Enneagram Type 2 Motivations and Core Values refer to all those driving forces that help recharge them and the principles that express their life’s goals. This Enneagram Type 2 personality focuses on contributing positively to someone’s life in a creative and expressive manner.

People can always approach these individuals and remain in tune with the emergencies that others might face from time to time. They are not those who will say no to any person in need but will stay on course to help their near ones deal with all sorts of requirements. Enneagram Type 2 personality type individuals consider their helpful attitude toward meeting others’ needs as the only way to lead a meaningful life.

These people among other Enneagram personality types are selfless. They go out of their way to help and improve the lives of others. It is especially true if their near and dear ones reach out to them for assistance. Enneagram 2s will go out of their way toward building relationships, and offer whatever help possible, thus making people’s lives happy and peaceful.

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Enneagram 2 Motivations and Core Values

Several factors allow Enneagram 2s to put that extra effort into carrying out activities that can help them achieve some objectives in life. These refer to their core motivations. They help create a spark within individuals and make them do their work in the desired manner.

All those factors can force Enneagram 2s to modify their behavioral patterns and actions unusually. Thus, they ensure that people with this personality type do things they do not do otherwise, maintain high standards and attain their objectives.

Enneagram 2s also lead their lives based on the guidance they receive from values of compassion, warmth, and generosity. These people need to lead meaningful lives, carrying some purpose. They get a strong sense of pride and happiness in feeling for other individuals.

People with this personality typing cannot see others in distress. Whenever they come across such individuals, Enneagram number 2 will not hesitate to put their hands up to offer help. Even if any situation is not ideally suited for them to come to someone’s rescue, they will not bother to think much but confidently move forward. They will create order and follow through with their actions to fulfil their objectives.

Enneagram Type 2 Motivations

The Enneagram Type 2 motivations are all those forces that rejuvenate them and help them restore their originality. They work particularly well when life throws tough challenges, which require behavioral modifications and how they carry out their responsibilities.

The core motivations of the enneagram have two parts:

  • Core desires
  • Core fears

The core desires and fears both go hand in hand. One can even consider them as one. It denotes that one desires to have something only to prevent any bad from taking place in their life.

The core desires of Enneagram type 2s are as follows:

  • Enneagram Twos pay attention to others’ needs and offer necessary assistance.
  • They want to feel loved, praised and appreciated for their generous acts.
  • These individuals receive a burst of energy for helping others if they find others showcasing their gratefulness toward them.
  • They possess the innate desire to feel valuable.
  • Ensuring someone’s happiness is the foremost thing that these people love.
  •  Enneagram 2 personality type individuals always love to satisfy their selfless desire of seeing others stay in peace, even if they must sacrifice their requirements.
  • Type Twos remain on the lookout to make others’ lives beautiful, even in romantic relationships.
  • They try to serve others in whatever way possible and make their lives meaningful.

The basic fears of type twos are:

  • Enneagram Type Twos fear social rejection and being unwanted.
  • They even fear being controlled by others.
  • This personality type fears not receiving love and care.
  • They fear leading their life in isolation.
  • These people suffer from a lot of people who do not praise them for their compassion and benevolence.
  • Twos are sensitive individuals and hence live under the fear of the wrong people manipulating them.
  • Enneagram 2s are needy people and heavily dependent on emotions. It is one of their blind spots. They suffer from the fear of social evaluations and criticisms of their actions and character.
  • People with this Enneagram type always want others to value them for the way they conduct themselves. Now, they tend to fear if anyone does not pay heed to their helpful nature. In that situation, an Enneagram Two person would get shattered.

Enneagram Type 2 Core Values

The core values based on your Enneagram Type Two are those guiding principles that offer guidance in their path in life. These are aspirations that help them act in line with their values. If there are no values in this world, everyone will live in an immoral place filled with utter confusion and existential crisis.

Enneagram Twos focus on building three critical values, kindness, compassion, and service. They remain in the quest of leading a meaningful life. These people often state that others’ lives carry more significance than their own.

Their sensitivity and ability to feel intensely for others attract people toward these Enneagram Type Two individuals. It does not take long for them to attain popularity among a large group of people with diverse characteristics.

The values or principles that offer guidance to their life and aid in personal growth are as follows –

  • A firm resolution to improve the lives of others.
  • An Enneagram 2 individual wants to make their life meaningful.
  • Help people in need.
  • They crave toward getting closure in emotional pain and attain a deep level of intimacy.
  • These individuals want love and kindness for their service to people.
  • Enneagram 2s carry altruism in their personality. Hence, they do not hesitate to move out of their comfort level. It can help them stay beside all those who need their support.
  • They act as community volunteers to go out of their way to restore peace and happiness for the greater good of this world.
  • A gesture of gratitude with a smile from someone can help motivate them to stay beside needy people selflessly.
  • Enneagram Type Twos can easily offer encouragement and lift others’ spirits due to their sensitive nature. They can get in touch with others at a similar emotional level.
  • These individuals love to spend quality time with their loved ones. It makes them feel special and experience the ultimate beauty of the human bond.

To Sum Up

We can state that Enneagram 2 happens to be the most empathetic, generous, and caring of all other Enneagram types. These traits make them loving individuals who strive to attain a better world for others to stay.

Their motivations refer to those aspects of life that provide the necessary impetus for doing things differently. They can eventually bring forth significant improvements in the elements of life that already exist. For Enneagram 2, core desires and core fears make up their motivation, which includes helping others, not receiving appreciation, etc.

The core values are those guiding principles that offer the necessary guidance to do the right things at the right time. Services, kindness, and compassion are the three pillars on which the core values of Enneagram 2 stand.

Enneagram Type Twos can maintain their lifestyle and improve it over time if they keep abiding by those core values and motivational factors.