Key Takeaways

  • ENTJ stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality types.
  • They are confident speakers and goal-directed individuals.
  • ENTJs value time and believe in systematic work that is consistent and goal-directed.
  • They are energetic, sociable, outspoken types who have not learned to fail in life.
  • ENTJs hate procrastination and carelessness in their work.

The personality type of a person is the combination of traits or qualities that describes the distinct character or nature of the individual. It actually differentiates you from the other person.

Are you energetic and assertive? Do you think that you are bold, firm, competitive, and straightforward? Do people know you as a fair and measured individual? Then, you must be an ENTJ personality type.

You are a born leader who plans well, sets the right strategies, and delivers the best output. Sometimes your extraverted nature tuned with intuitive thinking makes you see things in black and white.  

Your ambitious nature makes you strong and a go-getter type of individual. You have the natural propensity to direct, lead, and command others.

Let us peep into your charismatic world and know you a little more than what we already know about you.

ENTJ Personality Infographics

ENTJ Personality Meaning & Signs
ENTJ Personality Meaning & Signs
ENTJ Personality Strengths, Weaknesses & Hobbies
ENTJ Personality Strengths, Weaknesses & Hobbies

ENTJ – Meaning and personality type

ENTJ stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality type. Being an energetic and enthusiastic person, you just make things happen. You are objective and analytical, assertive, competitive, confident, and goal-oriented. Moreover, you are expressive and can thrive well in groups.

ENTJ is one of the 16 personalities described in the Myers-Briggs personality typology. These people are hard-core extroverts with a deeply analytical mind.

You love momentum and will follow your goals diligently.

Your charisma and attractiveness, make you a good leader. You command and lead with an aura of positivity and conviction. 

Your confidence and logical nature attract people towards you. They will follow you towards meeting a common goal.

Sometimes, being an INTJ is not easy because your ruthless determination and outgoing nature drive you towards losing your humility. Thus, you may appear rude, harsh, and overly interfering.

ENTJs love to accept challenges, no matter how small they may be. They trust their intuition, have immense faith in hard work and determination to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. 

These people become the best entrepreneurs because of their strategic planning and people managing skills. Usually driven by strong willpower, they can achieve precise business goals easily.

The acronym ENTJ stands for the four cognitive functions that describe this personality type.

1. Extroversion – ENTJs are extroverts. They derive their energy and enthusiasm from others. They work in situations that involve many people. Thus, they are outgoing, steadfast, expressive, and turned towards the outer world.

2. iNtuition – their intuitive nature helps to explore new things, create masterpieces, and look at the big picture rather than the minute details.

3. Thinking – ENTJs are deep thinkers who create new ideas, explore the available options, and decide with logical understanding. Their decisions are always thoughtful and never based on emotions.

4. Judging – Judgements bring structure and organization skills to an ENTJ. They prefer to follow a schedule and a specific routine to increase their efficiency and get things done on time.

In short, ENTJ characteristics include the following:

  • Competitive
  • Focused
  • Organized
  • Analytical
  • Goal-oriented
  • Outspoken 
  • Confident speaker

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What if you are an ENTJ?

Being an ENTJ, you are quick to find mistakes and loopholes in any system and prefer to solve them instantly. You are a dominant leader who can conceptualize and develop a long-term vision and put it into reality.

Your assertive mindset helps you to take charge of things and deliver your responsibilities diligently. You will plan and organize people and processes in the right way to meet your goals.

You are spontaneous and flexible, yet lead others with influence and command. If you are a team leader, people will follow you because of your well-knit plans and logical strategies.

ENTJs are motivated to achieve 100% success in whatever they do. They hate failures and will never settle for anything less. As you are ambitious, you will be inclined towards power and influence.

You will love to take the last call in whatever you might be doing and take decisive action towards its accomplishment. 

ENTJs are friendly, sociable, and outgoing people but they may not look into the finer emotional cues of others. 

