highly empathetic nature. 

Hence, these people use their empathy to understand the policies, rules, and procedures for implementation in workplaces. Thus, the work process becomes a lot easier.

An Enneagram Type 4 individual feels at their best when they can use their skills and talents, which enables them to receive recognition for their artistic and creative mindset. They require sufficient independence to carry out tasks in their way. It is not in their forte to work well under pressure.

These people thrive under flexible schedules and those organizations which allow them to use their creativity. Enneagram 4s will not like doing something monotonous. They always look to make something out of their skill and talent.

Fours remain in tune with their emotions and experience them quite intensely. Due to this reason, these individuals find extreme joy whenever they get the chance to express their feelings and emotions creatively. Hence, it is easy to find fours in artistic or acting roles. It is because this creativity provides them with an outlet and a way they can show their feelings.

Thus, an Enneagram four will always find a career in that job profile, which will let them use their independence and creativity in the best possible manner. They include working as a photographer, graphic designer, hair stylist, dance instructor, etc.

12 Career Options to Decide Upon

Following are some of the most preferred career paths which ideally match the personality type as per the strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 4 –

1. Photographer

An Enneagram 4 needs independence and creativity to make for a great photographer. They enjoy taking photos for fun, trying out different combinations of color, contrast, and sharpness to get the best output. Therefore, it is suitable for them to convert this hobby into a full-time career.

They can transition into making a career in photography at their own sweet pace. They can start by enrolling in courses arranged by other photographers to learn something or the other by exploring all the technical aspects. Fours can even get a foothold in this field by working as a freelancer while doing a full-time job.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is another field ideally suited to make a career for an Enneagram 4 individual. They can adopt the conventional way and secure a degree in graphic design or this person could even learn basic skills and programs to become self-made graphic designers. These people can start watching tutorials on YouTube for graphics programs.

Type 4s might build a client base by advertising their services on a personal website. They could even make use of a freelancer platform for building their portfolio. There will be no lack of work from small business houses and other clients once they start feeling confident to apply or send proposals.

3. Artist

In this modern world, the internet and online shopping rule the roost. These facilities have opened various options for people to become an artisan or artists.

As Enneagram 4 always focuses on being creative and securing an identity of their own. A career as an artist can be the most desirable way to meet these goals. They can become a singer like Amy Warehouse or an actor like Johnny Depp.

There are online platforms that these crafty people can use to build their businesses. They can sell custom portraits, art prints, knitting, and originals.

Fours can even look for anything else that they might like to create. These individuals need not worry about the cost required to incur for selling items. They must only concentrate on listing, supplies, and shipping fees to set the ball rolling.

4. Hair Stylist

An enneagram 4 can even become a hairstylist or a hairdresser and earn a living. Still, it is easier said than done. They need to attend a beauty school to complete a program and get a license. Once this individual gets the license, they can make their routine and even start working from their home if they want to.

It is also important for aspiring hair stylists to explore their creative nature. They can do so by learning various techniques of hair-cutting and carrying out experimentations with fun along with colorful styles and dyes.

5. Journalist

A career in journalism is also a suitable option for an Enneagram 4. They can excel as a journalist due to their creative writing skills and can even empathize very well with various sources. Fours perform at their best when they get to do reporting on highly passionate topics.

They understand everything in-depth and use various details to get a clear picture of different stories. Thus, it enables them to carve out the necessary information for people’s knowledge and awareness.

6. Activist

Enneagram 4s can even make their careers work as social activists. They are empathetic individuals who connect deeply and care about various causes and other people. These people use different creative outlets like journalism, street art, music, etc., hence fighting for whatever they believe.

Their ability to gauge others’ emotions helps them bring forth necessary changes in politics and society. They can do so using concrete actions, which would help make the right impact on the right people.

7. Blogger or Writer

There are a whole lot of enneagram type 4 individuals who love using the pen to write down their thoughts now and then.

It could seem to be a very niche kind of job. The internet provides several opportunities to convert their dream into reality. They can get in touch with a writer on any online platform to get a fair idea about how one might kick off their career in writing.

