Enneagram Type 5 Motivations and Core Values talk of all those factors that help them re-energize and the ethics that express the goals of their life. This Enneagram Type 5 personality loves independence, stays aware of different situations, and looks to gain a deeper understanding of the world. If you are not aware of your type, take one of the enneagram personality tests to know the same.

These individuals always look to innovate and create new things, which everyone else can experience and savor. Sometimes, Fives can get detached from real-life situations, but still they keep their level of intensity intact. People with this personality type wish to be capable and competent.

Enneagram Fives’ deepest desire is to accumulate knowledge from different sources, and scan and understand whatever is happening around them. They wish to figure out everything so that they can defend themselves from succumbing to threats of the environment.

Enneagram Type 5 Motivations & Core Values

There are several factors that allow Enneagram 5s to invest extra time and effort in undertaking those activities, which can attain some objectives in life. These factors are nothing but their core motivations. They help generate a spark within people and make them carry out their responsibilities in the desired manner.

All these driving forces can let Enneagram 5s modify their behavioral patterns and unusual actions. Thus, they make sure that these individuals do those activities, which they will not do otherwise, keep their standards high, and achieve their objectives.

Enneagram 5s also lead their lives based on the advice they receive from independence, knowledge, and intelligence. These people always have the desire to understand how different elements across this world operate. They search to discover new things, ask questions and delve deep into various aspects. Fives never intend to follow the doctrines and opinions of others.

Fives feel energetic from focusing on their needs and demands. They hate spending time on those things that do not have any substance or can positively impact their life. Their introverted nature makes them avoid relationships and focus only on gathering knowledge.

Enneagram Type 5 Motivations

There are nine personality types that help form the enneagram model. Core motivations exist in each of them that help them get through tough times in life and provide the necessary energy to carry out their duties. The Enneagram 5 motivations refer to those incentives or forces that help them gain energy and return their originality. They work particularly well when life throws stern challenges. Fives require to make behavioral changes and modify their approach toward handling responsibilities.

The core motivations of the enneagram have two parts –

  • Core desires or basic desires
  • Core fears or basic fears

The core desires and core fears complement one another. One can even consider them as one. It denotes that one has the desire to get something so that one can prevent the bad from taking place in their life.

The core desires of Enneagram 5s are as follows –

  • Enneagram 5s want to be competent in carrying out their responsibilities and overcoming life’s complex problems. One can refer to an individual of this personality type as a problem solver.
  • These people desire to enhance their capabilities for making sure that they do not succumb to the adverse situations of life.
  • They wish to accumulate knowledge from different sources. Thus, it will help them become aware of things happening around the world.
  • Enneagram 5 desires to remain well-informed so that they can make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Fives always focus on being self-sufficient. Hence, they hate depending on others for the fulfillment of tasks.
  • They follow what their heart says and do not abide by what society says.
  • Enneagram Five personality type people focus on conserving their energy to do things that matter the most. They do not intend to spend their time and energy fulfilling external demands.
  • These individuals withdraw themselves from unnecessary things in their life. Hence, it enables them to avoid succumbing to fear and anxiousness.
  • Fives desire to protect all their inner resources, so that they use them in carrying out those duties that are of great importance.

The basic fears of type fives are –

  • Enneagram Fives fear getting overwhelmed by their needs.
  • They suffer from the fear of people approaching them to fulfill their needs. Hence, an enneagram 5 withdraws himself from relationships and leads a minimalist lifestyle.
  • These individuals fear someone’s perception, which suggests that their life is meaningless.
  • One of the blind spots that these people have is that they do not like to follow conventional styles of living.
  • Enneagram 5s fear being useless in life. They always wish to contribute positively toward the betterment of society.
  • They do not like to have a lack of competency in their life. People calling them incompetent is something that Enneagram 5 hates.
  • Fives are self-sufficient in nature. Thus, they never like depending on others for any kind of assistance. Therefore, these people will hate it if they feel helpless during any situation in their life.
  • People with enneagram 5 personality types would fear not being able to figure out how things are unfolding in their lives. Otherwise, these individuals think as if they are in complete control of their proceedings.

Enneagram Type 5 Core Values

The core values based on your Enneagram Type Five happen to be those guiding principles, which guide them in their journey of life. These are beliefs that enable them to act in line with their values. If values do not exist in this world, it will be an immoral place where people would come across the confusion and struggle for their existence.

Enneagram Fives builds three values: autonomy, intelligence, and knowledge. It is necessary for them to lead a meaningful life. They always live with the desire to bring positive changes in the thought process of people within society.

These people might appear to be calm and composed. Things change drastically when they get the chance to discuss their topics of interest. Under those circumstances, Fives transform themselves into energetic individuals. This sudden shift in their demeanor can easily surprise those who are not aware of the hidden passions of an Enneagram 5.

Let us now look into the values that provide guidance and help them grow in their life –

  • Enneagram 5s look for autonomy and independence in their life. They maintain these aspects and make sure to follow them to make the desired progress.
  • These individuals dream about working and carrying out research on their own in a private space for most of their life.
  • They do not pay attention to being nice to society and following customs.
  • The potential of the unknown seems captivating to these individuals. Fives always remain on the lookout for new information that they can use for expanding their knowledge further.
  • Enneagram 5 personality type people keep their calm and maintain a steady mindset while tackling confusion and uncertainty. These two qualities also help them find out the ideal course of action in the large scheme of things.
  • Fives give great value to understanding different situations of life with precision. It helps them generate new ideas and then put them into action.

To Sum Up

We can conclude that Enneagram 5s are curious and independent people who love creating their own paths. They do not like following others’ suggestions in any situation. These people conserve their energy for creating a difference in society.

Enneagram 5 does not have any time to invest in building relationships. They do not like following the norm. Rather, these individuals will prefer doing something out of the ordinary.

Their only wish in life is to attain competency. If they take up any work, Enneagram 5 would make sure to fulfill it as per their expectation. They set clear-cut boundaries between personal and professional commitments.