When we look at ISTJ vs. INTJ, they possess similar characteristics. Both have introverted thinking, and judging traits in their personalities.

The primary difference lies in their focus. ISTJs depend on their senses, while INTJs are intuitive individuals.

Let us now find out their similar and contrasting features in the following write-up –


We have already discussed that both ISTJ and INTJ personality types are introverted. Even then, there exist some subtle differences in characteristics. They help set them apart from each other. People can take online personality tests to determine their exact personalities.

Hence, they can adjust their lifestyle based on their strengths and weaknesses. People should understand that they can attain growth out of their default behaviors. They must adopt ways to strike the right balance between extreme situations.

As both types of personalities are introverts, they appreciate spending time alone. These people use their heads over their hearts to make decisions. 

Hence, their auxiliary (Te) function is Extraverted Thinking. It enables them to make any decision based on logic. These people love proper planning and structure. They help stabilize their day-to-day Judging lifestyle.

People with ISTJ and INTJ personalities possess Introverted, Thinking, and judging traits. They prefer keeping their thoughts and ideas to themselves and prioritize logical thinking over making decisions in haste and following a fixed routine. 

Though INTJs tend to abide by them more if they have any logic behind them and help keep things efficient.

These people follow methods and maintain rationality in their thinking patterns and actions. Even then, they tend to be quite non-emotional and impersonal under typical circumstances. It happens because of their deep level of commitment to solving current issues.

Let us now look to get an in-depth understanding of the similarities and differences between these two personality types –

The Points of Similarities between ISTJ and INTJ

ISTJ and INTJ personality types need to relate to one another. It comes from sharing the same auxiliary function of Extraverted Thinking (Te). We will chalk out the characteristics of this function as we move forward in the article. 

ISTJs and INTJs have Introverted Feeling Fi as their Tertiary Function. It means that people with these personality types carry a firm set of beliefs and values. Are you eager to know more? The following segment will have all the relevant details of this function and help you develop a better understanding.

Let us now discuss various other similarities between ISTJ and INTJ in the following segment –

  • People with ISTJ and INTJ personalities share two cognitive functions of Extraverted Thinking and Introverted Feeling.
  • In ISTJ and INTJ personality types, Extraverted Thinking (Te) is their auxiliary function. It means that all these people make decisions using objective logic and impersonal analysis, considering the situation’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • The tertiary function of these individuals is Introverted Feeling. They live by them and adhere to their principles from time to time. These individuals are fully aware of their emotions. Even then, they do not like to allow those to have a say in their decision-making process.
  • Both these types possess Judging characteristics. It means ISTJs and INTJs love planning and organizing things before they decide to take action. Thus, everything happens methodically.
  • These introverted, thinking, and judging personalities are extremely hardworking when they work as employees of different organizations. They give great value to competency and efficiency.
  • If ISTJ and INTJ personality type people are partners, they highly appreciate the values an individual brings to their better half. It allows them to grow together while also experiencing individual growth.
  • As far as socializing is concerned, they prefer doing so on a one-to-one basis. They are not those who will socialize in groups and reveal details about their lifestyle and other stuff by getting into intense conversations.
  • ISTJ and INTJ individuals keep their personal feelings within themselves. They maintain privacy and do not intend to reveal too much in front of others. Still, it does not mean that they do not have feelings. When they get close to someone who understands their mindset and how things work with them, both these personalities feel deeply for their welfare.
  • Another similarity between these two introverted personality types is that they both tend to reflect on the possible consequences of their words before speaking them out. Once they become sure that their decisions will not negatively impact people around them, only then ISTJs and INTJs make concrete decisions.

You can see that there are several similarities between ISTJ and INTJ. Despite all these, they do not possess the same personality type. These personalities differ from one another in some ways.

