Strengths & Weaknesses of Enneagram 4 refer to those qualities and drawbacks in their personality that make them unique among all other Enneagram types. If you want to find your enneagram type, take the most popular online enneagram personality test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator.

Every individual in this world carries specific characteristics that set them apart from everyone else in the community. It applies to people with Enneagram 4 personality type. They possess several skills and weak links that make up their personality. These individuals must build on their strengths and work on the pitfalls to maximize their potential.

It is not so convenient for anyone to achieve this objective in life. Even then, if anyone puts in conscious effort consistently, they will fulfill this goal in the best possible manner.

In this post, we will discuss all the strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 4 to ensure that you get a better understanding.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Enneagram 4

The strengths & weaknesses of enneagram 4 talk about unique qualities and drawbacks that help to form their personality. It also mentions the need to concentrate on their strengths and overcome the weak links for ensuring growth and development in life.

Enneagram 4 personality type individuals are sensitive, creative, and idealistic. These people possess a strong sense of creating their own identity. They wish to do things differently from others. Fours look for meaning and authenticity in life. These two things help to characterize their personality. Whatever choices they make, they are all directed toward being one of a kind and expressing their thoughts with freedom.

One major advantage of an Enneagram 4, apart from being expressive, is to remain in tune with all their feelings. They are also fully aware of their surrounding environment. Thus, it ensures that no one can take them for a ride in any situation. These people can keep every situation under their control and not let anyone else take the upper hand.

Unlike most other individuals, Fours prefer to go against the norm. They love to adopt new ways of thinking and use them for implementing newer methods while carrying out their roles and responsibilities. Individuals with this enneagram type always remain in the quest for being authentic and distinctly different from others.

Among several drawbacks that people with this personality type possess, they feel others do not see them for who they are. Hence, they remain aloof from others. It also happens because enneagram fours tend to clash with conventions and norms. Thus, they cannot connect with others and suffer from isolation.

It is not a surprise that an Enneagram 4 is always regarded as Individualist. They receive motivation from expressing themselves as a separate and unique individual. Fours could easily fulfill this desire by developing an exclusive image with an unusual fashion statement, dealing in artistic pursuits, and focusing on those interests that belong to the niche category.

A person with this Enneagram Type has the core desire to find a unique identity that makes proper sense. On the other hand, they have a core fear of leading an ordinary life. They do not prefer such a life as it does not carry any kind of thrill or newness to capture their attention.

There are two versions of Enneagram 4, the healthy and unhealthy ones. While, the healthy fours look to create a meaningful impact on the world and all those around them by taking part in work that lets them use their creativity to express ideas, explore new concepts, and pose challenges to others for change. Their strength also lies in influencing others to think out-of-the-box.

On the other hand, an unhealthy Enneagram 4 can be angry, totally absorbed within themselves, hopeless, and suffer from intense mood swings. These things happen when they get tired of searching for a unique identity for themselves. They can suffer from a lack of self-esteem and criticize themselves for their wrong choices.

It is now time to discuss the details regarding the strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 4 in the following segments –

5 Strengths of Enneagram 4

Each Enneagram personality has its set of strengths and weaknesses. They usually appear under those circumstances where they must deal with situations that are either favorable or unfavorable for them. These things tend to crop up even more prominently when they must tackle people from different cultures in their working environment.

Enneagram Type Four personality individuals are aware of themselves and the happenings around the world. Apart from this, they are shy and sensitive as well. They behave just like how a guardian would do to protect their emotions and innocence. These people intensely feel every aspect of life and try to cultivate something or the other inside them for nurturing their creativity.

Let us now check out the strengths of Enneagram 4 personality type individual –

1. Connects Deeply with their Emotions

Enneagram fours develop a deeper connection and understanding of their inner emotions. It allows them to reflect and put the requisite effort into recognizing their strengths along with their mistakes. A person with this type carries the potential to see the areas in their personality that require attention for attaining the desired level of improvement.

They invest sufficient time to get in touch with their innermost feelings. These people do not neglect themselves and their needs. There are many for whom it is a challenge to become aware of their emotions. 

Hence, people fail to realize what they truly want from life. It is not the case with enneagram fours. Recognition of emotions is something that comes naturally to these individuals. Thus, life becomes easier for them to a great extent.

2. Sensitive and Understands Others’ Feelings

A person with the enneagram type 4 personality type is highly compassionate toward other individuals. This has a lot to do with their ability to connect to their feelings and emotions. Hence, when they try to understand what someone else is trying to convey or why they are reacting in a typical manner.

