So, you are curious about the omega female vs alpha female face-off? Do you know both women in your life? Wondering how to treat them fairly? Or, do you want to know which responsibilities they can take?

Well, comparing their personalities is a great way to find your answers. And this think-piece will help you differentiate down to their bones!

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Omega Female vs Alpha Female

People assume that omega and alpha females are completely opposite to each other. This is because one is at the top while the other is at the bottom. However, assumptions may not always be correct. So, let’s find the truth at a quick glance here…

 Omega FemaleAlpha Female
SimilaritiesThey are both self-confident.
 Both are inspirational women.
 They both receive respect from others.
 People seek advice from both.
 They are both comfortable in solitude.
 Both get misunderstood by others.
 They are both loyal to close ones.
 Both are open to learning new things.
DifferencesThey like to work solo… neither lead nor follow.They like to lead.
 Their ambitiousness depends on the subject.They are ambitious about everything.
 They are disorganized.They are organized.
 They may or may not succeed in their career.They succeed in their career.
 They’re introverted.They’re extroverted.
 They want privacy.They want attention.
 They want to be wooed.They woo their romantic interests.
 They may not be considered beautiful.They’re considered quite attractive.

Most of you probably don’t have the patience to read past the chart. But, a single phrase can’t explain everything. So, know your facts better here…

1. Both are confident

An omega woman is aware of her actions, interests, disinterest, and emotions. She knows herself and her thoughts better than anyone else. She knows about her negotiable and non-negotiable boundaries.

Since she knows herself so well, she’s confident about herself. She doesn’t feel insecure even if others say something rude.

Many people judge her for different beliefs and perceptions. But she doesn’t let others put her down. She knows that even if she’s different, she’s one of a kind.

Similarly, an alpha woman is also confident about herself. This is because she’s on top of the hierarchy. She also has a great streak of success in her life. As it boosts her confidence, she takes more risks. Her confidence helps her be a fearless and desirable woman.

2. Both inspire others

Women with omega personality types possess creative intelligence. In their personal and professional life, they can use this to deal with any sort of trouble. Even if people meet dead ends, they can figure out solutions.

Moreover, they also thrive to overachieve and succeed in their work life. Their swift progress at work is another inspirational story for their coworkers and close ones. They might not boast their success stories, but they still motivate others to improve themselves.

Likewise, due to the alpha female personality traits, women teach others by setting examples. They are capable and achieve a lot in their life.

They encourage others that all men and women can succeed in life if they want. They always motivate others with tips and advice.

3. People respect both these women

As mentioned before, both omega and alpha females are great on their own.

An omega woman is great in her work and personal life. Her place in the hierarchy might be at the bottom, but she’s as capable as an alpha female. She can work hard and always finds solutions to her and others’ troubles.

Similarly, an alpha woman is an all-rounder, i.e., she can solve any issue with her wits. She is a leader in all areas of her life. She is the soul of a party and supports others with her intelligence. She knows that many people depend on her. So, she feels responsible for others’ welfare.

People respect both women due to their effort and support. Everyone feels grateful for having either of these women around them.

4. Others often seek both of their advice

An omega woman possesses empathy and creative intelligence. She can feel others’ emotions pretty vividly. So, she also easily puts herself in others’ shoes. She knows what the other person experiences. This helps her customize the necessary solution as per others’ needs.

Due to her creativity and intellect, she can also solve any problem. She has an eye for ways that most people overlook which makes her a brilliant problem solver and mediator.

Though she’s shy and reserved, she overcomes that when things take a worse turn. So, people know that she’ll share foolproof advice based on their personal circumstances.

On the other hand, people seek alpha females’ advice because of their alpha instincts. Everyone knows that she makes the best choices and takes calculated risks.

5. They both feel comfortable alone

Due to introversion, an omega woman doesn’t like to be around new faces. At most, she can act herself and feel comfortable around her tight inner circle. But since they can’t always be available, she feels great being on her own.

