People with personality traits of enneagram 2 type contain generosity, empathy, and altruism in their behavior. They work hard and have the urge to make people in their surroundings feel comfortable and loved. It is the reason why they are known as givers or helpers. 

These individuals can relate to different personalities under Myers and Briggs. Most of them fall under four Myers-Briggs personality types including, ESFJ, ISFJ, INFJ, and ENFJ.

Enneagram type 2s does not hesitate to offer whatever they have. They include their time, attention, or anything that can make others feel easy. These people love to get involved in the needs of the people around them. It becomes difficult for them to respect their boundaries and ask for things they need.

These individuals pretend as if they do not have requirements of their own till they become resentful. It comes from the feeling as if no one cares for them. Enneagram 2s can always find a relation between different aspects of life. They always look at the world from what other people need. Then, they think of ways to fulfill them.

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Personality Traits of Enneagram 2

Enneagram twos feel quite easy to gain popularity among others. It is because they always give them the feeling of love and acceptance. Most individuals are unaware that people with this personality type often give more than their capacity. Simultaneously, they pretend as if everything is fine.

Twos tend to focus most of their energy on others, their friends, family members, and loved ones on average levels of emotional health. They are friendly and helpful by nature. Still, these people can suddenly become aggressive and demanding when they become tired of being there for others on all occasions. 

These are the occasions when hidden pride of how valuable these people turn out to be in the lives of others appears. Then they can turn to subtle means of manipulation to get what they want.

There are healthy 2s who discover their self-worth outside the horizon of those things they do for others. They can strike the right balance between what they give and take. These people feel comfortable caring for themselves and telling others to do the same.

People with this personality type create different places of warmth and safety for numerous individuals. They do so from a position of strength and selfless love, not out of submissiveness.

It is necessary for Enneagram twos to realize that people love them for who they are. They are worthy of receiving love and acceptance just by being themselves. There is no need for them to become someone they are not.

There are unhealthy twos as well. This Enneagram portrays their unhealthy levels in various ways. These people can present a false image of their generosity. They can even show others as if they are not selfish, but unfortunately, the reality is something else.

Do you see yourself as having an Enneagram 2-type personality? You can take one of the several online personality tests to determine your type. If you turn out to be an Enneagram 2 individual, then you must have the following personality traits –

1. Desire to Develop Meaningful Relationships with Others

People with Enneagram 2 personality type are around others, trying to meet their needs in whatever way they can. Now, there is a catch to it. These people do not have time and energy for those acquaintances that are there just for the sake of it.

They always want to make close friendships, or romantic relationships, which primarily revolve around authenticity, intimacy, and mutual support. Hence, if you forge a relationship with an Enneagram 2 individual, ensure that you have these qualities in your personality.

2. They Find It Draining to Have Communication Not Involving Other People

It rarely causes interest among Enneagram 2s to learn just about things. They want to understand the things that make people behave in a particular manner. These people show interest in all those lessons and stories involving people they genuinely care for in their lifetime.

If someone wants to dissect every part of the car engine, you will not find an Enneagram 2 anywhere near them. On the other hand, you can come across someone who shows interest in knowing how people think and come to conclusions. 

Then an individual with Enneagram 2 personality type will always get involved in understanding more about them.

3. You Enjoy Treating People with Love and Importance

If you are someone with Enneagram 2 personality type, you love to know that you have impacted a person’s life. You will feel proud to realize your positive contribution has helped to change someone’s approach toward life.

You would go out of your way and acknowledge the level of impact people have had on your life. Simultaneously, you will recognize their skills and talents and appreciate them for making the best use of those while leading their lives. It will help you focus on building healthy relationships with others.

4. Enneagram 2s Enjoy Receiving Appreciation

Another significant trait of a person with the Enneagram 2 personality type is that they enjoy when people appreciate their contribution toward them. It is one of the foremost desires of this individual.

These individuals are warm-hearted. They help people with utmost sincerity and warmth. There is always a sense of expectation among these individuals that their effort will be recognized and appreciated. When that happens, it makes them feel happy. On the other hand, if it does not happen, then these individuals start suffering from the fear of worthlessness.

5. Tendency toward over commitment

There is a feeling among Enneagram 2s to suggest that they can resolve any problem if they put sufficient effort into it. Sometimes, this habit can make them commit to more projects than they can realistically complete within a day.