You will face a challenge if others want you to feel their subtle feelings. If you find someone inefficient, incompetent, and lazy at work, you will become insensitive towards them. 

You will never take things for granted and are not interested in listening to excuses that someone might make for no apparent reason. 

In such a situation, others will consider you arrogant, insensitive, and less compassionate.

Thus, you are a powerhouse of efficiency, competence, and leadership with little inclination towards emotional display in your professional life. 

For you, displaying finer feelings is a sign of weakness and submissiveness. This behavior can make you appear unpopular, cold, and emotionally numb.

If you are interested to know more about the fundamental nature of ENTJs, you can refer to this link given here.

ENTJ personality traits (10 signs of an ENTJ personality type)

The most dominant, assertive, confident, and energetic person has to be an ENTJ. You will be found at the top of a social ladder and organizational hierarchy representing efficiency and competence to a level of utmost perfection.

Let’s analyze the various signs of being an ENTJ:

1. Value for time

ENTJs are punctual and orderly. They never procrastinate and lose valuable time. They hate being lazy and idle. 

You are good at managing and spending time judiciously. You always do things in a systematic way. Inefficiency and laziness from yourself or others may let you down. 

You may feel frustrated if things are not done on time.

If someone gives excuses for not having enough time to do something, you may get irritable and avoid being with that person forever. Your motto in life is punctuality and hard work.

2. Good at controlling emotions

You are good at controlling and mastering your subtle emotions. Sometimes you may feel that expressing emotions is a sign of weakness. Your intuitive and logical mind tells you to keep things to yourself and avoid being overwhelmed and swayed by emotions.

As you are highly objective and rational while making a decision, you keep emotions at the backend and never allow them to intrude and interfere with your decisions.

Emotional control makes you unbiased and remains fair as much as possible.

3. ENTJs can foresee issues beforehand

Your intuitive mindset is guided by strong instincts. You can sense problems before they happen. As you are insightful, you can see things clearly and may know how things are going to take shape in reality.

Maybe you are apt to see future potential in people and systems before anything good gets created in real life. 

If anything is not going right, you will quickly resolve the issue so that it doesn’t hamper the performance of the team as a whole.

4. Risk taking is good

Being an ENTJ, you will take risks, if you think that success rates will be great. You will face tough challenges with ease and grace. 

You will try to grasp the best opportunities for learning, no matter how tough they may appear to be.

5. Variety motivates you to work harder

You would love to do a variety of things in real life. Monotony and the same routine life make you feel stuck and trapped in boredom. 

You may seem to lose your energetic and enthusiastic ‘self’. On the flip side, you may lose focus and interest also. 

You would like to work on multiple things at a time. A lot of variety motivates you to keep pace with your goal-oriented mindset.

You will be drawn towards new opportunities and innovative learning. Your rational thinking hates to repeat ideas. It lowers your motivation and focus at work. 

Thus, you don’t like memorizing unnecessary stuff, rather would prefer to explore variety and novelty in whatever you do.

6. ENTJs love innovation

You will hate to do things in similar ways as they have always been done by others. It means you will create novelty in work and do things differently. You are not the one who follows the crowd blindly.

This is a hallmark characteristic of an ENTJ that they never follow a preordained set of rules and conventions. They do the same thing differently and get their desired success much sooner than others.

In one word, you are a trendsetter and never approve of the same way of doing things. You always allow your vision and ideas to thrive and grow in a big way that others may not have ever thought of in reality.

7. You’re not an emotional robot as people describe you 

You are not heartless and affectless as stereotypes describe you. Though you appear cold and keep your emotions in check, you are loving, kind, and compassionate.

You may not deal with people emotionally but that doesn’t mean that you lack warm feelings. Therefore, you will always provide good advice to people you care for. 

Sometimes people may misunderstand you as bossy and dominating because your outward demeanor is not kind and humble. You will always help others silently.

