The hobbies of enneagram 8 refer to those fun-filled activities they undertake during their free time to relieve themselves from stress and relax. These actions play a big role in getting them refreshed. They can feel a burst of energy inside them after getting back to performing their responsibilities. Are you aware of your enneagram type? If not, then take the personality test for knowing the same.

People with enneagram 8 personality types are confident and assertive. They keep their eyes on goals and show competency toward fulfilling them in the desired manner. Their high-level stamina and inner strength are the two essential factors that drive their interest in those hobbies where they can make full utilization of their traits. Eights will prefer involving themselves in those activities where they can lead and gain self-assurance.

The following article will talk of several activities that Enneagram 8s engage themselves in during leisure hours –

10 Hobbies of Enneagram 8

The hobbies of enneagram 8 point toward those activities that allow them to be in complete control and remain free from all kinds of restrictions. They wish to use their willpower and energy for productively spending time during leisure hours. The sharp minds and independence of enneagram eights come to great use while they try investing their free time in a productive manner.

These people display their power and mental toughness to accept challenges for proving their strength. They always desire to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

Hence, enneagram eights love engaging themselves in activities that stimulate their mind and body. It will be a great boost for these individuals. They will make them even more confident in tackling some of the toughest challenges that life throws at them from time to time.

The hobbies of enneagram type 8 individuals will help people attain greater clarity regarding their personalities. Do you belong to this personality type? If not, then take the enneagram test for determining your type. It will enable you to relate easily with all those hobbies based on your enneagram type. Let us explore them in detail –

1. Debating

Enneagram 8s can take up debating as their hobby, which might let them fruitfully spend their leisure hours. It enables individuals to develop knowledge and opinions. They can do so by carrying out informed arguments with effective facts backing them.

Joining debate competitions can do anyone a world of good. The same is applicable for an enneagram 8 personality type individual. They can gain a lot from investing their leisure time in discussing different topics across various spectrums.

It can make these individuals think innovatively and critically analyze every situation in their life. This activity instills a problem-solving attitude within them and finding credible solutions to the problem.

Debating even trains them how to become keen listeners and find ways to research better. Doing well in this activity can help them make friends, especially the ones who enjoy carrying out interactions with authoritative individuals like enneagram eights.

2. Playing Video Games

Another hobby ideally suited for an enneagram eight personality type individual is playing video games. Normally, people look at the video game as an unsociable and passive experience, but it is not so.

The culture of video gaming carries quite a unique and extensive community. Individuals play mainly across three main platforms, PC, phone, and console. These three gaming platforms have numerous games that are divided into their one-of-a-kind communities of people.

Every individual can play and interact with their favorite games. Moreover, they get the chance to meet numerous people. This sort of environment helps to breed a unique experience.

Keeping this in mind, one can easily state that playing video games is in no way an unsociable hobby. Therefore, enneagram 8s can gain a lot from investing their free time into playing different kinds of video games. They can literally make friends for the rest of their lives.

3. Enneagram 8s Love to Indulge into Public Speaking

Another effective option for an enneagram 8 to practice as a hobby is public speaking. These individuals can try to take up any topic and speak in front of a group of people. They will not have to deal with anything negative in this activity.

Rather, they will gain a lot from engaging themselves in this regularly. Taking it up as a hobby can give these individuals the requisite confidence and help develop the mannerisms to let the audience pay complete attention to their speech.

It is also important to keep practicing the art of speaking in public now and then. Enneagram Eights will get a clear idea regarding how to express exactly what they mean. They will manage to express their opinions and ideas in a concise and meaningful manner.

Public speaking as a hobby is not simply an activity that keeps an individual busy during their leisure time. Taking it seriously can significantly improve their communication skills. It can help propel their career to a new level.

4. Fascination Toward Hosting Events

People with enneagram 8 personality types love getting in touch with others and sharing their thoughts and ideas with them. Activities that are physically and mentally stimulating seem quite attractive to these individuals. Hence, planning for event management and hosting events is perfectly suitable for these individuals.

