Enneagram Type 2s refers to those individuals who wish to spend their whole life making people’s lives better. There is more to this personality type than what meets the eye. There are Enneagram Type 2 Wings and Subtypes that help offer insight into this personality archetype. If you are not sure of your Enneagram type, take free enneagram tests online to check out. The most popular enneagram personality is the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator.

People with Enneagram 2 personalities are always ready to offer their helping hand to individuals in need. These are selfless individuals. They do not think of their welfare when others approach them for assistance. Their energy level rises when life allows them to serve their loved ones. If we try to connect this personality with Myers Briggs types, Enneagram 2s connect themselves to the Feelers.

The wings and subtypes of Enneagram 2s talk of various dimensions existing inside this personality but remain in hidden form. They provide additional information regarding their different ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

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Enneagram Type 2 Wings and Subtypes

Enneagram type 2 wings and subtypes help add new dimensions to the personality. They remain hidden under features of the primary one but are equally responsible for making up the dynamics of these individuals.

Wings in a personality help add some flavor and allow people to get different perspectives for understanding society. These refer to the two adjacent personality types. They lie on either side of the primary Enneagram type.

They can positively influence the core Enneagram 2 personality and the challenges that this combination brings with it. Thus, these wings help them make the most of the opportunities that come their way. They also help overcome hurdles to achieve their objectives in life.

Enneagram 2 Subtypes talk about how the energy emanates from their passion in different directions when it gets together with the dominant wing. When the combination takes place, several core motivations appear.

Those motivations give the extra incentive to develop personal connections with people and get whatever they want. They expect others to take good care of them. These Enneagrams do not hesitate to indulge in emotional manipulation.

Enneagram Type 2 Wings

The two adjacent types that exist on both sides of the Enneagram 2 personality basic type refer to the wings of the Enneagram Type 2 personality. There is a reason behind calling it ‘basic.’ Human beings possess complexities that add different shades to their lives.

That is why considering only the features of Enneagram 2’s core type would never manage to represent the overall personality. Hence, wings help in explaining various shades of this personality.

The wings give people with this personality type know the dimensions that exist but they refrain from paying attention to them. If you line up all the nine Enneagram types inside a circle, its wings will be the two numbers on either side. Therefore, for the enneagram type 2, the wings include 2w1 and 2w3. They complement, contradict, and develop a versatile side of the core enneagram type.

Some theories claim that wings are the second side of one’s core personality type. People will possess numerous qualities of the adjacent types within their personality.

Enneagram 2 wing 1 characteristics

A person having an enneagram type 2 personality with wing 1 tends to identify themselves more with 2s. They still carry some subtle features of type 1.

People with Enneagram 2 personality type lead their life with purpose. They show compassion in behavior and offer help in whatever way possible. Their focus is to develop a meaningful life not only for themselves but also for others.

They are shy, prefer to stay quiet, and keep thinking of different ideas. People with 2w1 enneagram personalities live in fear. These people keep thinking if they fail to meet their requirements of love, care, and appreciation. They fail to handle criticism in a sporting manner. Hence, they always take things personally.

  • 2w1 love receiving acceptance and appreciation from their loved ones.
  • These individuals are emotional. Still, they manage to maintain rationality in their behavior. Hence, it helps them to strike the right balance in their life.
  • Enneagram 2w1s are occasionally friendly toward some but remain withdrawn from others.
  • They love to take care of others so that they can get rid of their insecurities.
  • 2w1s stay beside all those individuals who require assistance and fulfill their need to make others’ lives beautiful.
  • They never shy away from doing some drama. Even then, they can show restraint as per the seriousness of a situation.
  • Enneagram 2w1s show discipline in their life yet can be moody.
  • These people show warmth and add a personal touch to all the services they render to others. Simultaneously, Enneagram 2w1s love analyzing situations and deciding objectively.

Enneagram 2 wing 3 characteristics

Enneagram personality type 2 with wing 3 recognizes themselves more with type 2. Apart from them, this subtype also contains several features of enneagram 3.

They carry high ambitions, possess a rewarding career, and can easily socialize with others. 2w3s understand people’s concerns. These people are always aware of things that require immediate attention and accordingly show compassion.

