Famous persons with enneagram 5 are aware, astute, and curious individuals. These people are firm believers that they must not waste their energies undertaking irrelevant tasks in their surroundings. Their basic desire remains on accumulating knowledge and learning new skills. They look forward to becoming sufficiently competent to manage things without taking anyone’s assistance as much as possible.

People with enneagram five personality types are fascinated with attaining an in-depth understanding of the world. Thus, they can widen their intelligence about this aspect. These individuals are ready to sacrifice some of their physical and relationship needs.

It is common for people to recognize fives as absentminded individuals. They find it extremely tough to breach their inner world. All those with enneagram five as their personality type are highly knowledgeable.

50 Famous Persons with Enneagram 5

The famous persons with enneagram five personality types include renowned celebrities from different walks of life. They carry traits that help make up all these individuals. These stars use curiosity and alertness to excel in their professions.

Enneagram 5s are known as Investigators. They can think critically and scan the environment to satisfy their curiosity. It can help them develop links between all those themes lying underneath and the mysteries existing inside the Universe. These people are introverted. They have the ability to analyze. Fives can even process information to merge it with various ideas and thought patterns.

There is an exhaustive list of enneagram type 5 celebrities. These famous people do not require too many things to carry out their duties. Hence, they only keep things that pertain to their fundamental interests. Thus, they use them for doing their job in the best possible manner. It is important these personality type 5s are non-conformists. They do not bother too much about following the existing patterns for making progress in life. All these individuals create their own paths.

Fives have the great ability to focus on things that attract their attention. It can result in breathtaking innovations and discoveries. Their tendency to focus too much on these things might unnecessarily create complex problems. It can eventually defeat their purpose of moving forward.

Let us now put up a comprehensive list of famous persons with enneagram five personality types. It can help you get a clear picture of who they are –

  1. Stanley Kubrick, American Film Director
  2. Cillian Murphy, an Irish Actor
  3. David Lynch, American Artist & Film Director
  4. Lou Reed, Former Songwriter, Guitarist & Singer
  5. Johann Sebastian Bach, Former German Musician
  6. Trent Reznor, Musician & Singer
  7. Rooney Mara, American Actress
  8. Christopher Waltz, Austrian-German Actor
  9. Alan Rickman, Former English Actor
  10. Christopher Walken, American Actor
  11. Jesse Eisenberg, American Actor
  12. Christopher Nolan, British-American Filmmaker
  13. Miles Davis, Former American Trumpeter & Composer
  14. Earl Sweatshirt, American Songwriter & Rapper
  15. Jae Park, Argentine-American Musician
  16. Daniel Caesar, Canadian Singer-Songwriter
  17. Vince Staples, American Staples
  18. Friedrich Nietzsche, Former German Poet, & Philosopher
  19. Simone de Beauvoir, Former French Philosopher & Writer
  20. Aristotle, a Former Greek Philosopher
  21. Jordan Peterson, Canadian Clinical Psychologist
  22. John Locke, Former English Physician & Philosopher
  23. Bertrand Russell, Former British Mathematician
  24. Karl Marx, Former German Economist
  25. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Former German Philosopher
  26. Arthur Schopenhauer, Former German Philosopher
  27. Jean-Paul Sartre, Former French Playwright
  28. Kimi Raikkonen, Finnish Racing Driver
  29. Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian Chess Grandmaster
  30. Daniil Medvedev, Russian Professional Tennis Player
  31. Bobby Fischer, Former American Chess Grandmaster
  32. Marcelo Biesla, Argentine Football Manager
  33. Bill Belichick, NFL Coach
  34. Alex Honnold, American Rock Climber
  35. Andy Murray, British Tennis Player
  36. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
  37. Albert Einstein, a Former German Theoretical Physicist
  38. Diane Sawyer, American Television Journalist
  39. Agatha Christie, Former English Writer
  40. Bill Gates, American Business Magnate
  41. Alfred Hitchcock, a Former English Filmmaker
  42. Emily Dickinson, a Former American Poet
  43. Kurt Cobain, Former American Musician
  44. Jane Austen, a Former English Novelist
  45. Stephen Hawking, Former English Theoretical Physicist
  46. Annie Leibovitz, American Photographer
  47. Susan Sontag, Former American Philosopher & Writer
  48. Amelia Earhart, Former American Aviator
  49. Tim Burton, American Animator & Filmmaker
  50. Isaac Newton, Former English Mathematician & Physicist


The comprehensive list of Enneagram 5 famous persons contains celebrities from different walks of life. People know some of them quite well through their works. There are others about whom common people are not aware of. Even then, they have all made a name for themselves. These individuals have earned it through their performances in their respective professions.

All these renowned personalities enjoy their freedom. They keep a close watch over things happening around them in their surroundings. These people possess a deep curiosity to understand how this world operates. They enjoy pursuing their knowledge and using it to good effect while leading their life.

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