8. You are good at organization and planning

Your intuitive and logical mind makes you orderly and systematic. You are good at organizing things with precision. You do not like messy work. It should be neat, systematic, and perfect.

Without a proper plan, you may not be able to work well because you will feel demotivated and irritable.

Your organization skills fetch you the best results and thus you can never do away without them.

9. Authenticity is everything

ENTJs are genuine and authentic individuals. They hate to keep things secret. Thus, you will always love to relate with truthful, honest, and authentic people.

Your introverted intuition (Ni) and introverted feeling (Fi) help you to understand the authenticity of people who relate or work with you. You will readily understand whether people are honest, fair, or manipulative with you.

10. Decisiveness

As you are a prompt decision-maker, you will trust your intuition to make the best choice and it helps you to quickly decide on many important issues in life. 

Later on, you will hardly regret your decisions because you know that you have made the right choice.

ENTJs are efficient in deciding quickly without worrying too much about the consequences. 

You can know more about the ENTJ personality traits here.

Cognitive dynamics of ENTJ personality (The Functional Stack)

There are 16 personality types described in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) which is based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. 

According to Carl Jung, personality is composed of some cognitive qualities that are arranged in a hierarchical structure known as functional stacking.

The functional stacking shows the definite order in which the most dominant traits are arranged at the top and the less functional traits are lined up down the hierarchy. 

The less functional traits are classified as auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions. These cognitive functions help to determine how the individual relates to the outer world.

The dominant cognitive functions form the core structure of the specific personality type and the auxiliary functions support the dominant ones.

The tertiary functions are less developed and have a weak influence on the person’s behavior and thought process.

The inferior functions determine personality weaknesses that are unconscious and need to be developed to attain a balanced personality.

1. Dominant function: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

  • ENTJs are born extroverts who are outgoing, outspoken, and enterprising. This is a preferred function as it influences their thought processes and affective states in significant ways. 
  • It also influences the way an ENTJ plans, decides, and makes judgements in day-to-day life. 

2. Auxiliary: Introverted intuition (Ni)

  • People with ENTJ personality types are future focused. They use their present skills to formulate future goals that are achievable.
  • This function helps them to appreciate change and move on with life. They are guided by their ability to think intuitively, study the various possibilities closely before arriving at a definite conclusion.

3. Tertiary: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

  • ENTJs are energetic and adventurous. They can do varied activities at the same time. Extraverted sensing helps them to focus on enjoying and experiencing new things in life. This function brings thrill and excitement into their life. 
  • You will never find ENTJs working on boring and monotonous stuff. They always seek new things that can keep pace with their energetic mindset.

4. Inferior: Introverted feeling (Fi)

  • This cognitive function is less developed in ENTJs. They struggle in situations that call for expression and verbalization of emotional responses.
  • They lack understanding of others’ emotions, and may not respond in an appropriate way in emotional situations. Sometimes, this inferior function makes them appear haughty, arrogant, and affectless.

To know more about ENTJ cognitive functions, you can visit this link given here.

ENTJ and INTJ personality types (How to set them apart)

According to Carl Jung’s personality typology, introversion and extraversion fall in a spectrum with some people falling closer to one end than the other group. 

It means that whether you are an introvert or an extrovert will never be demonstrated in isolation. The decision will be based on four other cognitive functions of thinking, sensation, intuition, and feeling.

Now when we are comparing INTJ and ENTJ, it seems apparent that for an INTJ, the dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition and the auxiliary function is extraverted thinking. It’s just the opposite for an ENTJ.

For an ENTJ, extraverted thinking is the dominant cognitive function, while introverted intuition is the auxiliary function.

This leads to a lot of similarities and differences between the two types. If you are an ENTJ, you would be interested to know the similarities and differences with your closest counterpart. Right?