  • Enneagram 2w3s understand the needs and requirements of all those individuals to whom they show tremendous love and care.
  • They always have the basic desire to receive love and appreciation from others.
  • These people suffer from the basic fear of loneliness.
  •  2w3s hate when people misunderstand them. It is one of the blind spots in their personality.
  • Love to connect with people from different backgrounds.
  • They get hurt if someone does not value their presence or contribution to their life.
  • People with this enneagram type remain upbeat even under the most extreme situations. Hence, they always maintain balance to get what they want.
  • Enneagram 2w3s are passionate about helping others.
  • These individuals struggle with criticism. They tend to let negative emotions get the better of their personality.
  • Their good communication skills allow them to express their thoughts clearly.
  • When the going gets tough, this enneagram type adapts to the changes and stays strong.
  • They are not good at taking care of their own needs.
  • One must encourage them to express their needs and feelings for resolving conflict.

Enneagram 2 Subtypes

Each of the nine types mentioned in the enneagram model contains three instinctual subtypes. These subtypes are the primal tendencies based on the body. They tend to stay within them, help connect to the core type and act cohesively.

It primarily determines how they make up their personality. Subtypes help connect individuals with their core enneagram personality type. The subtypes refer to a combination of one’s core enneagram type along with its instinct.

The instincts of all Enneagram types are categorized as follows:

1. Self-preservation (SP) – Privilege

2. Social (SO) – Power and Ambition

3. Sexual (SX) – Seduction

Let us now discuss how Enneagram 2s are wired and remain focused on these inherent tendencies.

Self-preservation (SP)

This self-preservation subtype of enneagram 2s is reserved. It carries a lot of inhibitions. These restrictions do not allow them to lead a free-flowing life. They attract people toward them and extend their helping hand. Self-Preserved Enneagram Twos treat everyone with the utmost kindness. This subtype of enneagram twos like others and make them feel important in their life.

This Enneagram 2 subtype prefers that someone must take care of their well-being, even though they do not depend on others. The reality is that these self-preserved Enneagram Twos want to receive praise and validation for their helpful attitude.

If someone does not give them due recognition, they will withdraw from others. It will happen due to their fear of rejection.

Individuals with a Self-Preservation (SP) subtype spend most of their time conserving energy and material goods. Doing so makes them experience safety and security in the world.

Social (SO)

All those Enneagram 2s with Social Subtypes tend to be dominant. Their tendency is to assert their opinions onto others. They have good leadership qualities. These people can easily make their presence felt in a social gathering. The grace, charm, and popularity they carry within themselves help them stand out from the rest.

These individuals focus on the aspects which build relationships. They want to receive love and appreciation. People with the social subtype of Enneagram 2 work with others toward attaining shared goals. They can notice how people respond to them. Thus, it enables them to understand the kind of impact they are having on the community at large.

Sexual or one-to-one (SX)

These Enneagram Twos possess strong willpower. They tend to display more passion and emotional expression while leading their lives. Sexual Subtypes are inclined to attain power and control while tackling interpersonal relationships.

These people can charm and captivate others with their attractive personalities. It helps to create great interest and fascination. They use some seductive skills to gain loyalty and fulfil their requirements.

Enneagram Type Twos of Sexual Subtype always act boldly and forcefully while handling close relationships. They openly express their needs and desires in the relationship. Hence, these people do not deprive themselves of getting respect, love, and sex out of their romantic partners.

They are passionate individuals. It also becomes tough for them to say no to their relationship. It is so because they show extreme devotion. These people remain fully committed to keeping their intimate bond intact.

To Sum Up 

In this article, we have discussed how wings and subtypes play vital roles in making up the complete personality of an Enneagram Type 2 person. Wings add something extra to this personality type, enabling them to develop different perspectives in life. The wings of Enneagram 2 are 2w1 and 2w3.

Subtypes refer to primal tendencies within the body. They connect to the core type and act in an integrated manner. There are three subtypes of Enneagram 2. Those include the Self-Preservation Subtype, Social Subtype, and Sexual Subtype.