They also feel the need to stay patient while tackling others’ feelings and sentiments. Fours never want to cause pain and discomfort to people. These individuals put their best effort to be good listeners to all those they love. Fours know the importance of giving space to others so that they can focus on themselves.

3. Creative and Imaginative Thinking

 Every individual in this world has two versions of their personality, the good and bad or the healthy and unhealthy. Now, when an enneagram of four people is at its best, they tend to use its creativity while dealing with almost every aspect of life. They possess the unique gift to interpret human experience.

These people feel a sense of inspiration with themselves to represent whatever they see through works of creativity, which include writing, beautiful art, craft, dance, or music. 

People can recognize fours for the in-depth emotional experiences they often encounter in their life. They even do not shy away from accepting the darker aspects that exist in their personality. This kind of willingness to honestly accept things that go on inside them, lets these individuals create art, which makes others feel noticed.

4. Freely Express their Authenticity without Worrying About Others

Enneagram type 4 personality individuals know how to express their feelings and remain authentic about finding new things to do in their life. They spend a significant amount of time looking back at their past. These people use feelings and experiences as the base for undertaking creative pursuits.

Fours undergo the constant process of exploring the conscious and subconscious sides of their personality. Their focus lies on creating an original piece of work that remains untouched by what people feel and think. 

They do not allow others’ perceptions to deviate from what they want to achieve in life. It is a unique quality that exists in the personality of an Enneagram Four, which can be beneficial for others if they can imbibe this same quality within themselves.

5. Aware of their Growth Areas

Another major strength that lies in the personality of Enneagram Four is that they are completely aware of all those areas where they can focus on achieving growth in life. This individual will always choose whatever they wish to feel in a particular situation. They will not allow their strong feelings to become overwhelming for them.

These people always choose the individual they wish to be rather than what seems acceptable in their social gatherings. No one can sway an enneagram toward becoming something they do not want by themselves. They will opt for everything they want to attain in their life rather than feeling stuck to what they are supposed to become.

This personality type individual in growth can even learn to look at the world just how it is by accepting their growth. Their core desire to feel everything in life makes them see the world as a place of drama. That is the reason why enneagram fours only wish to focus on different ways through which they can grow and prosper in life.

5 Weaknesses of Enneagram 4

The weaknesses of Enneagram 4 individuals talk of several blind spots or drawbacks that exist in their personalities. They need to overcome them to attain their appropriate level of growth and development in life.

Let us now investigate the weak links inside an Enneagram 4 person, which they must work on and overcome as soon as possible –

1. Withdraw Themselves under Difficult Situations

One of the first weaknesses in the personality of an enneagram four is their inability to face difficult situations in life. They have the habit of running away from those scenarios. Unfortunately, withdrawing oneself from a tough situation will not make things easier. It would complicate matters further.

Thus, people with this personality type must understand that they must face tricky situations, which life throws at them from time to time. It will only help them in enhancing their potential to handle and come out of tough circumstances with flying colors.

2. Attachment toward Things They Do Not Possess

Enneagram Fours have a tremendous level of attachment toward things they do not have in their life. If they see someone else in possession of something they have always wanted to possess, they get upset. This is not an ideal approach that one should keep in their life.

One can always focus on something they do not have in their life and get hold of it through hard work and perseverance. Still, there is no guarantee that he or she would be successful in their attempt, but it does not mean that one can keep thinking of it and hamper all other activities.

3. Tends to Focus a Lot on Them

Another drawback that exists among people with the enneagram 4 personality type is that they always remain obsessed with themselves and their wants in life. They always do what they feel is right and do not bother a lot about what others think or feel.

It is not a great attitude to have. Every individual in this world has something good to offer. Therefore, paying attention to others’ thoughts can help enneagram fours gain useful inputs and make them ignore things they consider unnecessary.

4. Emotional Reaction to Hardships

People go through different phases in their lives. They comprise both good and bad. It applies to enneagram fours as well. Good phrases offer them opportunities to relax, enjoy and have fun, while the bad ones teach some harsh lessons. Both are equally important as they play critical roles in making up the personality of an individual.

Enneagram fours resort to emotional reactions whenever they are faced with hardships. These people struggle to think rationally. They cannot find ways through which they can handle tough times and overcome them for restoring peace and happiness in their life.

5. Feel Awkward Around People They Do Not Know

Enneagram Fours suffer from their inability to be around people they do not know. These individuals always wish to have someone around who knows them from close quarters, and with them, they can share their creativity, feelings, and emotions.

