The hobbies of enneagram 2 are all those activities they indulge themselves in during their free time for fun and relaxation. These activities keep them mentally fresh. They become rejuvenated after getting back to their work. Enneagram 2s receive motivation by showing love and empathy toward others while helping them to improve their lives.

Hence, their ideal hobbies would be those which will allow them to serve people and positively impact their lives. Twos would want to do something that gives satisfaction in removing people’s concerns and enabling them to attain peace of mind.

These people enjoy baking, cooking, counseling, volunteering, bullet journaling, and other activities in line with their traits. As twos enjoy being around people, they will not mind spending quality time with their friends.

In this article, we will discuss all those activities that enneagram 2s can do in their leisure time to get the ultimate satisfaction.

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10 Hobbies of Enneagram 2

Hobbies of enneagram 2 include activities that enable them to use and get the best out of their personality traits. They enjoy indulging in those things, which would catch people’s attention, hence showering them with praise and appreciation.

An Enneagram type 2 individual experiences a lot of warmth when they get the chance to make people happy. They always enjoy interacting with people, know them from close quarters and let them feel better by sharing their problems.

These people go out of their way to solve others’ issues. When they are at their best, Twos will never want anything other than to receive appreciation from others for their efforts. Hence, when it comes to hobbies, they will always try and do things that will help others become better individuals. They would make them experience a sense of fulfillment in their lives.

They will hate doing something that does not let them associate with the community. Twos selflessly do everything, expecting nothing but recognition and appreciation from others. Thus, enneagram twos would try to keep their activities in line with their traits and values.

These people do not hesitate to take up the role of babysitting, where they get their chance to look after babies after their parents go out to work. They do not leave any stone unturned to love, care and nurture people irrespective of age. Twos are all ready to offer their service and make them feel good.

Apart from activities like counseling, cooking, baking, counseling, and spending time with friends, they also love gardening and taking care of their pets.

Let us explore them and a few more one by one –

1. Cooking

Enneagram 2s are highly relational and enjoy making their loved ones happy. Thus, cooking is the perfect way for them to connect with people. They do so either by making them try different recipes or hosting them for lunch or dinner.

Simultaneously, this activity allows them to stay mindful regarding the food they should consume to maintain their health.

As Twos often wish to take good care of others, nourishing their bodies with healthy and flavorful items can help them take care of themselves. The best thing about cooking is that there are numerous recipes that Enneagram Twos can try their hands at, no matter the skill level they possess.

Hence, these people must choose something delicious. Then they can share with others.

2. Baking

Baking is part of cooking. It happens to be the healthier version of preparing food. This method is ideal for those people who wish to avoid having unnecessary fats in their food. When one bakes any food item, it helps to reduce the fat level to a considerable extent. Keeping all these aspects in mind, it happens to be an ideal hobby for Enneagram 2.

They are always concerned about the welfare of others. Hence, when they get the opportunity to prepare something healthy for their loved ones, they bake something. It allows them to keep others’ health in good shape.

3. Coaching

An enneagram two personality type person can take up coaching as a hobby that enables them to serve students’ needs and help them progress in their careers. They possess all those qualities that help them do their job to perfection.

Showing empathy, learning more about any topic, and serving others’ requirements are the hallmarks of a good coach.

Thankfully, these traits form the basis of enneagram two personality types. Hence, they let them serve their purpose of making productive use of their free time to perfection.

4. Gardening

Gardening is the ideal eco-friendly hobby that an enneagram 2 individual can pursue during leisure hours. It not only gives pleasure to the hobbyist but is also a great way of receiving motivation to keep the environment beautiful and clean.

Enneagram Twos love receiving praise and appreciation from others. These two things give them a lot of motivation to do something that will attract people’s attention.

Hence, there is no better way than to please them by planting and maintaining beautiful flowers and plants. They can even offer valuable tips to others. Those tips can help in making others’ gardens look attractive.

5. Volunteering

Enneagram Twos thrive in those activities that allow them to volunteer to do something that might directly or indirectly improve people’s lives and positively impact society. Thus, volunteering is an ideal hobby for an individual with this personality type.

It is a way through which a person can show gratitude by helping others. Twos can even engage in working for a noble purpose.

This sort of work does not involve carrying expectations to get anything in return. Hence, it perfectly suits enneagram 2’s mentality of helping others selflessly.

6. Counseling

Counseling refers to a collaborative effort between the professional counselor and their client. The exact purpose lies in allowing people to recognize their goals and ambitions and offering potential solutions to issues that do not let them lead their life peacefully.

Enneagram Twos always go out of their way to offer suggestions, helping people find peace and happiness. They remain on the lookout for knowing people.

It enables them to understand their emotions and the kinds of thoughts that keep circulating inside their minds. Knowing all these details allows a person with an enneagram 2 personality type to customize their suggestions accordingly.

7. Connecting with People

Enneagram two personality type people enjoy being in the company of their friends and loved ones. They make it a hobby to get in touch with them, meet in coffee shops or restaurants and engage them in fruitful conversations. They can help them find time for better things to do in life.

As enneagram twos place immense value in maintaining relationships, they ensure that they show gratitude toward their friends for the friendship they have built with them over the years.

These people appreciate when they discover that their friends show interest in bringing forth a change in their personality and appreciate their efforts.

8. Parenting a Pet

People with the enneagram two personality types carry the fascination of keeping a cat or dog as their pet and becoming their self-proclaimed parent. It allows them to explore their ability to love, care and nurture and implement these qualities for their pets.

Twos get great pleasure and satisfaction in taking due care of different aspects of a pet’s life. They can look for ways to become a better pet parent. 

These individuals can spend their leisure hours trying out any exercise accessory, measure the exact quantity of their meals, maintain a proper schedule, groom themselves from time to time and develop an enriching environment.

9. Babysitting

Whenever an enneagram two spends their free time, they will not mind if they get the opportunity to babysit or take care of a child if their parents are out for some work. It might sound a little awkward to treat this babysitting as a hobby.

Still, enneagram two individuals see themselves as perfectly capable of babysitting because of their ability to love, care, nurture others and help them get rid of problems. 

Babies can have various issues bothering them from time to time. These people will voluntarily love handling all their tantrums, calm them down and then make them feel at ease.

10. Visit Old Age Homes and Spending Time with Elderly People

Even when type twos spend their leisure hours, they ensure to do something useful for humanity.

Hence, they bring out their caring and compassionate nature to spend quality time with the elderly in Old age homes. They express their willingness to always stay by their side, offering different kinds of help as and when needed.

These individuals show empathy toward aged people, who give them helpless feelings as they are staying away from their children. An enneagram 2 gets the perfect opportunity to pour out affection. They can devise various ways to help them bring back happiness into their lives.

To Sum Up 

It is always preferable for ‘The Helper’ to come out of their monotonous lifestyle and make time for things that bring joy to their hearts. Love, care, and empathy are the key traits that form the basis of this Enneagram 2 personality type. 

Apart from these, they always enjoy receiving recognition and appreciation from others. They can invest their time and energy into those hobbies in line with their personality traits.

It is tough to find such activities that let Twos implement their qualities with utmost perfection. Still, following their passion might help them connect with their true purpose in life. It is to serve others and make their lives better.

Hence, enneagram twos put a lot of effort into those activities that let them connect with people, impress others easily and make them appreciate their work. Thus, gardening, offering voluntary service, taking care of aged people, and babysitting are the ideal options to pursue as their hobbies.