It comes from your willingness not to disappoint people. They always wish others to recognize them as people pleasing individuals. 

In doing so, these people face trouble valuing them as they value others. Hence, when someone asks for your support, you might feel selfish saying no, even if that is what you must do.

6. Enneagram 2s Explore Creativity for Relaxation

All those with Enneagram 2 personality type feel relaxed and energetic when they have sufficient time alone to explore the creative side of their personality in some manner. It can be anything like crafting jewellery items, preparing a recipe, drawing, etc.

These activities give these individuals immense pleasure and satisfaction for nurturing their skills across different fields. Enneagram 2s tend to experience soothing touch in their senses and find solace in doing what they love.

7. They Are Authentic

A trait or quality which everyone must possess in their personality is authenticity. Enneagram 2s have it in plenty. When someone approaches this personality type person for help, they will make sure to do so in the best possible manner. They will never pretend to commit to something, which they would struggle to do when the time arises.

These people will use their creativity and enjoy carrying out various artistic pursuits. They need not become terrified of saying no to others and disappointing them. Enneagram 2s have every right to give preference to their needs ahead of meeting others’ commitments.

8. Spending Time Alone Ensures Clarity of Thoughts

Enneagram 2 individuals love to spend their time among people. Under these circumstances, they prioritize helping them meet their responsibilities. They will even respond to their feelings and sentiments. Unfortunately, all these activities can easily make them ignore their needs and requirements.

Eventually, they might shut themselves down while in a crowd because of their inability to think with clarity. These people require peace of mind and serenity to recharge them, hence start thinking clearly without any confusion. When they stay alone, it allows them to realize their wants, needs, and feelings far more accurately.

9. You Are Sensitive to Criticism

When they feel unwanted or unloved, it is a source of anxiety that often causes problems for Enneagram 2s. Due to this reason, you always try to be selfless in giving love and meeting their needs. Doing so enables them to regain belongingness and security.

When they receive criticism from a loved one in a rude manner can easily make Enneagram 2 lose their resistance and become weak. Thus, people must avoid telling stuff to individuals with this personality type that could hurt their sentiments.

10. They Are Sentimental

Enneagram 2 personality type individuals have the habit of helping people. They feel others will have similar generosity as them and offer help when any need arises in the life of an Enneagram 2.

Unfortunately, life is not easy as it seems. Thus, when others do not reciprocate similar feelings of offering help to an Enneagram 2 at a crucial time, these people become sentimental.

11. Enneagram 2s Are Never Willing to Express Their Needs

People with Enneagram 2 personality type always strive to act selflessly. They never want to give others any idea that they want anything from anyone. It can be a significant problem if you are only willing to give and not ask for assistance.

There are individuals present across the world that has dubious intentions. They always find some scope to take advantage of people who are straightforward and noble. Hence, Enneagram 2s must keep this in mind and avoid others from taking advantage of their goodness.

12. These People Can Relate to Others with Ease

Enneagram 2s love to have a sense of belonging, step into others’ shoes, and see life from their perspectives. They firmly believe that people have the right to share others’ problems and implement different ways of solving them, hence making their lives better.

These people truly relish when they get the opportunity to get in touch with someone at an emotional level. It allows them to make a positive contribution to someone’s life.

13. Enneagram 2s Isolate Them and Suffer from Distrust under Stress

All those with Enneagram 2 personality type try extremely hard to showcase an unfazed face to the external world. When they come under stress, it can become overwhelming for them to handle such situations. These people can completely shut themselves down and isolate themselves even from those people who care for them.

Friends and family members might suffer from shock when Enneagram 2 gives those sharp criticisms, show less concern regarding others’ feelings, or begin to make undue demands.

14. They Fear Being Selfish

The last thing an Enneagram 2 individual would like others to see in them is selfishness. They feel that taking care of them is a sign of getting self-absorbed and unproductive. 

There are occasions when this can become true, but it is rare. Enneagram 2s must learn the art of saying no without criticizing themselves.

Taking sufficient time out for rest and self-care is critical for your physical and mental well-being. It even helps you to prevent others’ resentment. Resentment of any sort can ring the death knell even for valuable relationships.

To Sum Up

Enneagram 2 or, The Helper is someone who prioritizes the fulfilment of people’s needs and demands under all circumstances. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their dreams for people’s happiness.  

These individuals feel suffocated if they fail to be among people. They want others to show the same compassion and assistance toward them, which they provide from time to time.