Wondering about the performance of a sigma female at work? Curious about what she brings to the plate on the professional platform? Or, are you anxious if you can coordinate with her?

Well, you’ve done a great job at visiting us because this think-piece will reveal everything you gotta prepare for to welcome a sigma female on board… Yes, you heard that right, WELCOME her with ease because she’s full of power and positivity.

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Sigma Female at Work – 20 Things to Know

A sigma female may not be as outgoing or loud as an alpha female, but she’s definitely no less impressive than her. She brings almost all the similar benefits to the workplace. You might only find some minor differences in her attitude due to her introversion.

So, let’s dive into the details here…

1. She’ll never mix professional and personal life

One of the most basic characteristics of a sigma female is her mysterious aura. She always keeps to herself around people she isn’t well-acquainted with. She won’t share her feelings a lot because she knows that someone might use her secrets against her.

Due to her vigilance, she can keep her personal and professional life separate. She won’t let any matters in her personal life impact her professional performance.

Whether her love life is in shambles or she experiences betrayal in romantic relationships, she won’t let those emotions seep into her work life. She’s always reliable when it comes to her productivity.

2. She’ll never hesitate to state her mind

A sigma female doesn’t care about what others think of her when she speaks. She never worries that others will be offended by her and speaks her mind. Women with sigma personality traits feel confident in life. When she believes that something is off, she doesn’t stay put and speaks her mind.

This is another of the personality traits that make others cower in fear in front of her. Of course, she only shows her power so that nobody even tries to walk over her… and it intimidates everyone.

Well, a sigma female coworker won’t usually get in trouble because she knows how to suppress office bullies pretty well!

3. If you’re her close colleague, she got your back

By any chance, if you’re close to a sigma female coworker or boss and they care for you as much as a best friend, then know that you have your special guardian angel around you in the office.

A sigma woman can’t stand it if her close friends are hurt. She’s pretty loyal to them and goes to vast lengths to protect them. She won’t let you get bullied or taken advantage of.

For instance, you can’t figure out some issue with the presentation? She got your back! Someone pushed their job on you and forced you to do it? She’ll speak out for you and find out where the issue is!

When you have a sigma female coworker, you get the complete protection of HR.

4. She likes to work solo

A Sigma woman is introverted and a lone wolf. She doesn’t need lots of people around her… definitely not at work! So, even if you’re more than colleagues and she hangs out with you beyond office hours, she’ll still like to undertake solo tasks instead of being in a group with you.

Whoa there… don’t get offended because she has nothing against you. It’s all because she feels more comfortable and enjoys her solo tasks.

She doesn’t like to depend on others unnecessarily as she feels uncomfortable pushing her responsibilities on others. But this is only when she has the choice!

5. She’s a leader but keeps a low profile

If she doesn’t have a choice and must work in a group, she takes it like a goddess. A sigma female coworker, in fact, has cool leadership skills and knows how to help the entire team afloat. But she never says it out loud or shows it… because even if she’s capable, she’s not comfortable with it.

You see, solitary got her heart so badly that she even hides her talents sometimes. However, if you seek her help, she won’t refuse you. Rather, the more you seek her the more you know how amazing she is.

But even in teams, she won’t depend on others and try to be as independent as possible.  Once everyone finds that she’s reliable, her responsibilities just keep increasing.

6. She’s strong and motivated

A sigma woman is synonymous with the very definition of strength. The traits of a sigma female show that she’s independent, never lets others take advantage of her, and always protects herself and her loved ones… all of these are because she’s strong.

When this enigmatic woman enters the workplace, of course, she uses that same amount of energy for her growth and success. Despite the setbacks she faces in her workplace, she’s always motivated and energetic to give her best.

7. She won’t succumb to unnecessary pressure

A sigma female knows what she wants and how she’ll do it. She’s aware of her responsibilities. So, you can’t pressure her into anything.

Suppose, the boss is in a bad mood and they want to de-stress by taking it out on a sigma female (c’mon, don’t deny it, everyone has worked in a toxic workplace at least once!)

She won’t let a coworker or a boss pressure her into working fast or more unless it was truly her fault or responsibility.  She knows she’s answerable to her boss and the organization, but not at the cost of her own physical and mental well-being.

8. She’ll usually go MIA from office parties… but when it’s important, she’s a champ!

A woman with sigma personality traits is extremely introverted. She isn’t into socializing or spending time with shallow small talk with others. And company parties where employees socialize without even knowing each other are her nightmare.

She doesn’t get how some companies feel random socializing during after-office parties can pull team spirit or increase department unity… because she just wants to go home and relax by herself. She usually bails out on these occasions, but she knows that she can’t always do the same.

So, whenever she’s forced to stay back, she gets in a social situation with her commendable manners and skills. She leaves everyone stunned once she starts socializing.

9. She’ll never give excuses

Women with sigma female personality types don’t believe in giving excuses. If your sigma female coworker or employee fails to do something, she won’t say that she lacked resources or that the rivals didn’t play it fair. She’ll straight up accept defeat and work on her skills.

She’d rather focus on the necessary things that can actually make a difference… instead of blaming the situation or someone else. She’d start working on it immediately and seek ways to fix the mess. 

10. She won’t accept excuses either

On the other hand, if you have a sigma female boss, she won’t buy any of your excuses either.

She won’t entertain any of it and wants you to work on it and give results. If you can’t make it work, you better be direct about it because she’ll get it done by someone else… but beating around the bush isn’t an option.

