Wondering how to identify you’re a sigma female? Think you have most alpha female traits yet you feel you’re not truly an alpha female?

Well, this think-piece has definitely got your answer. In this quiz, you’ll get all the important questions to find your answers.

So, just dig in!

How to Identify You’re a Sigma Female?

Being a sigma female, you’ll be pretty independent in most areas of your life. You’ll dislike being around a lot of people… even if you can socialize and lead others pretty well, you don’t wish to use those qualities. But that’s not all to understand your personality. So, let’s find the truth here…

1. Are you only transparent around your loved ones but not others? Do you share the bare minimum with people you aren’t close with?

2. Do you keep your distance from others because you always protected yourself alone? Do you feel this world is too cruel?

3. In any situation, do you never hesitate to state your opinions? Are you outspoken and straightforward?

4. Do you think others feel intimidated by your actions? Do you act confident just so your ill-wishers feel that way?

5. Do you feel hurt when your friends get hurt? Do you often protect your loved ones from all sorts of harm?

6. Do you never hesitate to support your friends in their worst situation? Do you often make your loved ones’ offenders pay for their sins?

7. Do you believe in being loyal to your lover and not looking elsewhere?

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8. Do you like to work on any task alone? Do you feel better when you don’t depend on others?

9. In group situations, do you still insist on doing smaller independent tasks? If others seek help from you, do you often silently help them? Do you have leadership skills but stay low-key?

10. Even if the situation gets tough, do you hardly ever seek help from others? Even though you feel more comfortable in independent tasks, do you carry out group tasks just fine?

11. Do you consider yourself extremely strong mentally? Can you stand tall even if you’re hurt emotionally?

12. Do you not care about society’s expectations of you at all? Do you like to lead life at your own pace?

13. Are you introverted and like to spend time by yourself more? Do you feel more at ease and comfortable while spending time alone?

14. If you’re forced to socialize, do you keep up with it just fine? Are you always aware of social norms and etiquette and follow them strictly?

15. Does the way you carry yourself in social situations leave others in awe? Do you often get pursued by others when they know your hidden side?

16. Do you hate giving excuses? Would you rather work harder than have to give excuses or blame others?

17. Can you not stand it when others give excuses either? Do you rather teach them how to take care of their responsibilities?

18. Do you never judge others? Do you feel it’s unfair because you’ve never been in their shoes?

19. Do you dislike the idea of gossiping behind others? Would you rather tell them you have a problem with them directly instead of sharing it with others?

20. Does gossiping disgust you? Do you feel that it hurts many innocent people needlessly?

21. Can you adjust or try to fit into any situation? Do you hate to make a big fuss and start negotiating right away during tough times?

22. Whenever you and another person have different choices, do you often try to balance the situation? Do you make sure that nobody of the two gets the shorter stick?

23. Do you feel motivated through any bad situation… even when people pass mean remarks or you face extreme setbacks?

24. Do you usually reach your goals in life mainly due to your stubbornness? Are your spirits higher than other girls around you?

25. When you’re in trouble, do you do everything you can to protect yourself? Do you depend on yourself during the worst situations and nobody else?

26. When someone hurts you, do you tear them apart for targeting you? Do you make them pay but never play dirty politics like them?

27. When you make a promise with someone, do you try to keep your end of the deal until the end?

28. Unlike most other girls, do you always mean what you say and never say it just to say it?

29. Do people trust you a lot because you keep your word?

30. When anyone criticizes you, do you take it sportingly? Do you feel glad because you get to improve yourself?

31. Do you never get defensive and work on criticism right away?

32. Do you unleash your fun side around your loved ones? Do you often act goofy to make your loved ones feel better?

33. Do you have strict boundaries? Do you never allow others’ words to get to you?

34. Do you always work based on your feelings and won’t change your mind?

35. Do you love to take calculated risks and go on adventures? Do you not want to miss any opportunities and are ready to take any chance for that?

36. Do you often get disliked for being headstrong? Do you not care about what others think about you at all?

37. Do you feel depressed to be surrounded by opportunists?

38. Does your love for solitude often offend others?

39. Do you only ever want to have a romantic relationship with the strongest person like an alpha male or female?

40. Are you ready to wait for a long time to find your dream lover? Would you never settle for anyone lower than your set standards?

41. Do you hardly feel any interest in the latest trends?

42. Do you get emotionally attached to others soon? Do you dislike this part of you a lot?

43. Do you desire to be an alpha female just so you can get rid of your swift emotional attachment?

44. Are you constantly thirsty for more power and authority?

45. Do you feel you’re much less than alpha and regret being a sigma female?

46. When you get emotionally attached to someone, do you have a hard time letting them go?

47. Do you get emotionally attached whenever you get the slightest hint about someone being nice?

48. Do you always follow your own original ways instead of copying social media?

49. Do you feel that you won’t date anyone unless they’re an alpha or a sigma male or female?

50. Do you motivate others around you without even saying anything?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You’re a Sigma Female, a Lone Wolf… you don’t need a pack to fight the odds and are always ready to deal with the worst. You’re fierce with your enemies and loving towards your near ones. You believe in yourself more than anyone else.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not a Sigma Female. Try to match yourself with other socio-hierarchy personalities.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you found you’re a sigma female, then don’t stop here. It’s better to find more details about yourself like the pros and cons of being a sigma female, ways to overcome your shortcomings, and even your behavior in your professional and personal life. Improve yourself in all needed areas and be proud of yourself.

If you’re not a sigma female, don’t feel low. From alpha to sigma, all 6 personalities are equally powerful but in different ways. So, find yours to know yourself better. 

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