Points of similarities:

  • Both are independent thinkers.
  • They are career oriented, competitive people.
  • INTJs and ENTJs are organized, in love with logic and reasoning.
  • Usually they are neat, orderly and systematic in whatever they do.
  • Both these types are competent and able people. Sometimes they appear ruthless to others and are not liked by them.
  • Both love to acquire more knowledge, actually they are lifelong learners.

Points of differences:

ENTJs are outgoing and their energy is directed and manifested towards the outside world. They are always energetic and excited in social setups.INTJs are introverts. They prefer to live in an inner world of deep thinking and intuition. They are focused inward and are calm people.
ENTJs have more social skills. They can easily open up and mix with a variety of people. Their verbal communication is excellent. Has good social confidenceINTJs are quiet, reserved, and hardly speak on their own in social setups. They cannot mix with everyone very easily. Has poor social confidence
ENTJs are enterprising and always remain open to new experiences. They are quick decision-makers.INTJs are in-depth explorers. They are open only to those experiences that relate well with their intuitive mindset. These people decide with understanding and insight, thus taking a lot of time to decide on crucial matters.
ENTJs want more productive conversations in social gatheringsINTJs remain quiet and give opinions only when asked for. They are poor at starting and maintaining good conversations.
ENTJs like socialization and group activities. They are always into outdoor stuff with friends and family.They like solitary activities such as reading, writing, painting, etc.

If you are interested to know more about ENTJ and INTJ similarities and contrasts, you can access the link given here.

ENTJ compatibility

ENTJs are known for their professionalism and goal-oriented mindset. They are misunderstood as someone who is not interested in finding love. In reality, this is not true.

ENTJs are very much into finding a compatible partner for themselves. They are most compatible with those people who are very similar to their habits and perspectives.

Usually, they are compatible with efficient, socially attractive, sophisticated, appealing, and energetic individuals. ENTJs are quite serious about their relationships. Since they are a dominant and outgoing personality type, they usually relate well with.

The table given below shows the compatible matches of ENTJ personality types:


ENTJ relationships

ENTJ relationships are based on serious commitments. They look for long-term committed friendships and connections to last forever. 

Since they love to lead others, they tend to approach their relationships with a definite plan that motivates their partner to follow them.

Since they are extroverts, they tend to dominate the relationship they are in. They get along nicely with people who can stimulate them intellectually and help them learn diverse things in life.

In this section, we will discuss how ENTJs fair well in their relationships as romantic partners, parents, and friends.

ENTJs as romantic partners/spouse

ENTJs have extraordinary energy and enthusiasm to build trusting relationships. However, falling in love is an uphill task for them. This is because of their inability to express emotions explicitly. To their partners, they often look like frigid and stone-hearted people.

They are the ones who often take personal responsibility to develop strong bonds and keep the romantic relationship going well. 

They take the leadership role in the relationship and will do anything to make the relationship mutually rewarding and fulfilling.

They put a lot of effort into the relationship and keep things interesting and attractive, especially in the beginning phase of the relationship. 

ENTJs possess a logical mind, and they weigh their relationships on the basis of good-bad traits. ENTJs fall in love with caution, as they are choosy and fussy in finding the right partner.

They look for long-term friendships and if they find that their relationship is not going smoothly, they may suddenly cut off from their partner. They are not people-pleasers after all.

ENTJs are poor at sensing and recognizing others’ feelings. Sometimes, they try to explain emotional situations with logic and here they make a big mistake. Their partner may see them as ruthless, insensitive, and cold.

Sometimes ENTJs dominate and rule their partner’s choices and decisions. ENTJs relate well with intuitive partners so that they can create balance and harmony in the relationship.

An ENTJ as a parent

As a parent, ENTJs can take pride that they are quite serious about their role. They are helpful and supportive as far as their role is concerned. 

If you are an ENTJ parent, you will help them pursue their creativity and nurture their talents.

You will teach them good values that help to build their superior character. Meanwhile, you are the one who will always expose the child to new learning to widen their knowledge base.