If you accept defeat, she’ll even help you with tips or teach you how to work on tricky tasks. But, she wants you to put in effort… she can’t spoon-feed you everything from scratch. So, if you get a sigma female supervisor, pay attention and give it your best shot!

11. She won’t disrespect you by judging you

Suppose you have some dirt on your family and somehow your coworkers or the entire organization got an air of it.

Your coworkers might judge you or your family and maintain distance from you. You might be even afraid that your organization might fire you for “disturbing or distracting the workplace”.

However, a sigma female coworker or boss won’t judge you for anything unless they know it. And everyone’s experiences and reasons are unique… So even if she remotely knows about your experience or can relate, she’ll still keep her nose out of it and never judge you.

12. She’s not into office politics

A healthy workplace is seriously hard to come by… especially in big organizations that have a lot of workplace toxicity which impacts productivity… and the HRs hardly have many ideas about employees’ mental health.

Well, one thing’s for sure, even if everyone found something to gossip about you, a sigma female coworker isn’t in that group. She’s just not into smothering dirt behind each other’s backs.

If she has something bad to say to you, she’ll say it to your face. She’ll look you dead in the eye and say it all… but she won’t do it behind your back like a backstabber. She has a lot on her plate and is never available for gossip.

13. She is good with any work environment

A sigma woman is pretty adaptable… way more than you can even imagine! She knows that life is full of challenges and setbacks… and she’s ever so prepared to deal with any sort of change.

Change of departments? Abrupt increase in responsibilities? Suddenly gotta fill in for someone else? The uncalled-for situation with a client? She is ready for almost everything!

She won’t complain or brood over some unexpected trouble and deal with it with her best. She knows how to use her time instead of wasting her… so, if you need someone in emergencies, she’s your best bet.

14. She knows which risks to take

Adventures and risks are a sigma female’s first crush. But don’t worry, she only takes calculated risks and goes for those with favorable risk-to-reward ratios.

So, she won’t ever put the organization or a project in danger with her decisions. Rather, she’ll chase those which promise good returns.

However, things might not always work out the best way… for those off chances, she knows how to compromise and deal with it so that others don’t get affected.

She’s also pretty independent, so she won’t impose on others even if the situation turns worse.  So, you can trust her to do her thing in solo tasks.

15. She won’t let anyone play with her

A sigma female won’t let anyone mess up with her. She knows how to protect herself and keep her distance. A sigma female employee won’t even get close to others to protect herself. However, if anyone ever tries to and successfully hurts her, that person’s career is at stake!

On the professional front, you can’t hurt her with personal attacks… so, it’s definitely when someone messes with her reputation or performance.

Once that happens, she’ll compel that person to admit their wrongdoings and restore her reputation. She’s not petty to get them back by smothering them with dirt… but she won’t let them get away with it!

So, make sure you never mess with her.

16. She’ll always go her own way

Your sigma female employee or coworker isn’t into trends. It’s not just about social media… if her job is in the creativity field, she won’t do anything which is “in the season”. Rather, she’ll either do things her way. If the task needs more creativity, she’ll add her original effects instead of following the crowd.

Probably, she has no idea what competitors are up to or what’s trendy. She hardly follows the new trends because she knows that those will be soon forgotten with the seasons… but her ideas will be evergreen.

17. Once she promises, she makes ends meet

A sigma female will never promise to do something that’s beyond her reach. She’s never the big talker… but if she talks big, she’ll get it done.

So, when you give her a task, ask her whether it’s doable… if she can get it done, she’ll be honest about it. If it’s not, she won’t try to get the job just for more money.

If your business partner, employee, or coworker is a sigma female, know that she’s a person of her word. It’s up to you whether you want to trust her right away… but eventually, you’ll be compelled to trust her and her abilities.

18. She’s always interested in improving herself

A sigma woman never thinks that she’s the best or has no way to improve. Rather, she’s always looking out for ways… in fact, she wants to be an alpha woman. She knows she has a long way to go and isn’t ashamed of that.

So, if you work with a sigma girlie, she’ll take feedback and constructive criticism like a champ and literally work on it instead of feeling low! You won’t have to think twice before telling her where she went wrong. She’d rather appreciate it because you reduced her job.

19. Her boundaries and guard are always high

A sigma woman always has her guard on when she’s not around her loved ones. If you want to befriend her, show her that you’re worth the try. While you collaborate on projects, show that you only have good intentions towards her and she’ll soon accept you as a friend.

She also has strong boundaries. So, even if someone says something mean about her, she doesn’t let that get to her.

She’s a pretty cool and detached woman that doesn’t let the crazy person around her affect her. So, despite what people around her say, she’s always focused on her task.

20. She inspires other coworkers

A sigma woman is one of the most inspiring and motivating people in the professional platform.

She might not be as outgoing as an alpha woman, but whatever she is, she is the best of her kind. She’s confident, a woman of her word, and of course, she tries to improve herself a lot. All these make others want to be like her.

The way she carries herself makes other women at work want to have a similar aura, thrive in this world, and prove their worth. They want to be as wonderful and reliable as her.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

A sigma female worker has a lot to provide in the workplace. However, she doesn’t stand any form of mistreatment.

So, keep an eye out for her and make sure that nobody tries to get her in trouble. Let her focus on her work and don’t cross her path because this lone wolf is too fierce to handle.

But if you treat her right, she’ll be your best bud and your protector… so, play your cards properly! 

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