In life, it is not always possible to have links with people who possess similar traits and carry the same mindset. 

Enneagram Fours, while going through different stages of personal and professional lives are bound to face people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, they will have no choice but to adjust to them and carry out their responsibilities. Otherwise, fours will suffer in their personal and professional progress.

Personality Growth Tips for Enneagram 4

It is normal for any individual to have strengths and weaknesses in their personality. The same thing applies to Enneagram 4 personality type people. Ideally, they must put sufficient effort to overcome their weaknesses for growth and development.

Personality growth refers to the overall improvement that a person must bring forth in their skill set and talents that lie within them. It also points toward different ways through which one can become a better person.

The very first thing that an Enneagram 4 must do to experience personal growth and development is to reincorporate their potential to do hard work for improving themselves or other people. They must take concrete action to feel a lot more powerful and confident. It can immensely support their process of growth and development rather than holding them back in search of something they had lost earlier in their life.

Healthy Fours can create works of art that force others to think and turn to challenge usual norms and conventions. They help shift perspectives toward attaining the greater good. People often recognize fours as synthesizers of ideas, who can make others rethink what art should be. Whatever major shift has taken place in the field of fashion and art styles has largely happened because of Enneagram 4s’ ability to think out of the box.

There are occasions when these people can become quite moody and depressed. They can even develop the tendency to contemplate different things in life. It tends to disrupt their naturally creative nature. When this becomes extreme, they even lose their grip on reality and start adopting habits of consuming alcohol.

They remain on a constant search to find out the missing link, which leads them toward the never-ending circle of roundabouts. They must realize their self-destructive thinking and behavioral patterns. These people even become prone to believe there is something broken about them. Enneagram Fours must avoid having these beliefs and move toward growth and development to become better individuals.

Let us discuss in brief the growth tips that might help them realize their real personality. They will make them fully aware of their weaknesses and various ways to improve their talents and skills for personal satisfaction and happiness.

1. Practice the Art of Positive Affirmations

Enneagram Fours are prone to entertaining negative thoughts within themselves. These thoughts drag them back, hence stalling their progress in life. Hence, these people must focus on nurturing positive thoughts and ideas.

Doing so can let these individuals develop a far more positive image of themselves, make them kinder in their approach, and hence bring forth a change in their mindset.

2. See Things from the Perspective of another Person

 A person with an enneagram of four personality types must keep an important thing in mind. They need to understand that even though their feelings are valid, they are subjective. Emotions do not make up their whole personality, but only a part of it.

Thus, these people must view themselves in a far more objective manner. Fours can do so by concentrating on their positive features and accomplishments. Gradually, things will start falling into place.

3. Look at All How They Are Similar to Others

Enneagram Fours always pay attention to see how they are unique. If they genuinely want to grow in life, they must look for various ways to get in touch with people.

Identifying things that fours have in common with people around them can help them develop more intense relationships. These connections can go a long way toward making enneagram fours improve their mindset and grow as individuals.

4. Take Small Steps to Achieve Bigger Things in Life

There is always a chance that enneagram fours might feel that they lack discipline and confidence to fulfill their objectives. It is applicable in both their personal and professional lives. These negative thoughts will not do any good to them. They will make them apprehensive about things to come in life.

Therefore, if Enneagram Four feels overwhelmed to accomplish their wants and desires, they can break the whole task into small, manageable steps. Taking one step at a time can drastically simplify the process and make them achieve their objective in no time.

5. Remain Open to Receiving Constructive Feedback

Enneagram Fours must learn how to come out of their mental block. These individuals should also learn ways to accept feedback from the outside world. They must understand that negative feedback is not an attack on who they are as a person. It is an avenue through which they can work on their flaws and experience significant improvement.

On the other hand, positive feedback is not something that they should devalue or dismiss. Fours must make sure to focus on things they are doing right in their life and hence, receiving appreciation from others. It should let them build on their strong points and strengthen their personality further.

To Sum Up 

Enneagram 4 personality type people possess several positive traits which include making an in-depth connection with their own emotions, understanding others’ sentiments, exploring creativity through imaginative thinking, and a few more. They help these individuals gain others’ accolades and appreciation in life.

On the other hand, their tendency to shy away from facing tough situations, looking to connect with people carrying a similar mindset as them, self-obsession, and a couple of other negative aspects pull them back in their path to progress.

Thus, enneagram fours can focus on doing those things that help them grow and develop. Therefore, they can practice how they should think positively, find out different ways they have similarities with others, and break up a big responsibility into small tasks. Hence, taking these actions can make things easier for them to handle.