Famous persons with enneagram 4 are sensitive, self-aware, and reserved individuals. They portray creativity and show emotional honesty but can also be quite moody and conscious of themselves. These people tend to withhold themselves from the rest due to the feeling of vulnerability and defectiveness.

Fours can show a lack of respect toward others and refrain from leading ordinary lives. They face problems with melancholy, self-indulgence as well as self-pity. When they are at their best, these individuals manage to renew themselves. It brings transformation to their experiences.

These people feel they are not like other human beings. Due to this reason, no one can understand or love them adequately. They consider themselves talented individuals, possessing unique gifts in their personalities. Simultaneously, Enneagram Fours are equally aware of their drawbacks and differences.

Let us find out who these celebrities and famous personalities are and how many of them are well-known to us.

50 Famous Persons with Enneagram 4

Famous persons with this enneagram type thrive on originality and their ability to create something new. They have clarity of mind. It allows them to stay fully aware of their goals and ambitions.

People with enneagram four personality types are true to themselves. They accept all their feelings and sentiments. These individuals also do not hesitate to recognize their goals, contradictions, and emotional struggles. Recognition of these aspects allows them to mold their actions as per different situations in their life.

Even if fours do not like something they discover, they neither try to find rationality in their state nor hide them from themselves. Healthy fours focus on revealing extremely personal and shameful things about their life.

An unhealthy four feels desperate to find someone who can help them rescue them from a difficult situation. They are fearful of getting abandoned by others. These people lose sleep when they worry, they could face rejection from all quarters in the real world.

Enneagram 4s are known as individualists for their ability to stand out from the rest because of their unique choice of fashion, unorthodox lifestyle, and creative works. They are offbeat yet quite endearing. These people carry a relentless urge to find out and truly understand who they are from the inside.

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A list of 50 Persons with Enneagram 4

There is a comprehensive list of famous enneagram 4s. These people are highly creative. They can attract themselves to anything that has originality. They introspect a lot and carry out their daily responsibilities with perfection. Their ability to explore various conscious and unconscious sides of their personality allows enneagram fours to produce original work.

The critical feature that ensures the well-being of Enneagram 4s is the creation and not consumption. It comes through their willingness to create something out of nothing. This approach even allows these individuals to keep their hopes alive under all circumstances. Hence, tough times or challenges cannot perturb them in any manner. It becomes evident in how fours tackle different roles across professions.

Let us now compile a list of famous persons with enneagram four personality types and help you get a clear picture regarding who they are –

  1. Emily Dickinson, a Former American Poet
  2. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Former Russian Philosopher
  3. Johnny Depp, American Actor
  4. Agatha Christie, Former English Writer
  5. Kurt Cobain, Former American Musician
  6. J.K Rowling, English Author
  7. Mary Shelley, a Former English Novelist
  8. Janis Joplin, Former American Singer
  9. Leo Tolstoy, a Former Russian Writer
  10. John Steinbeck, a Former American Writer
  11. Sufjan Stevens, American Singer, and Songwriter
  12. Bob Dylan, American Singer, and Songwriter
  13. Nick Cave, Australian Singer, and Songwriter
  14. Leonard Cohen, Canadian Singer, and Songwriter
  15. Tori Amos, American Singer, and Songwriter
  16. Charlotte Bronte, Former English Novelist
  17. Arthur Miller, Former American Playwright
  18. James Joyce, Former Irish Novelist
  19. Flannery O’Connor, Former American Novelist
  20. John Coltrane, Former American Saxophonist
  21. Fiona Apple, American Singer, and Songwriter
  22. Gustav Mahler, Former German Composer
  23. Nick Drake, Former English Singer, and Songwriter
  24. Lorde, New Zealand Singer, and Songwriter
  25. PJ Harvey, English Singer, and Songwriter
  26. Alanis Morisette, Canadian-American Singer, and Songwriter
  27. Saint Augustine, Former Theologian
  28. Albert Camus, Former French Philosopher
  29. Thomas Merton, Former American Monk
  30. Alan Watts, Former English Writer
  31. Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Former Genevan Philosopher
  32. Donald Glover, American Actor
  33. Wes Anderson, American Filmmaker
  34. Elisabeth Moss, American Actor
  35. Benedict Cumberbatch, English Actor
  36. Rian Johnson, American Filmmaker
  37. Tim Burton, American Filmmaker
  38. Stephen Fry, English Comedian
  39. Eva Green, French Actress, and Model
  40. Ewan McGregor, Scottish Actor
  41. Helena Bonham-Carter, English Actress
  42. Kate Winslet, English Actress
  43. Marlon Brando, Former American Actor
  44. Linda Hamilton, American Actress
  45. Winona Ryder, American Actress
  46. Nicole Kidman, American-Australian Actress
  47. Anne Bancroft, Former American Actress
  48. Michal Jackson, Former American Singer, and Songwriter
  49. Nicolas Cage, American Actor
  50. Meryl Streep, American Actress

To Sum Up 

The comprehensive list of Enneagram 4 famous persons contains celebrities from various walks of life. Some of them are well-known among people, while others are not. Still, they have made a name for themselves through their conduct in their respective professions.

All of them are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They undertake their responsibilities by focusing on their good qualities and creative nature.

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