Let us go through the differences between ISTJ and INTJ –

ISTJ vs. INTJ – Key Differences

ISTJs have the habit of hanging onto their past and hence struggle to move forward into the future. They tend to look back at every little detail of their personal experience before making decisions in their present life.INTJs are mainly future-oriented. They do not treat their past like that of ISTJs. It is important to note that the past affects the decisions of every individual, irrespective of personality type. Still, these people do not relieve everything from earlier times of life like how the mind of ISTJs functions.
In case of learning some concept, ISTJ personality type people will only appreciate something practical. Moreover, they must be able to apply the same in real life.INTJs do not mind even if some concept does not have any practical application. They even enjoy dealing with ideas and concepts that are abstract.
People with ISTJ personality type are concerned with security or comfort. It is due to the way they store their memories. They will never focus on attaining future goals, which seems unrealistic.If you are someone with an INTJ type of personality, you will emphasize on developing a vision for attaining all kinds of objectives in life. They tend to follow their instincts and not hold back from doing something. It is applicable even if things look impossible.
These individuals plan, formulate objectives and work steadily toward their goals. Their whole process will follow a fixed set of rules.People with an INTJ personality type will even overturn set practices. They will think of the future and enjoy taking up challenges to solve complicated issues.
 ISTJs prefer changes only if necessary or helpful to solve a problem. Initially, they will hesitate to change. They will not carry the same level of eagerness to do so. Their Extraverted Thinking function will inspire them to change as per the requirement. Their approach toward change is traditional. INTJs will look at the change in a much more favorable manner. It is because their intuition takes them forward rather than previous experiences. Therefore, there is no condition attached to their intent to change. Whenever they feel that things are getting monotonous, INTJs seek for changes in their lifestyle
 When you are someone with an ISTJ type of personality, you will always stick to the rules and regulations for doing any work. They will prefer to remain cautious. These people hate creating unnecessary problems by being reckless. These people have the natural tendency to lead their lives independently. Their daring nature allows them to avoid maintaining those rules, which they consider useless. Hence, INTJs believe that they can get away without them.
 ISTJs dominant Si or Introverted Sensing enables them to gather facts and details for making better decisions in their lives. They possess a wide array of information within themselves, which makes them highly knowledgeable people. Their Introverted Sensing (Si) makes them share their wealth of knowledge. It also develops their eagerness to listen and gain credible information from others. The dominant function of an INTJ is Introverted Intuition. Due to this reason, they have more interest in the larger picture than they express toward every detail. If someone takes sufficient time to express their views, an INTJ will soon become irritated. They do not like beating around the bush. These people will look for specific information which would help serve their purpose.
 The inferior cognitive function for this type is Extroverted Intuition. Their extraverted intuition makes them enjoy new levels of experience and helps bring balance to this rigid personality. The inferior or tertiary cognitive function of the INTJ personality type is Extroverted Sensing. It enables them to process information with the help of their senses and focus on the present situation.
 People with ISTJ personality are highly observant. They notice even the smallest of changes that take place in an environment. These individuals can easily make good observations about people based on facts. People with INTJ personality will only notice the change when there is a significant deviation from normal. They are also keen observers but tend to forget quickly once those observations turn into impressions.
 The Myers Briggs type of personality people suffer from fear of unfavorable events recurring in their life. Hence, they focus on those to prevent the occurrence of negative happenings in the future. When they come under stress, their focus on negativity will not let them decide their best way forward. INTJs follow their intuition. They show complete trust in it so as not to worry about the outcomes of their decisions. It is unlikely that these people will produce unrealistic scenarios. When they suffer from stress, they will probably fall back on their inferior function, Extraverted Sensing (Se) to stop worrying.
 ISTJs will never make any decision based on whether it will make them happy or not. Even if they don’t like something, they will stick to it as they feel the change will not make any significant impact. As far as INTJs are concerned, they will not be in their jobs if they do not like them. Happiness is above everything else for them. When something fails to provide them with the desired level, they will not think twice before leaving it.

To Sum Up

The inference we can draw from the detailed explanation of ISTJ vs. INTJ is that they have similar characteristics of introverted, thinking, and judging types in their personalities. Even then, there are some differences between the two. They may not appear on the surface but still exist to form their individualities.

For instance, ISTJs pay attention to detail, while INTJs concentrate on the bigger picture. People with ISTJ personality types are bothered about the present moment, while the intuitive nature of INTJs makes them look ahead.