Eights look forward to challenges with eagerness. These people can get plenty of them when they do so for fun. They make sure to execute their plans to perfection. Hosting events gives them plenty of opportunities to communicate with various stakeholders.

They include decorators, sponsors, and various other stakeholders. Once everything is set, they have the chance to communicate with the audience. They can engage them with appealing gestures, and uplift their mood amid programs with jokes.

5. Activities Involving Thrill and Excitement

One of the critical features linked with hobbies of enneagram 8 is to engage themselves into doing only those activities that carry a sense of thrill and excitement among them.

Whenever an enneagram eight personality type individual finds free time, they will try and involve themselves in thrilling activities that excite their minds. Their love for these things comes from accepting different kinds of challenges at all costs. They never shy away from doing stuff that others would look to avoid.

It is a fact that not everyone in this world has the appetite to take risks. Fortunately, enneagram 8s have plenty of them in their personality. Therefore, they always remain on the lookout for spending their leisure time in fun, thrill, and excitement.

6. Spend Free Time Doing Exercises

Enneagram 8s also love spending their leisure hours doing some exercises. They help them keep their mind and body healthy. Exercising allows these individuals to remain active under all circumstances and prevent a sedentary lifestyle from creeping into their system.

Hence, they make sure to do breathing exercises, and free-hand exercises and also do not restrict themselves from lifting weights for building muscles. They make sure to maintain this healthy routine for at least half an hour every day.

It makes them feel incredibly fresh and cheerful for the rest of the day. Another important thing that enneagram eights must make sure of is to back their exercises with healthy food items. They need to have a balanced diet with a mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium.

7. Loves to Do Some Adventure

People with enneagram 8 personality types love adventure in their lives. As eights are challengers, they never keep themselves away from adventurous activities. Hence, you will always find them doing mountain biking and rock climbing.

The thrill involved with these acts gives an enneagram eight loads of motivation to move forward with utmost enthusiasm. These individuals are extremely self-confident and mentally strong and hence can push their limits to surpass great levels. Thus, they find no problems in getting rid of boredom and the monotonous nature of life.

8. Blogging

If you are someone with an enneagram 8 personality type, then you can also treat blogging as a hobby. The best part about this hobby is that an individual is not under any kind of pressure to make posts or to keep updating their blog. It enables them to make their creativity flourish even more.

When you or someone else takes up blogging as a hobby, then you are doing something that you genuinely love and hence, never get tired of doing the same thing over and over again with different topics.

It is a great medium through which one can express their thoughts and encourage others to follow suit. Thus, enneagram 8s can spend their free time researching information, structuring various points inside their brains, and then writing those in their own words.

9. Volunteering

Volunteering is the ideal way to show gratitude by offering help to others or working for a noble cause without having expectations of getting anything in turn. An enneagram 8 often wishes to be a part of something and not get paid in return. They indulge into offering different kinds of community services and inspire others to do so.

Hence, they indirectly push others into doing work without money and focus on creating a healthy atmosphere all around. They make society realize the importance of working for others’ upliftment along with their personal growth. It also turns out to be one of the most popular hobbies of enneagram 8.

10. Play Sports Involving the Use of Strength

Enneagram 8 is the Challenger. They always look to involve themselves in sports that pay attention to power and strength. These individuals have loads of energy. They wish to channel it toward playing those sporting activities that allow them to do just that.

Therefore, eights love boxing with their siblings and friends. Enneagram 8 personality type people can even invest their time into throwing short puts or javelins apart from other heavy objects as far as they manage to do. All these sports play a big role in making them feel good about themselves. It is because they have the chance to excel by using their potential to the fullest extent.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed various hobbies of enneagram eight that perfectly suit their personality traits of being intense, energetic, and having the requisite willpower to face and overcome various challenges. They love straightforward confrontations and do not back down very easily.  

When they take time out from their busy schedule, eights would always look to spend their leisure hours doing those activities that require the use of high-level stamina and tremendous inner strength. Thus, debating, playing adventure sports, bullet journaling and those requiring the use of power and many more are the ideally suited hobbies for enneagram 8 personality types.