INFJ Myers Briggs is one of the least available Myers Briggs personality type. They are the real advocates who are meant to leave their presence felt in this world. Being an introvert-intuitive type, they possess a rich inner world that sees possibilities in even the darkest things in life.

INFJ personality types are strong-willed and disciplined people. Their values are strong enough to guide their life’s path in the right direction. For them, success is not about money and social status but about a fulfilled living.

These individuals are dreamers and doers together. They are highly organized and have a professional outlook that is symbolic of values and vision. INFJs have gifted qualities that make them stand out in the crowd. They are hard to be known because they possess secret qualities that never get revealed outwardly.

Let’s learn more about this intriguing personality here…

INFJ Myers Briggs – How They Are?

INFJ Myers Briggs is quirky and private, deeply thoughtful and follows their gut always. People with this preference can soak themselves in others’ emotions. They are introverts and may not express themselves clearly. They are value-oriented and follow the path of righteous living. INFJs are caring and sensitive; they can be compassionate companions for others quite easily.

INFJs are rare introverts. They have certain qualities that reveal their extroverted taste. People with INFJ preferences are future-oriented. They have a vision in life that takes them close to fulfilled living. Only money, social recognition, workplace power and prestige cannot give them the purpose that they’re seeking in life.

For an INFJ, helping others, caring for others’ needs, and living a life full of values are immensely welcoming. This makes them a fulfilled being and adds meaning to their life.

INFJs are found to walk along the path of hard work and dedication to accomplish their life goals. They are guided by strong intuition that can never go wrong. Sometimes, they act as the ideal humanist who gets the maximum satisfaction by supporting others.

For them, altruism is a humanitarian cause that can bring equality in society. INFJs will easily get disturbed by the injustice of society. 

They will try to correct what is not in place. Being a value driven person, they wish to create a fair world where no one will be discriminated against and equal rights will be in place.

They love socialization and are deeply in tune with the needs of others. They will recognize others’ pain and suffering by wading through their emotional undertones.

INFJs are sensitive and get easily affected by the woes of others. Similarly, they are not good at handling judgments. If they face criticisms, their self-confidence may take a backseat. They are the ones who can easily get emotional and stressed out in challenging times.

Another notable feature of INFJs is they may not relate with someone who are less sensitive, or not as considerate as they are. If they find someone disrespecting their values, INFJs will no longer keep contact with them. These individuals will never compromise on what they think to be right.

People with INFJ traits thrive in future possibilities. Their vision is farfetched and they know how to fulfill their dreams into a reality.

INFJ Type Description

INFJ is an abbreviation that shows the functional traits that these people possess. This personality type is an introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging type. 

Thus, they are bestowed with a private nature depicting a rich, intuitive world of their own that seeks a promising future. They are caring and gentle, sensitive and humble. More to this, they are organized and prefer to plan everything before putting it into real time action.

1. Introverted (I)

INFJs are quiet, less talkative; and prefer to reside in a private world of their own. They feel comfortable living with their varied ideas and imaginations instead of focusing on the external world. 

Being an introvert, INFJs prefer to spend quality time just with them. They dislike intrusions into their personal space. Even if anyone tries to interfere in their private matters, INFJs would hate it completely.

INFJs prefer to be around people with similar nature. They like one to one communication instead of interacting in large groups.

2. Intuitive (N)

As an intuitive mind, INFJs would always think about future possibilities. They are visionaries of the future. INFJs will create ideas and imagine situations that will be helpful for them in the future. Whatever project they start upon, they will always have a far-sighted vision in life.

They are known for their insight. These people can readily read between the lines and can understand the intentions of people as well. 

The intuitive INFJ is aware of people’s mood and emotions. Their dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition. This makes them more prompt in understanding what goes on in people’s minds.

3. Feeling (F)

Sometimes INFJs act as old souls. They are affectionate and kind, extremely humble, and prefer to stay tuned with others’ emotions. They are also deeply caring and put the needs of others in the priority list. 

Being strong with feelings, INFJs are found to react emotionally or respond in impulsive ways if things do not turn out well in their personal and professional life.

INFJs have extraverted feeling as an auxiliary cognitive function. Thus, they enjoy helping others and supporting those who are in distress. They find pleasure to assist without getting any recognition for their hard work.