She doesn’t mind if her friends like to socialize. She rather encourages them to pursue their interests. Meanwhile, she’ll spend time on solo activities like watching movies, playing video games and reading books.

Moreover, she also doesn’t mind waiting for her prince charming. She doesn’t care if everyone else is paired and she’s alone.

On the other hand, an alpha female is fine being alone only romantically. She feels confident even if she doesn’t have a lover. She waits for the right time instead.

6. They are both prone to be misunderstood

Omega females prefer meaningful conversations over shallow ones. When people bring up something deep, their eyes light up. But when it’s a shallow topic, they seem dull, bored, and even zone out of the conversation. They might also leave the conversation abruptly.

Omega women also don’t want to be a part of any specific social group. They want to be independent. They also don’t agree with modern dating ideas and turn down casual connections.

They know what they want and stick to their grounds. So, people often assume that they are arrogant, but they don’t care.

Similarly, alpha women are also misunderstood. People assume they are way too outspoken, forward, and arrogant. Thankfully, a 2019 study helped in understanding alpha women better!

7. They are both loyal to loved ones

An omega female always has her guard up. She doesn’t easily let people in her life. She believes in having a small circle and very few loved ones.

She isn’t a fan of having millions of friends on social media… because none of them are true friends.  Instead, she’ll cherish 2-3 friends and close family members.

Since she doesn’t keep many people by her side, she treats them with utmost care. Her loved ones can rely on her anytime and she never lets them down.

An alpha woman, similarly, is also reliable. She cherishes her loved ones as they are her support system. She cares for them more than her life and is extremely loyal to them. Even her loved ones know how much she treasures them.

8. They both like to learn using different ways

An omega female likes to learn about various things through deep conversations and debates. She discusses world politics, the universe, human evolution, modern issues on earth, the meaning of life, and so on.

She feels intrigued when someone knows more or has interesting opinions about it. If she feels like it, she discusses these things for hours. In the end, she loves how enlightened she feels. She doesn’t mind if she’s proven wrong and gets her facts right.

An alpha woman, too, is interested in knowing more about the world. She never stops learning from her surroundings. In fact, she grabs any chance to learn more. This is why she can flourish and succeed in her life better than most women.

9. Omega females like to work solo while alpha females like to lead

When it comes to career and job roles, an omega female desires to be neither a leader nor a follower.

She doesn’t want to be led by the nose. She doesn’t want to be a part of a big department or group at all… even if it is as a leader.

This is because she is an empath. So, when she’s surrounded by too many people, she feels overwhelmed and anxious. So, she feels great if she can work independently.

On the other hand, an alpha female is a leader. She pretty much enjoys being in charge of others’ welfare and progress. She loves to lead others with her overwhelming, outgoing, and unique energy. It’s as if she was born to lead!

10. Omega women are ambitious only in interesting jobs while alpha females are ambitious everywhere

If an omega woman’s job makes her use her brain a lot, she’ll work with a lot of dedication. When she feels challenged, she thrives to do more than she needs. She might even overachieve her goals because it’s challenging.

People usually slow down when they face complicated tasks. But it motivates an omega female beyond imagination. This impresses her peers and seniors too.

However, this dedication lasts only till her task is interesting. A boring task can make her slow down as much.

But an alpha female is naturally driven and ambitious about everything. It’s not just about her career. She wants to succeed in her personal relationships and even desires an equally bustling life with many careers.

11. Omega females are disorganized unlike alpha females

Omega women are mostly immersed in their deep thoughts. They are always busy planning one thing or solving the other. Meanwhile, they forget to take care of their space. They are untidy both in their personal and professional life.

For instance, you might find an omega female’s house clogged with the packaging of a month’s takeout. Or, you’ll never find things in the right place.

At work, all the files and papers are all over the place. However, she can always find her things on the first go. She also feels more comfortable in the chaos.