An ENTJ parent never resorts to the illegitimate demands of their children because they follow strict discipline at home. 

They never allow their children to follow different paths that they don’t like. Thus, sometimes they may get into conflict with their teenagers as well. In short, ENTJs are not flexible parents when it comes to disciplining their children.

AN ENTJ as a friend

In friendships, you will always seek personal growth and stimulation. ENTJs make friends who are interested in socializing with them. They like outgoing friends who can discuss various interesting topics and keep the conversation free-flowing for hours.

A commander is a helpful friend. They devote quality time and energy to nurture long-term friendships. Moreover, they deal well with intuitive and thoughtful friends who can follow their lead diligently.

Sometimes they may get into arguments and verbal fights with their friends only to prove themselves right. Their love for power, dominance, and influence is seen in all their closest relationships.

They struggle to understand timid, quiet, and introverted friends and never engage with such people deeply. 

You can gather more information about the relationship patterns and compatibility of ENTJ personalities with all other 16 types here.

ENTJ in workplace

At the workplace, a commander’s personality is admired for their efficiency, hard work, and people managing skills. They are the pioneers in effective team building because they can motivate others to follow their lead to accomplish feats that others may have never thought of.

ENTJs usually take on managerial or executive roles in the organization. They can always bring innovative ideas to the table and execute their preset plans efficiently.

ENTJs are hard people to work with because they are perfectionists. They may not approve the smallest mistakes made by the teammates and can even discuss faults in a team meeting openly. 

Their co-workers may see them as ruthless, shrewd managers who are cruel, harsh, arrogant, and extremely insensitive towards the feelings of others.

Usually, people of this personality type are smart and set a high standard of work for themselves. Their go-getter attitude no matter what happens can bring organizational success and they are highly appreciated for their work performance.

They remain open to constructive criticisms and try to improve their skills every now and then.

An ENTJ colleague is sociable and engages in meaningful conversations in the workplace. They love to discuss a variety of topics and brainstorm novel ideas that can foster growth and innovation.

Their plan of action never goes wrong and their point of view is always accepted and admired for being different and awesome.

In the workplace, they are the most competent, disciplined, focused, and result-oriented people whom few of them admires and most of them envies openly.

To know the details of ENTJ communication style and conflict resolution at workplaces, you can refer to this link.

ENTJ and career choices

In Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, ENTJs are referred to as ‘commanders’. Their intense leadership qualities set them apart from other personality types. Thus you will always find them working in leadership roles of managers, executives, directors, or entrepreneurs. 

Moreover, they also do well in certain other prominent roles that give them ample opportunities for strategic management and planning.

Let’s check out some of the well-suited career choices for them:

  • Management consultant
  • Project managers
  • Politicians
  • Social activist
  • Lawyers
  • Chief executive Officer (CEO)
  • Armed forces personnel

Al, the relevant details about ENTJ careers are discussed in the article link given here.

ENTJ – strengths

All the personality types described in the MBTI come with a set of strengths and weaknesses. The strengths determine all the strong and dominant aspects of the individual’s personality and the shortcomings refer to either the flaws or weaknesses that one can develop to build up an all-around personality profile.

The key strengths of ENTJs are:

1. Strong-willed nature

ENTJs are known for their dedication, hard work, and productivity. They are the most efficient, focused, and goal-oriented people who use their skills to the fullest and get things done.

It is difficult to prove them wrong because they are smart and trust the rightness of their decisions. Their strong willpower and efficiency give them the success that they want for themselves. 

Moreover, ENTJs never succumb to pressure. They handle stress in the best possible way without getting overwhelmed. 

As they remain open to constructive criticisms, they improve their efficiency and skills and give the best output.

2. Efficiency

ENTJs are efficient and can do many things together. It means they can handle different types of work quite easily without compromising on quality. 

Since they have limitless energy and are driven by a sense of power and domination, they deliver to the optimum level.

