People look forward to engaging themselves in various activities during their free time to freshen up their tired minds. They play a vital role to rejuvenate individuals for resuming work with new vigor. The hobbies of enneagram 5 refer to all those activities that individuals with this personality type undertake for using their leisure hours productively.

All those who belong to the enneagram 5 personality type, have the desire to preserve their energy. These people will not unnecessarily drain themselves out by engaging with the outside world. Their sole focus is to gain knowledge and attain competency so that they can become self-sufficient.

Therefore, they will love to invest their free time in interesting and intellectually stimulating activities. They include reading, solving puzzles, playing video games, reading novels, carrying out scientific experiments, etc.

12 Hobbies of Enneagram 5

The hobbies of enneagram 5 refer to all those activities that help raise the level of interest within them and receive mental stimulation. These individuals love maintaining their privacy and do not involve themselves in social setups.

Enneagram 5 personality type individuals are known as Investigators. They have an independent nature. Fives possess the ability to think critically. These are the two factors that make up their personality. All these people are inquisitive about the connections that exist between underlying issues. They even look forward to unraveling those mysteries that lie hidden in the universe.

Fives are introverts who love analyzing stuff in their life. They collect information and process the same. Then these people would build and merge it with various ideas and thought patterns. Their workplaces have only those items that pertain to their fundamental interests in life. These individuals do not conform to the trends or defined ways of making progress in life.

The choices of hobbies that they indulge themselves in during their free time, stem from their curious and intellectual mindset. Hence, these individuals will love to spend their free time playing video games, coding, or even indulging in card games. They are not far away from trying out a few steps in dancing as well. Fives will focus only on such activities that pique their interest. Let us now explore all the possible options one by one –

1. Reading Novels

Reading is one of the best possible hobbies that an individual can engage themselves in for spending their leisure time. It is perfectly suitable for an enneagram 5 as they always love doing something that stimulates their mind and challenges them intellectually. This practice helps them forget all their troubles in life. They can transcend into a different world altogether.

Fives have a fascination with reading mystery novels. Those books enable them to gain a whole lot of experiences and knowledge from different characters. Hence, it makes their life-enriching in nature. When anyone reads fiction, it can often let an individual get clarity regarding various situations and places, thus making them far more imaginative.

2. Solving Puzzles

When a hectic work schedule and other activities of life do not give you breathing space, you must make full use of your leisure time by doing something you like. Therefore, if you are an enneagram 5 personality type individual, there is no better way than to indulge in the hobby of solving puzzles.

This activity goes in line with their desire to nurture their mind and stimulate it from different angles. It enables them to experience various benefits that can help improve their life. Hence, it can reduce your stress and tension and bring forth marked improvement in your level of productivity. All these happen apart from enhancing the period of concentration while doing something. Thus, this hobby can significantly improve one’s ability to pay attention to detail.

3. Card Games

Many individuals believe that card games are all about having fun and excitement. There is more to these games than what meets the eye. They can let an individual stay mentally sharp, improve their memory, enhance confidence, and bring improvement to their professional skills.

These games give a boost to the observation skills of individuals. A player would manage to keep a close eye on their opponent. It will also enable them to spot various patterns and quickly get hold of available options. When Enneagram 5s involve themselves in playing these games, they can develop the ability to scan details and absorb them in their surroundings.

4. Board Games

Board game refers to a game wherein counters are placed, moved, or removed on a board as the set of rules. Players need to follow a strategy while playing these games. Planning and plotting are the two critical elements of that strategy. Despite all these, luck also plays a huge role if anyone wants to attain success in these games.

These are ideally suited for an enneagram 5. It is so because they always look to stimulate their mind while making plans to make sure they win each game. A board game also manages to bring family members together. They can work toward a common goal. If you are someone who enjoys putting your mind to good use even during leisure time, then a board game is just the right option for you.

5. Playing Trivia

Another popular hobby among people with enneagram 5 personalities is playing trivia. They can play a trivia quiz, trivia game, or competition. Whatever form of trivia they engage themselves in, it is good enough for them to nurture their ideas and use their mind for analyzing scenarios. Trivia is all about answering questions about intriguing but unimportant facts across different topics.

