Enneagram Type 4 Motivations & Core Values refer to those factors that act as driving forces, which help recharge them, and the principles which express life’s goals. This Enneagram Type 4 personality tends to focus on being special and unique among others.

They are known as Individualists due to their ability to stand out because of having the one-of-a-kind choice of fashion, unorthodox lifestyle, and various creative expressions and pursuits. Fours are offbeat but can still turn out to be quite endearing. These people seek to understand who they are. The thing driving your personality is the inner feeling that something is missing from your life.

Hence, they always look forward to experiencing connection and completeness. These things can only come through in their life if they devote sincere effort to searching for an ideal relationship or circumstance to fill the void. Fours feel that whatever they have now is insufficient to quench their thirst. It might make them go through a phase of abandonment.

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Enneagram 4 Motivations & Core Values

In this segment, we will briefly discuss about enneagram type 4 motivations & core values. Various factors let Enneagram 4s invest extra time and effort into carrying out their responsibilities. They ultimately help them achieve some goals in life. These refer to their core motivations. They play a significant role in creating a spark within fours. Ultimately, they manage to do their work in the desired manner.

Fours are purpose-driven individuals. Despite this fact, all those things that help drive others do not motivate these enneagrams. They need to find meaning in whatever they do. They are not those who look to receive rewards for the responsibilities they carry out throughout their life. Fours will be happy to undertake even the most mundane tasks if they sense they serve a greater purpose. On the other hand, they will not hesitate to ignore a high-profile job once they feel it will not fulfill their long-term goal.

Enneagram 4s even carry out their duties based on the guidance they attain from creativity, authenticity, and seeing beauty everywhere in life. These people look for genuineness and create individuality for themselves. They help them stand out from the rest. Moreover, people with enneagram type 4 personalities never conform to traditions. They always try to create something on their own and lead the path.

Individuals carrying enneagram four personality types focus on expressing themselves wholeheartedly. They possess originality while dealing with life’s responsibilities. Their uniqueness comes to the forefront also at the time of facing and overcoming different challenges. These people adopt creative ways of finding appropriate solutions to problems.

Enneagram Type 4 Motivations

The Enneagram Type 4 motivations are all those factors that re-energize them during trying times of life. These factors help restore their originality. They work well when life poses tough challenges, which need behavioral changes and how these people undertake their responsibilities.

The core motivations of the Enneagram have two parts –

  • Core desires
  • Core fears

The core desires and core fears both go simultaneously in one’s life. People can even consider them as two parts of their personality. It signifies that an individual wants to have something only to avoid anything untoward from occurring in their life.

The core desires of Enneagram 4s are as follows –

  • Enneagram Fours always want to experience authenticity in their life.
  • They look for the exact meaning behind their existence in life.
  • These individuals are unique. They require others to acknowledge this fact.
  • Fours have the desire to make a place for themselves in this world.
  • People with this enneagram personality type follow their ideologies while leading their life.
  • They ensure the implementation of certain principles while undertaking their personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Enneagram 4 personality type people always connect deeply to their own feelings. They can even link with others’ sadness and grief.
  • These people are highly attuned to making their presence felt in this world.
  • Enneagram 4s have the desire to be around people. They hate leading their lives alone.
  • They desire to let people understand the exact reasons behind doing something in their life.

The basic fears of type fours are:

  • An enneagram four personality type individual fears not having any significance in the world.
  • These individuals do not like when they feel misunderstood.
  • Fours are even fearful of finding that they have flaws in their personality.
  • Those flaws are not allowing them to experience some crucial aspects of happiness to which others are getting access.
  • These people suffer from the fear of leading an ordinary life.
  • Enneagram Type 4s are also apprehensive about others rejecting them.
  • They feel like they will do something that will not significantly impact the world.

Enneagram Type 4 Core Values

The core values based on your Enneagram Type Four refer to those guiding principles that guide their path in life. These refer to those cravings that allow them to carry out their tasks in line with their core values. If values are not present in this world, then people will live in an immoral place with confusion and existential crisis.

Enneagram Fours attend toward creating three crucial values, innovation, genuineness, and charm. They stay on the lookout for meaningful tasks that will have good long-term implications for their future. These people feel a person must be authentic in whatever work they carry out in life. This personality typing sets them apart from others in life.

Their quest for being unique enables them to get the tag of an Individualist. Despite this image, they can be sensitive toward others’ feelings. These individuals are also quite dramatic and expressive in whatever they do. People can even see them as self-absorbed people who showcase their moody nature now and then.

The principles or values that guide their life and result in personality growth are as follows –

  • Focus on being authentic in all those responsibilities they carry out across various spectrums of life. They even expect the same level of commitment from others.
  • They will only do something if it carries some substance and adds value to their life.
  • These people remain completely absorbed within themselves. It happens due to their quest to attain uniqueness.
  • Enneagram Fours can become extremely temperamental during certain times of their lives. They are emotionally intense in nature. It tends to fluctuate every now and then. This fluctuation in their emotions tends to have a negative effect on their relationships.
  • People with Enneagram 4 personality types happen to be creative individuals or artists who are romantic at heart. They give immense value to achieving excellence in whatever they do in their life.
  • These individuals love creating things. They hate the concept of consumption. Fours will get into a fight with any individual who tries to convince them otherwise.
  • Enneagram 4s never shy away from experimenting with various philosophies and ideologies to make their lives meaningful.
  • They are free-spirited and whimsical. Fours follow their gut feelings and go by their deep inner values.
  • Fours spend time writing down their life stories. They create their paths alone and make way for a brighter future.
  • One of the greatest values of these individuals is that they find immense joy by experiencing the independence of going with the flow of life.

To Sum Up

In this post, we have discussed in detail about enneagram type 4 motivations & core values. Fours are unique individuals. They carry a good sense of creating an identity for themselves and take immense pride in exploring creativity. These characteristics ultimately help to make their personality.

Their motivations point toward those aspects of life that offer the requisite impetus to let them work as per their liking. They do not believe in following set patterns. Hence, Enneagram Fours go by their rules and traditions in life. These people do not follow what others are doing. Motivations and core values, both play crucial roles in making up the personality of this individual.

The core values refer to the guiding light that provides much-needed guidance to undertake the right set of activities at the right time. They never bother what people think or say. Their focus remains on all the good things that are in store for them in the life ahead.