Are you ready to know some type B personality motivators? Did you make someone take personality tests out of curiosity and find out they’re a Type B?  

Well, it’s great that you want to be aware of the motivators… because these can help you keep a type B friend, family, child, employee, or student motivated. You can help them skyrocket their efficiency in whatever they’re working on only with some minor actions.

If you’re curious how, dig in!

Type B Personality Motivators

Type Bs are humble yet dream high. However, they don’t aim high, unlike Type As. Most people believe they aren’t as capable as A-types… even worse they feel Bs are inferior to As. However, every type B is capable in their own way. You just gotta motivate them well!

So, let’s spill all the secrets…

1. Public recognition

Type B people try their best to use their creativity in their workplace. They take a lot of time to ensure that their projects and plans are the most unique and original.

But, most people misunderstand their time-consuming process and think they’re not serious about their job. This creates a bitter situation in the professional life of Type Bs.

On the other hand, when their organization or employer recognizes their efforts and encourages them to carry on, they feel proud of their actions and try to work harder.

2. Rewards

Just like recognition from everyone, Type Bs also like to be rewarded as a form of recognition. Everyone loves to be rewarded and compensated with bonuses, salary hikes, and appraisals… even people with Type B personality traits like that.

However, type Bs feel even more appreciated, when they’re given certificates, awards, and inscriptions. This is because Type B individuals hold the journey to success very close to their hearts.

When they work, they’re more absorbed in the process. Awards can remind them daily of their hard work… but money will come and go which won’t help them feel proud in glory.

Moreover, they always seek ways to gain recognition by winning awards and certificates which they can use down the lane.

3. Mementos from celebrities

Another motivator for Type B folks is something their celebrity or role model gave them in person. It might be a selfie with them, their signed merchandise like books, albums, or t-shirts, or even a paper with their lipstick mark on it… which they got directly from them.

The reason?

Only a few lucky ones in the world can get to meet celebrities and get something directly from them. Type Bs are dreamers and this kind of situation makes them believe more in fate and sayings like what goes around, comes around.

Type Bs are helpful and caring people. They support others without expecting anything. This kind of sudden miracle makes their heart race.

4. Success over peers

Type Bs always believe in moving forward with team members, so you might feel it’s contradicting. However, there’s nothing unnatural in this. Just because Type Bs like to support and encourage everyone, it’s wrong to assume they don’t want to win.

They like to taste success just like everyone else.  They’re goal-oriented too but they don’t make a big fuss over it. So, in a group situation, they don’t like to show off or act like a self-proclaimed boss. They believe in equality and empathy. They don’t believe in shoving hierarchy or power in any of their relationships.

So, when they succeed more than their peers, they feel they’re actually worthy to advise people and aren’t just big talkers.

5. Attention

Individuals with Type B behavior patterns appreciate the attention. They work pretty hard on their tasks or projects, help everyone in need, treat people well despite their failures, and motivate others to try harder.

They hope that their intense hard work catches others’ attention. This makes them feel validated and they feel their creativity is going the right way.

On the flip side, they don’t want others to notice their noble character for fame. Instead, they want people to notice that there are softer ways to treat people. It’s not always fair to criticize others as it can make them feel so unwanted that they might make the wrong decision.

6. Acceptance

As mentioned before, Type Bs accept everyone with open arms. Whether they failed in their task or performed brilliantly. They never look down on anyone. Instead, they try to understand their subordinate or team members’ issues and find suitable solutions for them.

Similarly, Type Bs hope to be treated likewise. They hope others will also accept them without any inhibitions. Whether the opposite party is a co-worker or a subordinate, they hope they’ll reach out to them as comfortably.

When others accept them, they feel that their efforts are paid back. But when others keep their distance from type Bs, they feel hurt. This even impacts their interactions and they hold grudges.

7. Anything trendy

This one is quite expected for Type Bs. They’re born dreamers with an ocean of creativity in themselves. Whenever they come across something of the latest fashion or trending styles, they can’t help but get inspired by them.

They’re always on the lookout to get new ideas, jumble them together, and create something new from them. It not just tickles their creative mind but also reminds them that the world still has space for lots more creativity.

They feel that their creations will also not go unnoticed. And someday, their ideas will trend everywhere.

8. Fun and enjoyment

Type Bs like to succeed, but more than ever… they like to live in the moment. They want to cherish every second of the journey to success.

In this aspect Type A and Type B hold completely opposite opinions. While Type As hurry to reach their goals and achieve them, Type Bs want to bask in the glory of every step towards their success.

B-types feel that once they attain their goals, they won’t have the option to look back. They’ll become busy with another task or project and will completely forget about the fun and joy they experienced or might have experienced in the previous task.

That’s why they try to enjoy as much as they can at the moment instead of chasing the end.

9. Relaxed work environments

Type Bs are best-suited in jobs where patience is valued. Their chief strength is their creativity. And time is essential to turn their creative imagination into reality.

On the other hand, even if they don’t work or their field of work doesn’t include creativity or imagination, they don’t like to be hurried or pressured.

They feel more comfortable focusing on one job at a time. They don’t like to multitask and even if they’re given more workload, they don’t succumb to it. Instead, they feel like going against it and delaying the tasks more.

So, in a working environment without pressure and tight deadlines, they can work more diligently.

10. Life satisfaction

Type Bs again contrast with A-types in this one. B-Types are avid fans of healthy work-life balance. They thrive to earn more in their life so that they can enjoy sweet times with their loved ones.

They never want to overwork themselves and not get a chance to see their loved ones. And, they prioritize their professional and private life almost equally.

However, most workplaces don’t allow that balance in today’s world. People are busy taking calls from their clients on dates and even on vacations. So, if a Type B’s professional life allows them to spend enough time with their loved ones, they feel appreciated and work harder.

If they’re satisfied with their workplace, they feel motivated and even share the motivation among others. This also helps in the growth of the organization.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Type Bs are great at motivating others and helping them regain their confidence and find their true purpose in life. They make any party lively with their quirky side… but nobody knows what makes them feel better.

They’re the showstoppers… Everyone feels amazed by their glamorous way of communicating. But that’s just their exterior. Deep within, they also want to be appreciated!

They don’t like being compared to other more successful people… in fact, nobody does!

So, show your fellow B-types that they’re precious with some motivators.

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