But an alpha female is pretty put together about everything. It’s not just about her tidiness, but also her appearance and her life. She makes sure that nothing is out of order.

12. Omega females’ career success varies unlike alpha women’s

An omega woman won’t succeed in all career options. She has particular demands from her professional life. She expects her job to be exciting and adventurous. She wants it to challenge her intellectually and not be a piece of cake. If it’s something similar, she can succeed in that.

On the other hand, she doesn’t want to work in a team like a Sigma female. She wants to work solo outside a team. She doesn’t like to give or take orders. Being intensely empathetic, she struggles to normally coordinate in groups.

But alpha females can be great team members, leaders, or a freelancer. They usually take up leadership positions, but their position has nothing to do with success.

13. Omega women are introverted while Alpha females are extroverted

An omega woman dislikes joining events with unknown people. She feels awkward socializing or even enjoying being around strangers and acquaintances.  She’s an introvert and likes to stay low. She comfortably spends time with her loved ones.

If you meet an omega female in your professional life, she’ll hardly be present in company gatherings. It’s even hard to be friends with her. Rather, she is more interested in staying in and playing video games.

But alpha females are extroverted and love socializing. They’re always enthusiastic about going out and meeting new people. They want to know more people and dominate more social circles.

They never miss a chance to enjoy the outdoors even if they know nobody. They don’t feel awkward being themselves publicly.

14. Omega females like privacy while alpha females like attention

Even if an omega woman joins an office event, she’ll stay low. She’ll try to avoid others’ attention. Since she’s an empath, she can’t stand being smothered by people’s attention. She feels overwhelmed and can’t control her emotions.

In mandatory events, she always seeks privacy. She might loiter in the garden while everyone is in the hall. Or, she might hang out on the balcony or any inconspicuous corner.

Suppose she attends an event with the closest loved ones, she’ll still take space for herself. She’ll return before everyone else.

On the flip side, an alpha woman always wants all the attention on her. She doesn’t feel good if people don’t pay attention to her. She grabs the spotlight wherever she goes.

15. In romance, omega females want to be wooed while Alpha females make the first move

The omega woman is obsessed with romantic thoughts. She wants her partner to sweep her off her feet. She wants to be treated like a princess and made a priority in the relationship.

She may not desire a rich partner. But she at least demands them to treat her gently. She doesn’t want to settle for anyone that can’t understand or fulfill these small demands.

She knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less like casual relationships. She won’t even woo another person.

But alpha females like to dominate their relationships. They won’t be shy to woo their partner first. They don’t mind what others think of it… it’s fine so long she can find the love of her life and settle soon.

16. Omega women might not be considered beautiful compared to alpha females

Omega women are infamous for neglecting their space. They stay in chaotic and disorganized spaces. This can also impact their appearance. They may not take care of their looks and dressing sense.

So, they may look unappealing in both their professional life and romantic life. Companies reject them because they don’t look for the part they apply for.

Potential love interests ignore them because they don’t feel attracted to their unkempt appearance. They might even wonder “If she puts no effort into looks, will she even care about the relationship?”

But alpha women are considered to be the most attractive women in the social hierarchy. They take care of their appearance actively as they’re social butterflies.

17. Omega woman doesn’t like to be part of the hierarchy, but alpha woman relishes it

Omega females dislike being judged based on their position in the social hierarchy. They want to be freed from this grouping and be independent like the sigma females. They hate being compared to others. They just want to be left on their own and get rid of the “omega” label for good.

But alpha females love knowing their “alpha” status. It’s a great ego boost for them and they feel more driven to maintain things as it is. They love it when people look up to them even without doing much.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

As evident, there are some unique similarities between omega and alpha women. But they aren’t completely similar.

These women have their unique strengths and weaknesses. So, don’t judge them based on their differences alone. Instead, test them in person or communicate with them.

If you want to choose either of the two, give them fair chances to prove themselves. You never know how they might surprise you!

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