The hobbies of enneagram 4 refer to various interests, activities, or pastimes that they undertake during their leisure time to attain pleasure or relaxation. These activities keep them mentally fresh. They experience a renewed sense of energy after getting back to their work.

People with this enneagram 4 personality type always wish to express themselves creatively. Therefore, their ideal hobbies are those which allow them the opportunities to pursue their creative impulses. They can do this by making any beautiful work of art to share with the world or embracing any other new way to express their feelings.

These people primarily enjoy writing, drawing, painting, and designing. Enneagram fours even invest their free time in photography, acting, listening to music, playing a musical instrument, and journaling to explore their innovative mindset further.

In this post, we will discuss all these activities that enneagram 4s can do during leisure hours to get ultimate satisfaction.

Let us get started –

12 Hobbies of Enneagram 4

The hobbies of enneagram 4 point toward those interests and activities which attract their innovative mind and help them attain uniqueness among all other people. Thus, they enjoy reading, drawing, painting, journaling, etc.

Enneagram 4s are those individuals who take pride in being unique. They often deal in creativity and offer a unique persona to everyone around them. These people always desire to lead their lives in an ideal world. They must have a complete life.

Fours are highly independent individuals and free-spirited in their hearts. Feelings make up the whole personality of an enneagram 4. They invest time in doing those things they feel right at that moment. Hence, commitment toward work becomes a concern. Thus, it is normal for them to leave behind a trail of half-finished projects.

Enneagram fours are self-aware individuals. They know well what they want from life and how they must express themselves to attain those things. Individualists do not shy away from facing their extreme emotions. These people carry an artistic mindset. Hence, they bring forth an original yet innovative instinct to their personality.

It becomes even more evident in their choice of hobbies. They remain in line with their personality traits making them feel comfortable and at ease. When an enneagram four is mature and fully developed, they accept their deep sense of emotions. They always keep in mind the aspects where their strengths lie and focus on building them further.

Hence, these people even take up hobbies in line with their creative mindset and use their good personality traits. They love to spend their free time drawing something of their choice, painting them up, designing an existing portrait, penning down their thoughts from time to time, and several other artistic works.

Let us now briefly explore them as well as a few more one by one –

1. Drawing

Drawing offers an excellent option for Enneagram 4s to take it up as a hobby to explore their creativity. It not only helps to experience calmness, but it also helps to hone beneficial skills. 

They can attain several psychological benefits through art therapy. Art therapy carries the idea that creatively expressing things can boost the healing process. It can assist an individual in experiencing mental well-being.

Thus, it allows an enneagram 4 to find the escape route from reality and express uncomfortable feelings, which they might otherwise have problems converting into words. They can get relief from stress and tension. As the activity requires focus and concentration, it helps them easily dissolve any unnecessary anxiety from their system.

2. Painting

Painting is another great way for an Enneagram 4 to spend leisure time. It allows them to relax, have fun and learn ways to paint better. People cannot think of leading their lives without colors. The real essence of painting lies in the proper use of colors.

Different reasons make painting an ideal hobby for people with the enneagram four personality types. They can make anything well in tune with their imagination. Even if a person does not wish to spend on a hobby, they can always go for painting. It requires only a pencil, pen, or any color to undertake this hobby.

3. Cooking

Cooking is one of the most creative hobbies that anyone takes up to make their favorite dishes during their free time.

Hence, it is an ideal match for anyone with an enneagram four personality. They can mix and match various ingredients to bring out just the right kind of aroma. It can entice people toward trying their food items.

There is no better way to add a personal touch to an item that has already been prepared. Thus, they give a unique feel to it. It applies to enneagram 4s who always wish to feel special and stand out.

4. Journaling

Enneagram 4s can even resort to journaling as their hobby. Its purpose lies in playing with one’s creative mind, increasing energy level, hence enjoying the phase. It enables people with this personality type to focus on their strengths and direct their actions accordingly.

They might love penning down their thoughts and feelings on paper, which might otherwise become a problem for them to express. Once an enneagram 4 finds the right rhythm and gets used to it, they will stay glued to this activity.

5. Photography

The ideal way for an enneagram 4 to use its creative mindset is through photography. It helps them use creativity and capture photos by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and sharpness to what feels suitable to their eyes.

