Enneagram 8 personality description states that these are strong, powerful, goal-oriented, and competent individuals. They love taking charge of situations and leading others toward their goals. Their assertive nature does not let them get perturbed under any circumstance. These people enjoy protecting themselves against all kinds of threats. Enneagram Eights always feel the need to have everything under their control.

They possess a tremendous level of willpower and energy. People with these personality types feel best when they use these capacities while playing leadership roles. Eights implement their high levels of energy for carrying out various responsibilities. They can help bring positive changes to the environment. They desire to make a significant mark in this world.

These individuals also make it a point to avoid other individuals and the environment at large from hurting them. People with enneagram type eight personalities ensure they do not allow their loved ones to get hurt.

Enneagram 8 Personality Description

Enneagram Type 8 is the one who loves challenges in their life. They have a commanding presence, take immense pride in having a sharp mind and carry out their responsibilities with complete freedom. These people always hold their heads high and manage to get back on their feet after every hurdle. It enables them to become better and stronger than ever before.

Enneagram Eights belonging to the healthy type carries a large pool of ideas, especially for those who cannot exercise their rights in life. They have the strength of character and lead confidently to become a driving force for communities. These people use their energy and high-level commitment to improving society. Enneagram 8 personality type individuals show love and generosity toward their family members and friends.

Unhealthy Eights can be highly intimidating. These people can scare off others in their first meeting. They have a tremendous addiction to pursuing power in life. These people do not bother giving recognition and importance to the emotions of others. When their need for control goes overboard, these Challengers become cold in their behavior and soon resort to hostility.

Healthy Eights should focus on the steps they must follow to progress toward growth and development in life. They must pause to check their feelings before making decisions. These people always avoid their vulnerabilities by treating them as a sign of weakness. Therefore, enneagram-type eights must learn that being vulnerable is a strength if they want to attain growth.

One must not treat it as a weakness. If you are willing to understand your personality description, you must have clarity regarding your enneagram type. You can take one of the most popular personality tests, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, and know the same. In the following segment, we will discuss the action, thinking and feeling patterns, which form a crucial part of the enneagram 8 personality description.

Enneagram 8 – Action Pattern

Enneagram 8 personality type individuals sit right in the center of the Enneagram for taking appropriate actions. They love acting on their gut instinct and making things happen how they want. Therefore, these people make sure to use their activities in such a manner that they help create an impact on others.

Eights find it easy to influence their external environment. They believe any action is much better than sitting still and doing nothing. People see them as straightforward with great intensity for protecting and leading others toward safety.

They also come through the way these individuals speak, the choice of words they opt for, their style of making decisions, and their body language. Enneagram Eights are confident in expressing their freedom and wishing to do the right things.

These people will never show their urge to cooperate from a sense of obligation. An Eight needs to stay in control of any situation. They do not just intend to take care of the big picture but also efficiently micromanage.  

When Enneagram Eights come under pressure or when other individuals seem like dropping their guards, these Type 8s will step in to solve critical issues. They will use their wit to find the best solutions and help implement them to get perfect results.

Under pressure, Enneagram Eights consider micromanaging tasks a complete waste of time. Still, if they must keep things under control and achieve appropriate results, Enneagram Type Eights should act as per the demands of the situation. Despite their dislike toward weakness and incompetency, Eights will still stand by the side. They will offer protection to those who matter.

Enneagram 8 – Thinking Pattern

People with Enneagram eight personalities love mentally assessing individuals as strong or weak. They will treat them accordingly. It might result in them getting angry or suffering from frustration, where there is an assessment based on an all-or-nothing approach and the manner of paying close attention to others. Eights love to maintain clarity while they remain on the lookout for truth. Any confusion in the process would irritate these individuals.

These people feel comfortable if the truth appears only during a conflicting situation. It is because they like having an idea about current happenings and would hate not having any information.

The greater the knowledge these individuals possess about progress with fresh updates and other relevant information, it will be far more convenient for Eights to look into the larger picture. They will always want to avoid involving themselves in knowing minute details. These people always prefer to keep the big picture in mind.

Thus, their focus will remain on accumulating relevant information. The minds of Type Eight individuals shift toward their own needs and achievements much more than those of others. They will not respond favorably if anyone forces, gives a bribe, or tries to charm them into doing something they do not want. These individuals will act unreasonably, even when anything looks as if they are dull and do not have any relevance.

Enneagram 8 – Feeling Pattern

Enneagram 8s always want everything to go their way. Right people in various situations expect every aspect of this world to happen as they wish. The reality is that, in life, no one can think of scenarios panning out just the way they want. There are bound to be disappointments, which people will face now and then from their unfulfilled wishes.

While most people accept reality and move forward in their lives, Enneagram 8 personality type individuals start suffering from irritation and anger. They look to channel this anger to take instant action.

Once they express their anger, Eights feel comfortable. Emotions, including their basic fear of losing independence and sadness, always make these people experience weakness and vulnerability. Challengers always wish to avoid showing weakness in front of others.

Thus, they use denial as their defense mechanism that helps them not to show vulnerability and weaknesses. Some become aware of when these feelings occur, but still, they will resist showing the same to others.

Eights will show the softer side of their personality when they gain confidence that they are safe. They also display similar sentiments when they know people will not take undue advantage of it. When it comes to the expression of love, these individuals will make use of power and protection.

How Common or Rare Are Enneagram 8s?

Enneagram 8 is the third-rarest among all other Enneagram personality types. They make up around 15% of the total population.

