Each individual displays different characteristics in their behavior as they deal with various challenges in their life. It is applicable even for people with Enneagram 2 personality. There are healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of Enneagram 2 that play a significant role in making up their personality. If you are not sure of your Enneagram personality type, go ahead and take one of the online personality tests, like the Riso Hudson enneagram test to determine the same.

Enneagram 2s are helpers. When they are at their best, or in other words, healthy, these people show warmth, generosity, kindness, love, and acceptance toward others. They will do their best to make others feel loved and appreciated.

People will feel free to approach Enneagram 2s in times of distress. People with this personality type receive motivation from offering help. A healthy Enneagram 2 would always make time for others and have a wide circle of acquaintances.

On the other hand, when these people are not enjoying their life, they can try to manipulate, unnecessarily please people or become dependent on others. Unhealthy Enneagram 2s always feel the need to receive appreciation from others for the work they do. They hate when someone else receives more love than they do. Hence, these individuals always focus on remaining attractive and becoming the center of attraction.

Healthy and Unhealthy Behavior Patterns of Enneagram 2

The healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of Enneagram 2 talk of contrasting features in their personality. They come to light during favorable and unfavorable times. These changes occur from varied perspectives of different situations in life.

The model of the enneagram showcases healthy and unhealthy levels of how the nine enneagram types function from time to time.

It shows that your core Enneagram type will portray normal levels of functioning. They will move toward attaining growth and development when it is healthy. The behavioral pattern will be in line with the primary one. It means that you have fully integrated yourself with your core Enneagram number.

When Enneagram 2 moves in the path of growth, they portray characteristics that one usually finds among people with Enneagram 4 personality type. In this situation, Enneagram Twos become much more aware of their happenings and tend to nurture the emotional side of their personality.

During disintegration, Enneagram Type Twos might display behavioral traits of Enneagram Type Eight. They will become far more assertive, look to dominate others, and aim to get approval from others.

It is time to discuss the characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and average Enneagram 2s in detail.

Healthy Enneagram 2s

Healthy Enneagram Twos tend to emit warmth and selflessness. They are always willing to care for others and help them in need. Their love for them is unconditional. 

These enneagram 2s correlate easily with the Myers and Briggs personality types with good feeling characteristics.

Twos know they cannot nurture others unless they love and nurture themselves. Hence, they look for happiness, beauty, and refreshment. Enneagram 2 shows empathy and sincerity toward some individuals. They are the ones who make these individuals feel that they share a strong bond with them.

Despite their belief in maintaining firm interpersonal bonds, still, Enneagram Twos know what it means to show a selfless approach. They are ready to sacrifice meeting their priorities for making people happy. These individuals offer genuine help. They do not do it for the sake of attracting others’ attention.

Healthy Twos show love and empathy. Apart from these, they also know how to take care of themselves. They do self-validation by nurturing their self-worth. These people look for something other than the same from outsiders.

Signs of healthy enneagram 2

  • Healthy Twos have expressive eyes and warm smiles.
  • They are easily approachable and treat people with kindness.
  • Healthy enneagram twos are selfless people. They firmly believe in giving without expecting anything back.
  • Spend time and energy showing unconditional love to people.
  • They take good care of their personal needs and requirements.
  • Their aim is to make people’s lives better.
  • These people are polite and always stay humble under all circumstances.
  • They act with sincerity and forgive others for their mistakes.
  • Actively involve themselves to meet the emotional requirements of others.
  • Twos show affection. They adopt various ways of helping people in need.
  • Helping others is the ultimate way to lead a meaningful life.
  • They make sure to recognize others’ goodness and appreciate them wholeheartedly.

Unhealthy Enneagram 2

When enneagram 2s are not at their best or unhealthy, they might showcase behavioral patterns of enneagram 8. It denotes that they might convert themselves. This conversion can make these people a lot more aggressive. Aggression will arise if others do not notice their contribution. It can even crop up if they fail to appreciate them for their work.

They do not want anyone else to receive more love and affection than they get. Otherwise, Type Twos could get into despair. Then, these people will show their need for emotional attachment. It will force them to find ways that would make them gain control over their romantic relationships.

These people will not spare anyone but criticize them even for minor mistakes. They will make others feel their wrongdoings are blatant and deserve strict punishment. Hence, Enneagram 2s will never try to overlook them but make them pay a heavy price.

These individuals do not always receive the kind of affirmation Enneagram 2s want from others. Under those circumstances, they may adopt manipulative tactics to get attention. They include playing the victim card. These individuals could even complain about their health. People with this unhealthy enneagram type 2 personality might realize something important over time. They can feel that they are driving others away from their life.

They will avoid taking responsibility. Still, they would assume that people have selfish motives. Hence, they will not appreciate their behavior. Enneagram 2s will narrate self-made stories to gain sympathy from others.

Signs of unhealthy enneagram 2

An unhealthy enneagram two may possess the following characteristics –

  • Unhealthy Twos resort to manipulation and playing the blame game.
  • Some of their core fears include loneliness and not being loved by others.
  • They will point fingers at others to make them realize how they must repay their favors.
  • They are people-pleasing. Twos look to flatter others with hopes of getting flattered in return.
  • These individuals live in the obsession to receive love and acceptance from others.
  • Unhealthy Enneagram Twos always try to involve others in their poor behaviors. It will force people to approach them for rescue from problematic situations.
  • They have the habit of getting attracted to people of higher status.
  • Act in an inappropriate manner to take out their suppressed aggressions.
  • Face problems in showing dependency on others.

Average Enneagram 2

Average enneagram 2s take up the role of martyr in relationships. These individuals constantly look for ways to meet the requirements of others. It is their way to make themselves feel important in their eyes.

Twos experience a sense of fulfilment when people remind them how grateful they feel to make them part of their lives. This recognition from others makes them feel blessed in life.

Their constant attention toward meeting others’ needs results in burnout. They might even use compliments or words to flatter others. These people believe doing all these will make them receive acceptance and appreciation from their end. Average enneagram 2s care a lot about the people they love. This care makes them hypersensitive to receiving their approval and appreciation.

Signs of average enneagram 2

  • Average enneagram twos adopt a positive approach to dealing with various challenges in life.
  • They always look to lift the morale of others. It ensures that people stay in good spirits.
  • These individuals know different ways to please people and make them happy.
  • Average enneagram two individuals are extremely friendly. They maintain a deep connection with others.
  •  There are occasions when average enneagram 2s might seem intrusive.
  •  Their love and affection are not unconditional. They always expect to receive something in return.

To Sum Up

We have talked of healthy, unhealthy, and average enneagram 2s with the behavioral patterns they showcase while leading their life. Healthy enneagram 2s are warm, caring, and willing to offer unconditional love and help toward others with other positive traits. Still, these enneagrams must set boundaries. It will ensure they do not exceed the limit of helping others selflessly.

Unhealthy enneagram 2s display behavioral patterns opposite to healthy ones. They are manipulative, aggressive, lack genuineness, and want favors in return for their help. Apart from these, there are several other negative traits.

Finally, average enneagram 2s have traits that have a mix of healthy and unhealthy enneagram 2s. On one hand, they can lift the spirits of people, but on the other hand, these individuals do not provide unconditional love.