4. Judging (J)

The INFJ personality type is organized, planned, and meticulous in their actions. They hate being messy and unorganized. People with INFJ preferences have a natural inclination to live life in a systematic manner. INFJs love stability and certainty. Anything confusing can irritate them in no time. 

They prefer to take charge of the situation by prior planning. INFJs will never have open-ended plans; instead they keep contingency plans ready that can be used if the original plan fails anyways.

INFJs are stubborn and prefer to stick to their plans. In this way, they are less flexible and not at all spontaneous in nature. Being a judging personality, INFJs are comfortable following a set pattern and routine. They never get distracted with too many options.

These individuals are less easy going when it comes to embracing change in life. 

The personality profile of an INFJ

If you are an INFJ, you’ll seek a meaningful life. Maybe you will never walk along a path without a meaning and purpose in place. INFJs are reserved and intuitive. They will think about abstract ideas that can have a future possibility. These individuals are ambitious. They are both the dreamer and a doer. 

People with INFJ qualities love to imagine and create ideas. At the same time, they prefer to take decisive action to accomplish their life goals. You will never take things for granted unless you are sure that it is aligned with your set of beliefs and values.

Being an INFJ also means that you are deeply caring about the needs and feelings of others. People see you as a considerate and understanding person. You are humble and kind, thus people feel at peace with you.

You are an ideal dreamer who is passionate about so many ideas filling up your mind so easily. Given the ability to foresee future opportunities, you will create an ideal life for yourself that is value based and purposeful.

Just like any other INFJ, you are too systematic and organized, even up to the point of obsession. You tend to control your surroundings by staying organized and methodical. Your mix of logic and feelings makes you different from all others.

Given the ability to think and for others, you would leave your comfort space very easily just to support and help people who need your assistance.

INFJs are guided by values and ethics, thus they prefer to see justice and fair treatment all around them. You are no different from all other INFJs. You will prefer to raise your voice against injustice and social atrocities. You’ll walk along the path of righteous living no matter what the circumstance might be.

You will prefer to work alone and admire being an individual contributor rather than working in groups. You have a small friends’ circle that are closely connected to you in head and heart. 

Being an INFJ personality, you will crave insightful discussions with friends that are thought provoking and interesting. Small talk and gossip is not for you and you feel deeply irritated if others try to do it in front of you.

Overall, you prefer to reside in a peaceful world of deep thinking, armed with feelings and in tune with what holds good for you. Living a purposeful life is your ultimate motto.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type 

The best suited words that describe INFJs the best or the key personality traits that describe the overall nature of an INFJ are as follows.

  • Private and quiet
  • Insightful
  • Idealist
  • Compassionate
  • Thoughtful and intuitive
  • Full of imaginative ideas
  • Passionate
  • Caring
  • Forward-thinkers
  • Sensitive and considerate
  • Organized and planned
  • Humanist
  • Devoted workers
  • Lone wolf

How common are INFJs?

INFJ are one of the least found personality types. They comprise a small number in the population. These individuals hold only 2% presence in the population. Because of their exclusive qualities, INFJ men are very rarely found Men are only 1% and women hold 2% in the general population.

These data are situational and can vary from country to country as well. Various factors such as population density, demographic variations of a region can contribute to varied results.

But one thing is sure that INFJs are a rare combination of logic, intuition, and feelings. Moreover they are organized in their overall approach. These traits are not usually found in one particular type and thus they are considered rare, occasional, and sparse in the population.

What INFJs delight?

An INFJ is one of the rarest personality types to be found around us. They are amazing people with exceptional qualities that separates them from many others.

INFJs have unwavering faith in their abilities. They’re self-assured and confident. The inner world of an INFJ is playful and creative. Thus, they love nurturing creative ideas and imaginations. Maybe, residing in a dream world that can be put to reality makes them feel happy about their self-worth.

There are so many things that they absolutely delight in their daily life.