ENTJs never fail in their endeavors because they keep on trying until things are done in the way they should be done. Their ability, expertise, and competence are just unmatchable.

3. Strategist

They are sharp and intuitive thinkers who can make the best plan, strategize the available resources, and execute it properly. They look into the minor details and the big picture of everything and organize their work efficiently. This helps to realize their vision pretty easily.

They never suffer a setback due to problems and obstacles rather get energized by them. ENTJs are conceptually sharp and they focus on strategies and effective planning so that the project can move on hassle-free and gets completed within the timeline.

ENTJ – shortcomings

The key shortcomings are as follows:

1. Affectless and harsh

The worst thing about ENTJ is, they are seen as ruthless, cold, and dominating by others. Since they try to explain everything on the basis of logic and reasoning and cannot understand the feelings of others, they are looked down upon as harsh beings.

2. Stubborn as a mule

People belonging to ENTJ personality types are stubborn and never change their minds. They are hard to convince and never take up another approach to do things, even if they know that they are going wrong in some way.

3. Low tolerance level

ENTJs have a low tolerance level. They cannot tolerate the inefficiency of others at work. Even they are not good at accepting the mistakes of others. These people are unsupportive of others’ emotions as well. 

As they are impatient and don’t like a slow approach to work, they often criticize people who take time either to understand concepts or execute plans effectively.

If you are eager to know more about ENTJ strengths and weaknesses, you can refer to this link given here.

Famous ENTJs you may be knowing

Though ENTJs are a rare personality type, still you may be knowing some of the famous people having this personality type. 

To know more about ENTJ famous people, you can access this given link. We have also compiled the names of famous ENTJ characters who have been fabulous with regard to their performances on screen and elsewhere.

How to relate with an ENTJ personality? (Tips to guide you)

If you are dealing with an ENTJ, know by now that you’re dealing with a difficult person. Sometimes they may annoy you and get on your nerves. You will not like them because they are dominating, assertive, emotionally distant, and cold types.

Now the question is what you can do to deal with such persons in a daily life situation.

  • Recognize their strengths and ignore their weaknesses
  • Embrace their leadership and use their innovative ideas to create a masterpiece project
  • Try to take help from others who know them well so as to get an idea about their likes and dislikes.
  • Never create an emotional drama before them. You will be easily caught.
  • Be punctual and avoid procrastinating.
  • ENTJs are good communicators. So, you should remain open towards interesting conversations whenever you are dealing with them.

What do ENTJs hate?

The ENTJ personality type is a perfectionist. Getting caught in emotional situations, poor leadership, routine lifestyle, and inefficiency either from themselves or others makes them feel awry at no time. They may feel lopsided and wonky and may not be able to tolerate it well.

Few things that make them feel in such a way are as follows:

1. Lack of vision and ambition

ENTJs are ambitious and put a lot of emphasis on goals. Thus they do not like people who lack vision and ambition in life. They cannot understand why many people live a simple life without having any long-term goals in life. Actually, a life without a definite aim terrifies them in reality.

2. Poor leadership

If anyone displays poor leadership skills and cannot motivate the teammates, it irks the ENTJs. If you ask an ENTJ to work under a bad leader, they may get extremely frustrated and will surely lose their motivation to continue further.

Sometimes, in such a situation, they may also take over as a leader, if the circumstances permit so. Poor leadership demotivates an ENTJ very much.

3. Emotional and oversensitive people

ENTJs cannot deal with people who are too emotional, oversensitive and have a tendency to take things personally. 

If others take things the wrong way and feel sad about it, ENTJs would find it hard to deal with them. 

As they are not good at handling emotions, it becomes difficult for them to realize how others could feel about their aggressive words and dominant demeanor.

4. Carelessness

ENTJs hate careless work. They are extremely serious and committed people. Thus they cannot adjust with those who do not have a serious outlook towards work. They hate careless mistakes, intentional delays, postponing meetings and discussions, etc.

