Individuals with personality traits of enneagram 4 are genuine, expressive, and reflective. They take pride in being true to themselves. These people always wish to express their uniqueness and let everyone know what makes them different from others. Fours remain in tune with their sentiments and feelings, apart from being comfortable with the complete spectrum of human emotions.

They carry immense power to unravel the beauty that remains hidden in this world. Fours also allow others to see it and bask in its glory. Despite having awareness, enneagram 4s can easily get lost in their emotions. Hence, they face problems getting in touch with the world. They start becoming temperamental and exceedingly dramatic.

Personality Traits of Enneagram 4

An enneagram four personality type individuals has a rich emotional world. They look for different ways to express their sentiments and feelings that help them communicate the mystery they experience within themselves. Fours keep a close eye on all those that are special, intricate, and beautiful.

These people do not prefer staying on the surface. They care about having depth and meaning in life. Hence, fours give extra effort to seek to understand whatever is happening around them in this world. This enables them to accept and face life’s challenges without feeling any need to sugarcoat them.

Fours experience a lot of comfort with certain feelings that others consider as threatening. Still, in their quest for genuineness and appropriate expression of several emotions, these people can even forget that other individuals carry some needs and feelings as well. It happens because they remain absorbed within themselves. They do not feel any obligation to serve others’ needs and requirements. 

Do you feel that you possess an Enneagram type 4 personality? Take one of the several online personality tests to know your exact type. If the test result shows that you belong to this enneagram type, then you must have the following personality traits of enneagram 4 –

1. Unique Inward and Outward Presentation

It is one of the most significant personality traits of enneagram 4. Enneagram 4s place great importance on entertaining unique ideas in their minds. They use those ideas and creatively implement them for getting the right results. Their motto in life is to create a distinct place for themselves. These people always wish to lead a purposeful life.

They will not hesitate to express their need for uniqueness while interacting with others. These individuals will always look for ways to present their different viewpoints on various topics of discussion.

2. Create a Long-Lasting Impression on People

People with enneagram 4 personality types always find a way to create a positive impact on individuals across the world. In the process of doing so, they do maintain a deep sense of their individuality. These individuals will never do something that goes against their nature.

Their focus remains on helping people in such a manner that would make a long-lasting impression on their minds. It comes from being sensitive to others’ feelings and sentiments. They put themselves in others’ shoes and understand things from their perspectives.

3. Connect Easily with Nature and Art

Some personality types find nature and art appealing to them. The same thing applies to Enneagram 4s as well. Works of art and craft tend to attract their attention a lot. Hence, these individuals love attending museums and experiencing the creative pursuits of artistically expressive personalities.

They enjoy being around places that showcase the beauty of nature and find a way to connect their love for art or creativity and the surrounding. Fours are true champions of art, poetry, philosophy, and literature., which help put nature and humanity together.

4. They Let Feelings Rule Their Life

People with the enneagram 4 personality type might use logic to make decisions as and when needed. Still, their feelings play a significant role in how they act and make decisions in life. As mood fluctuations are a common feature among these individuals, others tend to accuse these people by calling them moody.

Their relationships also get adversely affected because of this reason. We all know how Feelers among the 16 personality types tend to behave while leading their lives. Similarly, an enneagram 4 person will always look to follow what their heart says more than their head in most cases. These people make for an integral part of the heart.

5. You Are Highly Sensitive

When someone uses their feelings to make decisions in life, it is easy to assume that you might also be a sensitive person. These individuals make up around 15-20% of the total population. Thus, one can easily state that an enneagram 4 makes up one-third of the US population.

Thus, fours are highly sensitive to stimuli, emotions, sound, and light. An enneagram 4 personality type individual also becomes overwhelmed by the people around them. These people are also critical of themselves. It comes through because they tend to find loopholes in life. Enneagram 4s always feel they are missing something in their life. Hence, they will feel the need to put in extra effort for attaining fulfillment.

6. Look to Doing Something Special

Carrying out daily activities of life is a massive turn-off for enneagram fours. They hate doing similar kinds of duties every single day of their life. They need to do something special that will automatically generate a great level of interest in their minds.

Anything other than normal will allow these people to look forward to each day with excitement and anticipation. Enneagram 4s take pride in doing things differently from others and feel disgusted if anyone accuses them by saying that they are ordinary individuals.

7. Fours are Perfectly Alright Being Authentic and Vulnerable

One of the most important characteristics of the Enneagram type 4 person is their love for seeking authenticity in life. They always wish to create their truth. Due to this reason, these people hate being with those who lack genuineness and pretend as if they are not in reality.

