Famous persons with enneagram 2 take helpful, loving, considerate, and generous approaches while leading their life. They receive energy from spending time with people. Twos’ purpose in life is to help others overcome problems. Their aim is to improve people’s lives significantly. They relate well with all those personality types of Myers Briggs carrying feeling traits.

These individuals always find a way to serve people in some way or the other. The significant thing to note in this regard is that they do so selflessly. The only thing they expect in return is to get love and acceptance from them.

Let’s know some of the well-known personalities with Enneagram type two traits.

Famous Persons with Enneagram 2

The famous persons with the enneagram two personality types include renowned celebrities from different walks of life. They possess characteristics that help make up these individuals. These popular figures work in their professions with warmth and compassion.

Receiving affirmative responses from others matters a lot for an Enneagram 2 personality type individual. They gain confidence out of it as they are not self-motivated people. These people cannot recognize their true worth. Moreover, their self-sacrificing nature makes them do something that is not right. They ignore their needs to meet others’ requirements.

This tendency puts them under emotional and physical problems. They lead to the occurrence of stress as well as tension. Hence, Twos must set healthy boundaries. These people must only concentrate on offering help for genuine issues. They must learn that people would otherwise take them for granted.

When they move toward the phase of stress and tension, Enneagram-type twos convert themselves into an unhealthy version of their personality. They no longer carry their warm and empathetic nature. It gives way to dominating and aggressive traits. These people no longer provide unconditional love to others. They will always expect to get something back. Their manipulative mindset will come to light.

Enneagram 2 personality type people make sure to help others recognize the qualities they carry within themselves. They do so by giving them attention and appreciation. Individuals with this type of personality see others as they are. 

They manage to understand their concerns due to a strong sense of empathy. Apart from this, Twos offer encouragement with unlimited patience. These people are always ready to offer their helping hand.

A list of 50 famous persons with enneagram type 2

There is a comprehensive list of famous Enneagram 2s. They are the ones who play their roles across different professions with open hearts. These famous people open others’ hearts. They show them how to become more empathetic. It focuses on the development of in-depth feelings for humanity.

Despite having these qualities, Twos must take proactive steps to deal with stress. It usually arises when they do not pay due attention to their needs in life. They only focus on meeting others’ obligations. Enneagram 2s can deal with the same by focusing on productive work. They must note that they have to set healthy boundaries regarding the help they offer others.

Let us now compile a list of famous persons with Enneagram 2 personality types and help you understand who they are –

  1. Henry Cavill, British Actor
  2. Tom Hiddlestone, English Actor
  3. Thomas Newman, American Composer
  4. Bae Suzy, South Korean Singer
  5. Susan Neiman, American Philosopher
  6. Roger Federer, a Swiss Tennis Player
  7. Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian Footballer
  8. Elsa Punset, a Spanish Philosopher
  9. Colin Kaepernick, American Football Quarterback
  10. Margot Robbie, Australian Actress, and Producer
  11. Giuseppe Verdi, Italian Opera Composer
  12. Mother Teresa, Nun
  13. Dolly Parton, American Singer, and Songwriter
  14. Debbie Reynolds, American Actress
  15. Doris Day, American Singer, Actress, and Activist
  16. Lewis Carroll, English Author
  17. Kathie Lee Gifford, American Television Host
  18. Stevie Wonder, American Singer, and Songwriter
  19. Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady of the United States
  20. Celine Dion, Canadian Singer
  21. Jessica Alba, American Actress
  22. Elle Fanning, American Actress
  23. Maya Angelou, Former American Poet, and Memoirist
  24. Desmond Tutu, Former South African Bishop
  25. Jennifer Garner, American Actress
  26. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of America
  27. Millie Bobby Brown, British Actress
  28. Harry Styles, Actor, and Singer 
  29. Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady of the United States
  30. Luciano Pavarotti, Former Italian Opera Singer
  31. Albert Schweitzer, Former German-French Polymath
  32. Elizabeth Taylor, Former British-American Actress
  33. Kwame Anthony Appiah, British-American Philosopher
  34. Damon Hill, British Motorsports Racing Driver
  35. George Russell, British Racing Driver
  36. Kevin Anderson, Former South African Tennis Player
  37. Simona Halep, Romanian Tennis Player
  38. Juan Martin Del Potro, Argentine Tennis Player
  39. Giacomo Puccini, Former Italian Composer
  40. Suzie Collier, Violinist
  41. Joseph Haydn, Former Austrian Composer
  42. Kim Se-Jeong, South Korean Singer & Actress
  43. Steve Buscemi, American Actor
  44. Terry Crews, American Television Host & Actor
  45. Matthew Broderick, American Actor
  46. Saoirse Ronan, American-Irish Actress
  47. Kirsten Dunst, American Actress
  48. Kristen Bell, American Actress
  49. Bang Chan, South-Koran Rapper
  50. Chuu, South Korean Television Personality

To Sum Up 

The comprehensive list of Enneagram 2 famous persons contains celebrities from various walks of life. These renowned stars have made a name for themselves. They have managed to do so because of their conduct in their respective professions.

All these individuals are warm and empathetic. They help others deal with problems effectively and significantly improve their lifestyle. Celebrities have caught the public eye as they carry out their responsibilities unconditionally.

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