  • They love nurturing pre and authentic human connections.
  • Being an intuitive type, they like understanding the subtle emotions of others.
  • INFJs prefer to stay private as much as possible. They may have many connections but they feel comfortable only with like-minded people.
  • INFJs crave meaningful living. For them, helping people in trying times is a noble cause and they never hesitate doing it whole-heartedly.
  • The INFJ type loves deep conversations. Small talk and social niceties can irritate them too early.
  • They love to stay informed, never prefer surprises that can disturb their organized world.
  • INFJs prefer to stay organized in all circumstances. As they are change resistant, they prefer to follow the same thing every day.
  • They love to be heard, cared for, and praised for who they are,
  • Being a sensitive type, INFJs like peace and serenity around them. Thus, they make sure that their relationships stay cordial as much as possible,
  • Their strong sense of intuition makes them behave like mystics. INFJs love to read minds and know people’s true intentions.
  • These individuals are loyal and prefer integrity from everyone. 

What do INFJs hate?

INFJs are patient and gentle. They are also characterized by high levels of empathy and understanding. But there are certain day to day situations that they would hate to face in reality. Moreover, certain behaviors of others can also appear irksome to them.

  • INFJs hate small talk and gossip. They love to dive deep into meaningful conversations that are insightful.
  • People with INFJ preferences hate deceit and emotional manipulation. They cannot tolerate people doing drama in front of them.
  • They hate people who lie and make up covered stories to hide their misdeeds.
  • INFJs also hate people who try to dismiss their opinions or try to take them for granted.
  • They hate people who know how to take things from others and not contributing anything in their life.
  • INFJs hate arguments, if it is done deliberately only to prove them wrong. These individuals also do not interfere with people who will poke nose into their personal matters.
  • They hate unorganized and messy work desks, or their kitchen cabinets in similar ways. INFJs love structure in almost all walks of life without which they may feel highly frustrated or irritated.
  • If they do not get enough ‘me time’, INFJs may start feeling bitter and annoyed.
  • When others try to demean them, INFJ can really get mad.
  • They hate criticisms and remarks passed to underestimate their self-worth. 
  • Having to focus on small and unnecessary details can irritate an INFJ to a large extent.
  • People with INFJ preference hate cruel and insensitive behavior. They hate people who deliberately try to hurt others’ self-esteem and make them feel lesser in discrete ways. 

INFJ learning style

We all learn in different ways. Each of the 16 personality types described in Myers Briggs type inventory has a specific learning style that is dependent on their intrinsic talents, core values, motivation, and individual style.

INFJs are introverts as well as intuitive. Thus, they like learning alone. It doesn’t mean that they cannot learn in groups, instead it just shows their preference for a specific learning style.

INFJs love theoretical and conceptual learning. As they are deeply insightful, they play with ideas and imaginations that can lead to a creative invention. 

Their learning style includes the following features:

  • They thrive best in structured and established learning methodology, yet hate to be told what needs to be done exactly. They also prefer to have some room left out for creativity and innovation.
  • These individuals would love to work with specific goals. They should be given the framework to work with and they will use their creative ideas to build the concept on their own.
  • INFJs prefer individual learning styles. They only prefer to discuss serious, brainstorming issues in a group that would be mentally stimulating for them.
  • They always prefer to work with complex, conceptual ideas rather than mundane ideas that were created long back.
  • INFJs are the nest planners. Their introverted-intuitive nature allows for deep thinking inside themselves. They will always have creative solutions to problems that others may totally be unaware of.
  • People with INFJ preferences have an inclination towards academic subjects that are both creative and logical. They may show equal interest in science subjects, or English or history.
  • INFJs are sharp, intelligent, and ambitious. They will strive to put their dreams into real life actions, otherwise frustration can creep in soon.
  • They are good at memorizing information and use it in some other learning when and as needed.
  • Their introverted intuition function makes them delve deep into the subject matter they are studying, easily mastering the concepts.
  • They like one-to-one coaching with a lot of private time to process information that has been taught in class. 
  • They hate being criticized openly in front of a full class. In such a situation, they may feel shy and overwhelmed emotionally.
  • INFJs are class apart learners who are deeply thoughtful and have the ability to understand a complex concept from varied perspectives.

To Sum Up

The discourse makes it clear that INFJs are bestowed with some incredible qualities of head and heart. They are shy and thoughtful people who can feel deeply for others. Nothing can give them more joy and pleasure than seeing someone benefited out of their kind act.

People with INFJ preferences are organized and prefer rules only to a certain extent. Any pointless regulations that can undermine their worth and self-esteem is a big ‘no’ for an INFJ.

They enjoy a harmonious environment both at home and workplace because of their empathetic and humanitarian nature.