ESFP famous people love to take the center stage anytime. They are the most vibrant, sociable, and lively people out there. 

Most of them are either artists or social workers who love to be around others. They thrive well in professions that allow creativity and innovation.

ESFPs hate routines and schedules. They prefer being flexible and live life on their own terms. Thus, you will find many ESFPs who have taken up professions where they will work independently and will never be micro-managed by others.

ESFP Famous People

ESFPs are pleasure-seeking and jovial people. If you are an ESFP, you would like to know the names of ESFP famous personalities who are successful and keep a mark in society.

Many famous actors, musicians, writers, sportspersons, and philanthropists are ESFPs. These individuals love to perform on stage and love being praised and recognized for their work.

The famous ESFPs are the glory of the showbiz world. There are entertainers who have earned fame because of their ability to perform and entertain millions of hearts across the globe.

ESFPs are inclined towards career and job roles that allow showcasing their talents in front of a large public. ESFP personality types prefer to be in the center of attention.

These people love to put up a show, entertain many, and spend time developing aesthetics and creativity. ESFPs love living in the moment and they are the most vibrant of all Myers-Briggs types.

ESFP famous people are iconic divas who have been acclaimed and noticed worldwide. Most of these famous personalities have a flamboyant and luxurious lifestyle.

Let’s see who they are. We will list down 50 famous personalities with ESFP personality types.

  1. Ronald Reagan, U.S president
  2. Elizabeth Taylor, British-American actress
  3. John Goodman, an American actor
  4. Arsenio Hall, American stage artist
  5. Peter Kay, actor
  6. Tony Robbins, author
  7. Magic Johnson, an American basketball player
  8. Katy Perry, singer
  9. Ray Charles, pianist, and singer
  10. Elvis Presley, a musician
  11. Marilyn Monroe, an American actress
  12. Will Smith, actor
  13. Leonardo Dicaprio, actor
  14. Cameron Diaz, actor
  15. Bill Clinton, Former American President
  16. Serena Williams, tennis star
  17. Kyle petty, U.S Nascar driver
  18. Deepak Chopra, motivational speaker
  19. Ken Griffy Jr, U.S outfielder
  20. Eva Gabor, Hungarian actress
  21. Gracie Allen, an American performer
  22. Kylie Jenner, an American model
  23. Miley Cyrus, an American singer, and songwriter
  24. Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer
  25. Judy Garland, singer, and actor
  26. Bob Hope, comedian, and actor
  27. Elton John, musician
  28. Brittany Murphy, an American actress
  29. Willard Scot, comedian
  30. Jeremy Irvine, English actor
  31. Niki Minaj, American pop star
  32. Billy Ocean, British Musician
  33. Danielle De Niese, American opera artist
  34. Beyonce, an American pop star
  35. Ian Gillan, an American musician
  36. Dave Gahan, English musician
  37. Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author
  38. Dr. Wayne Dyer, American writer, and public speaker
  39. King Abdullah, King of Jordan
  40. Idi Amin, Dictator of Uganda
  41. Jacek Kurski, Polish politician
  42. Richard Branson, a renowned business personality
  43. Larry Ellison, founder of ‘Oracle’
  44. Howard Shultz, CEO of ‘Starbucks’
  45. Hugh Hefner, Founder of ‘playboy’
  46. Walter Payton, a football player
  47. Adrian Peterson, an American football player
  48. Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef
  49. Katie Price, British TV personality
  50. Blac Chyna, American socialite, and model

To Sum Up

The list of ESFP famous people says it all. We have celebrities from all walks of public life. It’s no wonder that all of them are entertainers in their own world of creativity and aesthetics. 

They prefer to be soaked in the public spotlight and do everything to keep the brighter side of life on track always. 

ESFP famous personalities love to put up a show and nothing is more satisfying to them than enjoying the simple things with utmost joy and happiness.

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