Strengths & Weaknesses of Enneagram 2 refer to all those qualities and pitfalls that make them unique among all other Enneagram types. If you wish to find your enneagram type, undertake the most popular online enneagram test. It is the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator.

Every person carries distinct characteristics that set them apart from all others in the community. It is applicable for Enneagram 2 personality type people. They possess varied skills and weak links that make up their personality. These individuals must build on their strong points and work on the weak links to maximize their potential.

It is not easy for any individual to achieve the same. Still, if someone puts in their effort consistently, they can fulfil this objective in the best possible manner.

In this article, we will discuss all the strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 2 to ensure that you get a better understanding.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Enneagram 2

The strengths & weaknesses of enneagram 2 talk of the unique qualities and blind spots that help make up their personality. It also states the need to focus on their strengths and overcome their weak links if these people wish for growth and development in life.

Enneagram 2 personality type individuals are warm, caring, and affectionate. They carry a lot of energy, which they invest in their loved ones who form a part of their family, friendship, and romantic relationship. Twos see connections in every aspect of life. These individuals see the world through the needs and desires of other people.

Twos have the great potential to identify people’s needs and see what they can do to fulfil them. It is easy for Enneagram Twos to gain popularity among others as they always give them care, love, and the feeling of acceptance.

Most people would not know that this personality type of individual often gives much more than they should, and they pretend that everything is fine. Twos have immense pride in staying beside others to serve their needs but fail to realize that it is equally significant for someone to be there for them through thick and thin.

One of the weaknesses of an Enneagram Two person is that their usual friendly and helpful nature can suddenly give way to aggression and they can even become demanding. This change occurs when they become tired of being there at the service of others all the time.

The hidden pride of how special they are appears among Twos during these times. They can even adopt subtle ways for meeting their ulterior motive to get what they want.

All those Twos, who belong to the healthy enneagram personality type, find their true worth outside of the help they offer to others. Hence, they can strike the right balance between what they give and what they intend to take. These people feel comfortable whenever they get the chance to care for others and expect others to do the same for them.

They manage to create different places of warmth and safety for people. Twos do so out of strength and selfless love. These individuals must realize they are worthy of getting love just by being the way they are.

Another weakness of Twos is when they think that expressing their needs and wants is selfish. The reality is they must not entertain this negative thought. It is perfectly alright to think of one’s welfare. Hence, these people must fulfil their needs and requirements.

Let us now discuss the details regarding the strengths & weaknesses of Enneagram 2 in the upcoming segments –

6 Strengths of Enneagram 2

Each Enneagram type has strengths and weaknesses in its personality. They appear prominently when Type Twos must deal with people from different cultures in professional setups.

Enneagram Type Two personality individuals are warm, caring, and empathetic people whose purpose is to help others and let them lead better lives. These individuals must focus on their strengths and focus on improving their drawbacks.

Let us now check out the strengths of Enneagram 2 personality type individual –

1. Self-Sacrificing

Enneagram Type Twos carry a self-sacrificing attitude while leading their lives. They do not hesitate to go out of their comfort zone to help and support others.

These people are generous, kind, and always willing to meet others’ needs before their own. They will be humble toward supporting others with a fair amount of care and concern.

2. Supportive and Encouraging

People with Enneagram 2 personality type are always ready to offer their support and encouragement to others. It gives them an immense joy to remain at the service of others and encourages them to do well in life. This works perfectly for them to avoid conflicts.

All those who get in touch with these individuals feel a positive impact on their lives. They receive the motivation from Twos to work hard, take risks and achieve their dreams. It applies to family members, relatives, and friends who do not hesitate to take risks as they have the backing of an Enneagram 2.

3. Work with Dedication

Enneagram Type Twos are hardworking people who show tremendous commitment toward their work. They are not those who hold themselves back and wait for things to happen.

These individuals would put effort into creating ideal opportunities to prove their true worth and competency. Their focus on carrying out duties enables them to accomplish tasks on time.

4. Urge to Know Others

Another vital strength of Enneagram 2 is that they have the urge to know how people think, feel and deal with their challenges in life. They are always ready to develop an interpersonal connection by going deeper inside their personalities.

Hence, they get clarity regarding the ideal manner of treating them. This tendency to know people comes from their sole purpose to live for others’ welfare and happiness.

5. Treats People with Empathy

Twos are naturally kind and empathetic while dealing with people in their life. They can put themselves in others’ shoes and look at a situation from their point of view. It enables them to know what they feel and go through while confronting similar scenarios in life.

They show a deep level of care and love and develop an in-depth feeling for the well-being of others. It allows people to reach out to Twos for any assistance.

6. Spends Life with Enthusiasm

Enneagram Two personality types of people are energetic and lead their lives with enthusiasm. Once they decide to do something, nothing can stop them from achieving their goal. If they see someone in distress, they do not think twice before helping that person.

A person with this enneagram type lives to improve people’s lives. They are not those who sit back, contemplating how they must deal with their own and others’ challenges.

4 Weaknesses of Enneagram 2

The weaknesses of Enneagram 2 individuals refer to numerous drawbacks or blind spots in their personalities. They must try and overcome them to attain the desired level of growth and development in life.

Let us now discuss the weak links inside an Enneagram Two person, which they must work on and overcome as early as possible.