Whether someone engages themselves either in a game or quiz, it enables them to exchange information and hence enrich their knowledge. Hence, it is an activity that seems intriguing to fives.

6. Solo Sports

Whenever an Enneagram 5 person gets a lot of time out from their personal and professional responsibilities, they will not hesitate to involve themselves in those sports, which they can play on their own. As these individuals are introverts, they are perfectly suited for carrying out solo sporting activities.

There are sporting activities galore for these people. They can go for a nice refreshing swim to release themselves from all kinds of stress and tension, or if there is a golf course nearby, they might even try their hands at playing golf. Cycling is another solo sport that can attract the attention of fives and treat it as a hobby.

7. Singing

An Enneagram 5 person would love to spend time singing songs that have been sung by their favorite singers. It is another favorite hobby for these individuals as this is a solo activity. There is absolutely no need to get in touch with anyone else to execute the work to perfection.

They make sure to learn the notes of songs on the internet and implement the nitty-gritty of music into their singing. Doing so enables these people to attain expertise in various genres of songs. Thus, during their free time, they can often come across requests for singing some of their favorite numbers from their family members. Hence, with the passage of time, fives start enjoying this hobby even more. It can eventually let them take this hobby seriously for considering it as a profession in the future.

8. Coding

Are you into coding now and then in your life? Does it attract you when you are sitting idle? If yes, then you are surely an Enneagram 5. Coding happens to be a great hobby for these people. When someone can code, it adds value to one’s personality. They can be in great demand among prospective employers as well.

Coding happens to be one of those skills that have the most demand now. It cuts across various disciplines, no matter what role one takes up in their profession. There are very few people in this world who know how to code. Hence, an enneagram 5 person will always remain at an advantage in this respect. Practicing it as a hobby can make way for their career as well at some time, where an individual with this personality type can become a coder.

9. Paying Visit to Museums

People with the enneagram type have a tremendous amount of love for sketching and painting. They love these creative pursuits. These people can indulge themselves in these activities. Fives can also take time out to visit museums for the same.

It gives them immense pleasure to gather information about paintings of famous painters that remain on display in art museums. They can get the chance to interact with people over there and satisfy their curious minds by knowing about the backgrounds of various creations, hence enriching their knowledge on this topic.

10. Hiking

Hiking is another excellent activity that an Enneagram 5 can take up as a hobby. It not only stimulates them physically but also tends to invigorate their mind. Hiking does not simply consist of strolling inside the park. This can turn out to be an activity for the whole body.

These individuals can garner excellent benefits when they opt for hiking as their hobby. It is one of the most easily accessible outdoor activities. Moreover, when someone goes on hikes, it can greatly help to reduce their stress and blood pressure. One can even get a sense of adventure. Therefore, there is everything to gain for an enneagram 5, once he includes this activity in their list of hobbies.

11. Carrying Out Scientific Experiments

Enneagram 5s love undertaking scientific experiments at home during their leisure hours. They can easily mix and match various solutions to see how they react. Finally, it might help them come up with an invention.

These experiments give them ample opportunity to use their creativity and satisfy their curiosities. The most important thing that these activities provide an Enneagram 5 with is to go deeper into the concepts. It can enhance their knowledge further.

12. Understanding Amateur Astronomy

Enneagram 5s are keen observers. They have the willingness to seek knowledge from different segments of life. Hence, these people will take a great interest in astronomy, without using a telescope. They will spend their free time gazing at the night sky. It will enable them to gain curiosity about what they are seeing. These people will get hold of books. They can even install an application that provides them with more information on planetary movements and constellations.

Fives are desperate to spend their time alone re-energizing themselves. Hence, anything that lets them have some time with themselves and attain new knowledge is the most ideal hobby. The field of Astronomy will help them get in touch with their innermost curiosity regarding the world at large.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have discussed several hobbies of enneagram 5 that perfectly fit with their insightful nature. These hobbies are in line with the in-depth knowledge they carry on topics of great interest. They are always willing to invest their time into doing those activities that are not only interesting but also manage to intellectually stimulate their mind.

These people wish to nurture the creativity present inside their personalities. In this way, they will try to fulfill their inquisitiveness by satisfying the curiosity that exists within. Hence, fives will take up those activities as hobbies, which can make them look forward to breaks after spending long hours at work.