Fours always try to become the most vulnerable and honest person they can be. It is their wish every time while doing any job or at the time of interacting with people. These people never intend to portray themselves in front of others as those they are not. Despite all these, it is not that enneagram 4s would always expose themselves to their vulnerabilities. It only shows that they prefer being as truthful as possible in their life.

8. Prefer to Engage in Deeper Conversations

A person with the enneagram 4 personality type has the habit of getting down to the minute details of topics. They will prefer to avoid wasting time doing small talk. It is perfectly in line with their love for acting authentically.

They consider taking over petty issues as fake. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Fours will always prefer digging deep into people’s feelings and understanding the truth. These people will do so no matter how painful it is.

9. These People Undergo Frequent Mood Swings and Sadness

If you come across a person whose mood changes now and then, often resulting in them being sad, then they must be an Enneagram 4. These blind spots are usually found among these individuals.  These individuals always look to get in touch with their feelings. Therefore, fours always see beauty and pleasure even when there is sadness.

These people experience other negative feelings that other personality types find difficult to avoid. Rather than avoiding their emotions, fours will implement them in their creative pieces of art or other inspirational works.

10. They Do Not Feel Comfortable Being in a Gathering

An Enneagram 4 is uncomfortable when they need to interact with people in a gathering or social setting. It happens because these individuals suffer from loneliness or feel misunderstood by others. When their acquaintances or friends are having any conversation with them, type 4s will often get inside their heads, moving away from real discussion.

Then they will start grappling with the reasons behind their feelings as if they do not fit into that environment. This emotion emerges from their basic fear of being misunderstood or getting accused of having such an attitude. Fours even feel like everyone around them is fully satisfied with their life, whereas they will never attain that level of contentment.

11. Enneagram Fours Thrive on Creativity

Creativity is synonymous with people belonging to the enneagram 4 personality type. They always look to nurture and widen their spectrum of creativity as far as it seems feasible. These people will not stop doing anything that would ensure their unique set of skills stands out from the rest.

We all know that the sole purpose of the fours is to stay unique. Hence, they keep grooming their abilities and talents. This is until they become an asset in their personal and professional lives. It also denotes that enneagram 4s focus on achieving perfection in whatever they do.

12. They Feel as If They Are Missing a Crucial Element of Happiness

No matter how satisfied an Enneagram 4 becomes in their life, they continue to experience emptiness. It makes them feel as if a crucial element is not present that would ensure their happiness.

This kind of feeling motivates fours to express their uniqueness to ensure that people accept them without judgment. Once that happens, it will help them develop a good rapport with others.

13. Remain Aloof from Others

Another crucial feature of Enneagram 4 is they are always prone to stay aloof from others. They like to stay in a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of life. It enables them to find their true feelings. These individuals can use those feelings in their private space through several creative pursuits like writing, work of art, or any other form of expression.

For instance, if they feel comfortable designing or sewing any clothing material, fours will avoid all kinds of social expectations. They will devote themselves to doing all those tasks for some time without feeling the need to give others any explanation.

14. Enneagram 4s Are Aware of Themselves

There are people among various Enneagram types who tend to be acutely aware of themselves and know what they need from life. Type 4 is the most self-examining of all. They spend a lot of time dissecting actions and behavioral patterns to understand themselves better.

Enneagram 4s have dedication toward all these habits. They possess the requisite talent for gaining insight. Thus, these individuals always remain highly attuned to their motivations and emotions. Fours will not back away from explaining it to all their loved ones if they feel the urge to disclose their earlier actions.

15. Your Unhappiness Results in Jealousy

The harsh reality of Enneagram 4 is that they will continue feeling unhappy till they manage to create happiness. These people experience they are unable to attain satisfaction by themselves. Hence, they always remain on the lookout for achieving the same through their unique talents.

Whether the skills of these individuals give them joy varies from one person to another, but when type 4 is healthy, they will no longer become jealous of others. On the other hand, a crucial feature for Type 4s of unhealthy or average levels is to feel jealous of others they consider happy. It happens because these people are constantly looking out for fulfillment in life.

Final Thoughts

Enneagram 4 or, The Individualist is someone who pays attention to being unique, apart from being aware of their emotions and what they want from life. They keep their thoughts within themselves and are sensitive to others’ requirements.

These people adopt an unconventional approach toward their lifestyle. Innovation is one of the most fundamental personality traits of enneagram 4. Fours focus on undertaking creative activities and performing them to their heart’s content. Enneagram 4 personality type people are unstoppable when it is about finding their true personality and what they want to become in life.