There is a significant difference between the percentages of men and women who come under this Enneagram 8 personality. It represents 18% of men and 12% of women who help make up this type. People can find several personality tests that are available online. One can go through those testing procedures and help reveal additional details in the future.

What Causes Delight Among Enneagram 8s?

Enneagram 8 personality type individuals have tremendous energy and willpower to do and achieve what they want from life. There is always a desperate need to gain independence and prove their strength of character. These people believe in persistence and endurance to get through periods of hardship. Eights remain on the lookout for gaining a sense of mental strength to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Let us now discuss some of those things that bring happiness in the life of an Enneagram 8. They will help us get a better picture and get a clear understanding of the enneagram 8 personality description as well.

  • Enneagram 8s, being leaders, love taking charge of different situations in their lives. These people enjoy those moments when they lead others toward fulfilling their goals.
  • They love using their mental strength and independence to carry out various responsibilities. Their high energy level enables them to invest sufficient time in doing relentless work.
  • People with enneagram type eight personalities love facing challenging circumstances and overcoming them to meet their goals.
  • These individuals love getting those opportunities when they can protect themselves and their loved ones from all kinds of threats and adversities.
  • They love being with those who make them feel free, understand their viewpoints, and treat them with love and respect.
  • Eights or Challengers enjoy making decisions that help people improve their lives and help them become better individuals.
  • All those with enneagram type eight personalities love to engage themselves in doing exercises or several other physical activities. Hence, they not only help them to stay active but also make good use of their time.
  • These people enjoy using their logic to offer practical ideas and solve problems.
  • Enneagram Eights get immense joy from being honest and truthful toward themselves and everyone around them.
  • They love showing loyalty toward their friends and romantic partners. Hence, it enables them to make long-term and trustworthy relationships.
  • Enneagram 8 personality types love mixing with those who do not fear conflict. They will make long-term partnerships with those who will go out of their way to overcome some of the toughest challenges that life throws at them every now and then.

What Do Enneagram 8s Hate?

The Enneagram 8 personality description is not complete without knowing all those things that these people hate in their life. All those individuals with enneagram eight personality types have boldness and vitality for making the best use of opportunities that come their way in this life.

People know them for being self-reliant and determined in their approach. They always crave independence, enjoying and saving people from adversities.

Despite having all these positive aspects in their personality, still, there are numerous things that Eights hate to face in their lives. These people confront those circumstances when they are at their average or unhealthy levels of maturity.

Following are some of the things that enneagram eights hate –

  • Enneagram 8s are highly independent. Hence, these people hate undergoing those circumstances in their lives when they must depend on others.
  • People with these personality types hate when they require following others’ instructions for fulfilling their goals.
  • They enjoy using their logic to make decisions. Therefore, they hate taking advice from others.
  • These individuals love taking time while carrying out responsibilities. Thus, they do not like putting unnecessary pressure on themselves.
  • Eights are straightforward in their approach. Due to this reason, they genuinely face problems when they must sugarcoat before expressing their views in front of others.
  • They hate wasting precious time and energy.
  • Enneagram 8 personality types hate doing meaningless work which does not serve any purpose.
  • These people do not like holding on to unjust approaches and treatments.
  • As they deal with various responsibilities of life in a logical manner, hence they hate being with those who are overly sensitive.
  • People with enneagram eight personality types hate facing betrayal from others.
  • Due to their direct approach in life, Eights cannot stand any sort of manipulation across their personal and professional circuits.
  • These individuals hate those circumstances where they cannot spend sufficient time with themselves. 
  • They do not like to lead a life that is devoid of excitement.
  • An Enneagram Eight does not like to associate with anyone who pretends to be someone they are not.

The Learning Style of Enneagram 8s

A critical aspect of this enneagram 8 personality description is to understand their learning style. We all know, Enneagram 8s carry dynamic personalities. They show this dynamism in their approach while carrying out different kinds of responsibilities. It comes to use while taking charge of situations and helping submissive people find their feet.

They have a straightforward style of communication. Eights are also brutal, with a complete focus on truthfulness and honesty. Whenever they give their opinion, it is a fact. One will never find these individuals saying things based on assumptions. These people will hate when they cannot share their opinions during class discussions.

  • Enneagram 8 personality type individuals love independently learning things with less supervision.
  • They enjoy taking part in class discussions, particularly debates. It gives them great pleasure to engage with others and share ideas.
  • These individuals give preference to practical applications rather than investing time in learning theories.
  • Eights never wish to abide by rules and regulations in their learning spaces. They consider them as limitations to their independent nature.
  • Whenever they face unfair rules and regulations in their learning environment, these eights do not shy away from challenging them.
  • These enneagram eight personality types always push their limits to gain more information and learn new things.
  • The learning process and the environment need to have intensity. These will help eights in making them feel alive.
  • An enneagram eight becomes energetic when they get the opportunity to face challenges while understanding a few concepts.
  • The ideal classroom for these individuals is one where they can exercise their authority, show confidence, and have a vision for the future.
  • Rules and regulations inside the class must be fair.

Final Words

Enneagram 8s are confident individuals who know how to keep things under their control. They are proactive in leading and becoming role models for others to follow. These people ensure that they make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of people around them.

When they see submissive people, eights become even more particular about standing beside them to fight for their rights. Their focus lies on maintaining honesty and leading a truthful life. They never hesitate to speak the truth, no matter how difficult it might seem for others to accept.