The ideal way for fours would be to start with any blog of their preferred niche. It would help them attain growth in this field and move toward making a full-time career. It is another job profile that would allow an enneagram type 4 person to use creativity and work with independence.

8. Performer

An individual with an enneagram 4 personality type does not leave any scope to work on the creative side of their personality.

Therefore, if they get the urge to perform on stage, they can convert their passion into a job. Probably, they had done theater in high school like the famous actress, Kate Winslet, who might have always had a secret desire for their luck in acting.

The good thing is that one does not always need a lot of training to step into this field. Irrespective of whether an Enneagram 4 likes to sing, play any musical instrument or act on the stage, they need to attain a performance degree to make a sufficient living as a performer. They can look for various performer jobs and head for auditions.

9. Tattoo Artist

If any individual wants to ink their art on a client’s skin, they might want to build their career as a tattoo artist. Excelling in this field of work requires a lot of creativity, which enneagram 4 possesses in abundance. Some people might suggest an interested person attend a trade program to understand the tricks of this art. It is not a necessity.

Enneagram 4s can buy the right equipment and start practicing on synthetic skin to get the feel of how things work. Gradually, when they gain enough confidence, they can offer some people within their close circle a free tattoo to build their portfolio.

After some time, they can look for an apprenticeship at any local tattoo parlor. If needed, they can even secure a local or state license.

Working as an apprenticeship will be the most preferred step for anyone willing to become a tattoo artist and learn the nitty-gritty of tattooing. They can do so while gaining much-needed experience working under professional tattoo artists. Gradually, enneagram 4s can build their portfolio of work, which would help them secure more clients.

10. Manicurist

An Enneagram 4 individual can seriously think of making their career as a manicurist. Still, it is easier said than done. They will require a stint in any vocational school for a license.

Once they complete their education, Fours can work independently or in a salon. They can set their schedule and manage their client base as per one’s capacity over there.

When they take this up as their career, they can even start a customized business of nail art. It will give these people the luxury to enter the more creative side of their profession.

These people must try to create an Instagram account or a YouTube channel to help spread the word regarding the service they are offering. It will gradually help propel their business.

11. Project Manager

The job profile of a project manager involves planning and allocating resources, formulating budgets, monitoring the progress of allotted work, and keeping all the stakeholders well-informed through a project’s life cycle. All these happen within the structure of fulfilling the goals of an organization. Thus they can achieve their mission and vision.

These activities require project managers to use their creativity to make their team members execute work as per clients’ requirements. They can do so with complete freedom and need not handle inputs from others, which might interrupt Enneagram 4’s clarity of thought.

12. Chef

A chef is responsible for using their culinary expertise to make dishes, fulfilling diners’ preferences. They can go through different kinds of recipes and set up menus. Then they can prepare delicious items for others to enjoy.

An enneagram 4 personality type individual can build their career in it. It would allow them to experiment with various ingredients to offer delicacies.

Their ability to understand others’ sentiments and feelings makes them ideally suited for this profession. There are occasions while placing orders in restaurants when customers might want specific customizations on certain dishes to suit their taste buds. Unless the chef is creative, he will not do justice to the requirements. Thus, an Enneagram 4 person is the right candidate to make their career as a chef.

Enneagram 4 Careers to Avoid

There are enneagram type 4 careers, which are not in line with their personality. They must try and avoid taking up these professions. It is because chances are high that these people will struggle to become successful in these job profiles.

The following are the career options –

  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Paramedics
  • Physician
  • Police Officer
  •  Lab Technician

To Sum Up 

In this post, we have discussed all the job profiles of Enneagram 4, which can help them achieve success and fulfill their ambitions. It has also mentioned the various fields of work that these individuals must avoid to avoid obstacles from appearing in their path.

Fours work in those companies that allow them to use their creativity and carry out all their responsibilities with complete independence. As they are good at recognizing their flaws, it allows them to make improvements constantly. It opens their path to growth and progress in their career, hence making them successful in their life.