5. Slowness

As ENTJs are impatient, they cannot stand delays and may feel stuck with slow coworkers. They hate laziness and don’t like people who cannot use time efficiently. 

Moreover, procrastination is something that they would never tolerate. So, teammates who work slowly or get delayed for no genuine reason are not liked by ENTJs.

6. Routine jobs

People of this personality type do not like routine activities that do not stimulate their minds. They may find day-to-day tasks extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Moreover, they hate standing in queues, administrative delays, etc.

7. They doesn’t like decisions made against them

Whenever a decision goes against them, ENTJs feel vulnerable and insecure. Their dominant personality cannot accept failures and they may try to establish themselves right, no matter whatever may happen in the way.

If they are put in a compromising situation, they may feel restless, anxious, and stressed from within.

8. Complaining people

ENTJs hate people who nag and complain even about minor inconveniences. They will not show sympathy for those who never try to sort out issues on their own. 

ENTJs believe in finding workable solutions to problems, thus people who don’t find out their own ways to resolve issues are not liked by an ENTJ.

People with ENTJ personalities have diverse interests and hobbies. They do not like mundane and easy tasks that are not intellectually stimulating.

ENTJs enjoy hobbies that give them ample opportunities for personal growth. It also helps them nurture innovative ideas that are out of the box.

Their popular hobbies look like this:

  • Attending social events
  • Taking part in community and social welfare programs
  • Partying with friends and family
  • Adventure sports
  • Playing competitive sports
  • Solving tough puzzles

To know some of the best known hobbies of ENTJ types, you can refer to the link given here.

ENTJ and Myers-Briggs personality test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (1985) is a self-report personality test used to identify the different types of personality. The test was developed by mother-daughter duo Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers based on the cognitive theory of personality developed by C.G Jung.

The test measures the personality profiles of 16 types that are unique in nature. The test consists of nearly 100 items that have two statements. The respondent will choose any one of the statements that best describes him/her.

MBTI describes people in four different categories that show how they perceive the world around them and make real-life decisions aptly. These four categories were first identified by Carl Jung and later developed by Myers-Briggs.

The four categories are:

One letter from each category is used to give the four-letter personality type of the person; such as INTP, ESFJ, etc. This judgment is done through functional stacking of the characteristics or traits possessed by the person.

If you want to know your personality, you can take the test here.

How rare is the ENTJ personality type?

ENTJs are the second rarest types described in MBTI. Only 1.8% of the total U.S population has this personality type. Men make up only 2.7% of the population while women constitute only 0.9% of the population.

Do they feel stressed at times?

ENTJs are extroverts and hate being alone. They love to be with others and show their presence felt in a social circle. 

They may feel emotionally drained and stressed out if they are made to work alone, they feel pressured if they lose the chance of mixing with others.

As they thrive amongst others, they may feel isolated and anxious if they live alone for a long time. In times of emotional distress, ENTJs would not express themselves openly. 

They think that emotional expression is a sign of weakness and they really do not want to look weaker in public setups.

ENTJs can also feel stressed out if others working with them do not follow their leadership strategies, and are less energetic, less motivated to continue their work. In these situations, ENTJs take an upper hand in completing tasks on time.

All the details about ENTJ stress triggers and coping style is discussed in detail in this mentioned link. You can check out the link for further knowhow.

The video link shared below shows the signs of the ENTJ personality type. Do check out.

Key takeaway from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

To conclude, it can be said that the enterprising leader is always energetic and outgoing. Their structure and focus in their work are just unmatchable.

ENTJs thrive well in social setups and learn their appropriate style of behaving in relation to others. They are the ones who never decide emotionally.

Their attractive personality motivates others to follow them without any doubts and second thoughts. After all, ENTJs are the ones who write their own success stories and can take pride in their accomplishments.

“We are what we repeatedly do: Excellence. Then, is not an act but a habit.”


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