Enneagram Type 8 Motivations & Core Values are those factors that help them regain the level of enthusiasm and the principles that express the ambitions of their life. The Enneagram 8 personality type has immense self-confidence and leadership qualities.

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People with this personality type would always try to display power, their resilient approach toward life, and their eagerness to accept challenges. They will always remain self-reliant and work with complete independence.

Enneagram Type 8 Motivations & Core Values

Several elements allow Enneagram 8s to put extra time and effort toward undertaking those activities, which can help them attain some objectives in their life. These elements are their core motivations. They help generate a different level of urgency amongst individuals to put in that extra effort by exceeding their limits for carrying out their responsibilities.

These driving forces or incentives can enable Enneagram 8s to regularize their unwanted actions and behavioral patterns. Therefore, they make it a point that these individuals carry out those activities, which they will not do otherwise under normal circumstances, keep up their standards and achieve goals.

Enneagram 8 personality type individuals receive a lot of motivation from being self-dependent, mentally strong, and acting independently. When type eights are at their best, they are natural leaders and have a commanding presence. These people adopt a positive approach, show care toward others, walk on the path of honesty, do not mince words, and always support people in need.

People with enneagram eight personality types always focus on the big picture. They feel energetic when they can achieve big things, confront challenging situations, and overcome them to get the best results in life.

These individuals feel good about themselves when they can protect their loved ones. They are workaholics and can take up more responsibilities exceeding their limits. Enneagram Type 8s refuse to feel vulnerable. It can slow down their pace by a considerable margin.

Enneagram Type 8 Motivations

Core motivations point toward those incentives inside each of the nine enneagram personality types. They allow them to get through some of their tough times and offer the necessary incentive for carrying out their responsibilities.

The Enneagram Type 8 Motivations are specific incentives that help them look into the positives of life and restore their energy for doing what they love most. They include taking up challenges and overcoming them to pursue goals.

Eights always desire to remain self-dependent in their life. They enjoy proving their strengths, refrain from showing weaknesses or blind spots that exist in their personality, feel important, dominate people and the environment around them, and finally keep everything under their control.

The core motivations of the enneagram comprise two parts –

  • Core Desires or Basic Desires
  • Core Fears or Basic Fears

If we speak from a technical viewpoint, the core desires and core fears go hand-in-hand. It denotes that people are doing something to avoid carrying out unfavorable activities that will not yield the right results in their life.

The core desires of Enneagram 8s are as follows –

  • Enneagram Type 8 personalities prefer governing themselves rather than allowing others to do so. They love independently leading their lives.
  • Their core or basic desire is to offer help and protect all individuals who give a lot of love and care in their life.
  • These people love to stay in control of their situation. It makes them feel comfortable.
  • Eights always prefer fighting against injustice not only for themselves but also for others. The focus of these individuals always remains on maintaining truth and honesty in life. Hence, any deviation from the same makes them work on it. Ultimately, it acts as a source of motivation.
  • They wish to feel and look strong in front of others. Enneagram 8 puts its best foot forward to avoid all kinds of vulnerabilities.
  • Eights have the urge to get rid of anything that seems authoritative. These people hate abiding by meaningless rules and regulations that only complicate matters for them.
  • Enneagram 8 personality type individuals enjoy seeking perfection and offering complete dedication toward performing their responsibilities.
  • They desire to put that extra effort into achieving unfulfilled goals. Hence, they can make their dreams come true.
  • People with enneagram eight personality types receive a lot of motivation from their innate desire to believe in their abilities and stay strong even under adverse circumstances.
  • These individuals prefer to keep their importance alive in front of others who stay in this world.
  • An Enneagram Type 8 resists change which aims to alter their personality and convert them into someone else.
  • They focus on being impactful and bringing forth positive changes to the lives of their loved ones.
  • Eights are self-sufficient. They prefer being a giver for all those in dire need of assistance. These people do not think twice and go out of their way to offer help.
  • Enneagram Eights or Challengers get motivation from taking complete charge of others’ happiness.

The core fears of Enneagram 8s are as follows –

  • Enneagram 8s love leading their lives independently. They always fear being controlled. Thus, they shudder to lose their freedom and follow people’s instructions.
  • These people cannot stand when people or situations do not let them lead their lives independently. They would prefer to keep themselves away from those individuals and avoid coming across such scenarios as much as possible.
  • We are all aware that Type Eights are known as Challengers. They hate being in those circumstances that make them feel hopeless. They do not allow them to stand up for their rights and beliefs.
  • They fear showing their weaknesses, living under uncertainty, and being dependent on others.
  • People with enneagram eight personality types hate losing the respect of people they keep close to their hearts.
  • These individuals fear suffering from vulnerability, weakness, and the lack of power to control their situations.
  • They always live under the apprehension that they might confront scenarios where they fail to let people and situations run according to their wishes.

Enneagram Type 8 Core Values

Enneagram 8 personality type individuals prefer to exercise power while leading their lives by asserting an honest approach and concealing their vulnerabilities. These things help protect themselves and others from severe threats and uncomfortable situations.

They always intend to feel safe in a world having arrogant and treacherous people. Power and having control over their situation allow an Enneagram 8 to lead a complete life. These people enhance their hold over different proceedings of life by exerting extra pressure on the space they live.

If they ever see or experience any level of manipulation and cheating from their companions, enneagram 8s will become agitated. This individual will never prefer seeing themselves unable to correct any injustice happening around them in society. They will take pride in positively impacting the people around them and letting this world become better.

There is a set of values that help guide the lives of Enneagram Type Eights. Some of those values based on your enneagram are as follows:

  • Respect is what an enneagram eight person looks forward to in their life. They keep it ahead of their love for power and receive accolades from others.
  • Courage, justice, and challenges are three core values that guide the lives of type eight personalities.
  • Hard work and competency are the guiding principles of their life.
  • Enneagram 8s receive motivation from exerting their influence and positively influencing people’s lives.
  • These people act based on truth and honesty. They will never compromise these inner values for anything else.
  • People with enneagram eight personality types are always high on confidence. These individuals never back down once they set their sights on doing something fruitful.
  • Eights or Challengers carry a strong sense of justice and fairness. They always prefer doing the right thing at the right time. These enneagrams also make sure to let others follow the same route. Thus, they prevent them from committing mistakes.
  • Enneagram 8s remain committed to all those who show dedication and have managed to sail through the tough times of life with resilience. They always provide support to people who are loyal and stay by their side through thick and thin.
  • All those individuals who belong to enneagram eight personality types always protect their loved ones from threats and dangers. They give immense value to relationships and offer support to those in need.
  • These people are ready to challenge rules and conventions in their lives. They stand by all those who cannot fight for their rights. Enneagram Eights feel they are always right and do not require assurance from anyone else.

Final Words

We can conclude that Enneagram 8s are strong and self-dependent individuals who love accepting challenges apart from playing leadership roles with utmost perfection. They receive motivation to keep themselves and all others around them safe from different kinds of threats surrounding the environment. These individuals love being in charge of the situation. They feel comfortable when everything is under their complete control.

Enneagram 8 personality type people focus on promoting justice in this world. Hence, these individuals ensure they protect themselves and everyone else from suffering all kinds of unjust behaviors and actions.

People with enneagram eight personality types never disclose their weak links or vulnerabilities in front of others. According to Eights, doing so would make them easily susceptible to the tricks of others and might fall prey to their dubious intentions.