1. Low Confidence Level

Enneagram 2s have a low confidence level. They seek others’ approval to realize their true worth. When they receive validation from the outside world, it helps them to feel important in social gatherings. Otherwise, Twos might suffer from insecurity, anxiousness, and vulnerabilities.

They look forward to feeling loved and receiving care from people who matter to them. If for some reason, they do not receive the desired level of affection, twos start doubting their potential.

2. Struggles to Say No

Enneagram Two personality type people feel so indebted toward serving others that people also feel comfortable approaching them for meeting some purpose. While meeting others’ obligations, they even disregard their commitments, which makes them face problems now and then.

The root cause behind all these is the major weakness that exists in their personality. They cannot say ‘no’ whenever anyone comes for advice or help. They feel obliged to meet the needs and demands of people.

3. Feeling of Entitlement

Healthy Twos are always selfless caregivers who get a strong sense of fulfillment by offering unconditional love and affection without expecting to get anything back in return. The scenario is different when Enneagram 2s are unhealthy and not at their best.

These people have the habit of doing a lot for others. They might ask for a vote of thanks from others as part of their gratitude toward them. There are instances when they can even demand gratitude and might not feel good if others fail to meet their expectations.

This individual feels entitled to receive what they want from people. It forms a part of their repayment for all the help or service Enneagram 2 has provided. They can even begin to manipulate others to fulfil their needs.

4. Takes Offense to Criticism

Enneagram Twos are emotional in nature. It allows them to feel for others and treat them with care and compassion. Still, their emotion does not let them ignore certain statements or actions, but they start taking them personally.

These people might not feel good when someone else points fingers at them or criticizes their actions. Enneagram 2 personality type people hate critical evaluations of their work. If others try to hurt them intentionally with their judgments or straightforward approach, twos feel that people are not treating them with seriousness.

Personality Growth Tips for Enneagram 2

It is usual for an individual to have strengths and weaknesses in their personality. The same is applicable for Enneagram 2 personality type people. Preferably, they must put the requisite effort to overcome their weak links for growth and development.

Personality growth talks about the overall improvement of skills and talents that exist in an individual. It also refers to various ways through which one can make themselves better.

The first thing an Enneagram 2 should do to experience personal growth and development is learn ways to take care of themselves. They must give equal importance to their needs and requirements as they realize them for others.

Healthy Twos are selfless people who have the habit of ignoring their aspirations. This habit hampers their physical and mental health in the long run. It is because they do not hesitate to help people even if that adversely affects their physical, mental, and financial well-being.

There are occasions when their need to receive love and care from others becomes so intense that they resort to pleasing people. It might hamper their dignity to a great extent if they fail to receive social acceptance as per their expectations.

Twos must practice self-love. They must stay in touch with their feelings to accept themselves the way they are.

Let us briefly discuss the growth tips that might help them realize their true personality. It will also make them fully aware of their weaknesses and various ways to improve their skills to attain personal satisfaction and happiness.

1. Practice the Art of Mindfulness for Achieving Personal Growth

When Enneagram Twos learn different ways to step outside their comfort zone and gauge their personality from the objective side, they can notice patterns in their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Enneagram Two people can develop a better understanding. They can get to know where they must set boundaries and focus on their welfare.  

2. Make Due Consideration of Personal Feelings about Things

Enneagram 2s are so dedicated to serving others that they do not attend to their needs and emotions. Now, how to improve on this aspect of their personality?

A type two Enneagram’s growth lies in acknowledging and accepting their emotions. They can indulge in activities like journaling to get more in touch with the emotional side of their personality.

3. Develop the Habit of Self-love

Enneagram 2 personality types often feel stuck in their desperate need to please others. If they do not receive approval for their effort from others, Twos might start feeling unworthy due to a lack of appreciation.

Thus, these people must learn to love their true personalities. People with this enneagram personality type can grow if they adopt this attitude and do not wait for others’ validation.

4. Learn Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries

It is an open secret that Enneagram Twos always give more time and energy than they may need to invest for others. This habit of theirs makes them feel depleted and secluded from their identity.

These enneagrams can flourish when they start learning ways to maintain healthy boundaries which solely focus on their needs.

5. Present Your True Identity in Front of Others

Every person in this world has an identity for leading their life. The same applies to an individual with Enneagram 2 personality. At their best, these people show love, care, and empathy toward others. These characteristics change when they transform themselves into unhealthy twos.

Under those circumstances, these people would completely change their personality traits. They will undertake different ways to please others to receive praise, love, and care from them. 

If enneagram twos genuinely want growth and development in life, they must put conscious effort toward maintaining transparency. They need to be honest about their thoughts and feelings. Gradually, these individuals will realize that people appreciate seeing the authentic side of their personality.

To Sum Up 

Enneagram 2 personality type people carry several positive traits, including a selfless attitude, empathetic approach toward others, dedication toward work, and a few more. They help these individuals gain popularity among individuals across different spectrums of life.

On the other hand, their lack of confidence, inability to say no to others, need to feel entitled, and taking criticisms at heart can genuinely hamper their growth.

Still, if these people take note of things they need to do and try not to be those in front of others, which are not in reality; it can gradually help enneagram twos’ progress toward growth and development.