This hobby helps them get relief from stress and tension. They can express their feelings in different ways.

Photography makes them connect with a wide range of people from different quarters. This hobby can be so enticing that it might let enneagram 4s go out and explore various places carrying scenic beauty.

6. Listening to Music

Whenever we talk about the list of hobbies for enneagram 4 personality type individuals, music cannot stay far behind in the list. It contains several remarkable benefits regarding health and wellness. Music is capable of increasing states of consciousness. It can change one’s mood and makes way for brain development.

This activity can help lower the level of stress and tension. Music can strengthen one’s heart and narrow the recovery phase of all patients suffering from cardiac problems. Thus, if an enneagram 4 happens to be someone suffering from the same, spending time in this hobby can do wonders for their overall health.

7. Composing Music

Enneagram 4s not only love listening to music but also equally enjoy composing or writing music. Writing a song can let them tap into the source of emotions and feelings. They penetrate the vulnerable areas of love as well as desire.

It helps them come up with probable solutions, which provide them relief from stress and tension. An enneagram four can express their inner sentiments through the lyrics of a song.

8. Watching Movies/TV Shows

Watching TV shows or movies can be a hobby for an enneagram 4. It happens when they feel they can relate some of their likes and dislikes with things that appear in those scripts.

Then, these individuals would always look forward to watching them whenever they can take a great amount of time out of their busy schedules.

The shows or movies would generate interest within them and let Enneagram 4s look forward to similar sources of entertainment for spending leisure hours. They would even search for programs having similar content, which can make them explore directors’ creative minds.

9. Reading

Reading is a great hobby for anyone to pursue. It helps in the overall development of one’s brain and personality. This activity is even more suitable for a creative person like Enneagram 4. They always look for new ideas to implement while carrying out their activities during their life.

There are several options available on the internet for the purpose of reading. Enneagram 4s can be accessed online to read books and magazines. Hence, it can be quite a cheap hobby for these people to start reading books and magazines.

There is a low barrier to entry into this activity. Thus, people of any age can take up a book or a magazine of their choice and start reading during their leisure hours. It can help them gain knowledge outside their study books and thus get recreation.

10. Acting

An enneagram four can even invest their free time to pursue acting as a hobby. Becoming a good actor requires a lot of practice as well as dedication. Still, it can be an exciting and rewarding hobby for people of all ages.

The creative mentality and their willingness to stand out from the rest can be ideal persuading factors for fours to gain interest in this hobby.

Fours can look up to their favorite actors from movies or TV shows that they follow. These people try to replicate their roles by throwing dialogues in front of the mirror.

When they develop requisite confidence, Enneagram 4s can treat this hobby more seriously. Then, they can start acting out in front of family members, relatives, and friends. It will soon turn out to be their favorite pastime.

11. Decorating Houses

Enneagram Type Four are artists, visionaries, and those who do not conform to the majority. They always feel as if they are different from the rest.

Hence, they also spend their free time decorating their place of stay to get that similar unique experience. The house of an enneagram four would be full of colorful art, decorative items, and other vintage pieces that one can find in the flea market.

They love to fill up their homes with several artistic creations during their leisure hours, which are perfectly in line with the personality traits they carry.

Enneagram 4’s introspective nature allows them to stay in touch with their feelings more than any other type. Therefore, their color combinations and manner of decoration would give out that same vibe.

12. Visiting Museums and Art Galleries

The artistic mind of an enneagram 4 enables them to pay attention to those places where they can see various works of art and creative brilliance. There is no better place than a museum or an art gallery to fulfill their wishes.

Seeing unusual pieces gives them immense pleasure to try a few of those drawings and sculptures whenever they get any opportunity.

They can help open several ideas. Those artistic pursuits might even enrich the mindset of these individuals and make them find great satisfaction.

To Sum Up 

In this article, we have discussed several hobbies of enneagram 4 that ideally fit with their personality traits of being creative and unique from the rest of the people. They always wish to invest their free time in those activities which help nurture their creativity and enhance it further.

Hence, they love drawing, painting, writing, journaling, and other similar activities. They provide just the right inspiration and interest among these people to hone their skills. Due to their fascination with artistic work, they do not hesitate to visit art galleries and museums.