Enneagram type 3 motivations and core values are those driving forces and subtle ethics that enable enneagram 3s to think, feel, and act in certain specific ways. They are motivated by the need to feel valued, recognized, and praised for their actions and behavior. 

These individuals are driven by success and achievement. They fear failure and dream of achieving something big in life. Enneagram 3s believe that failures can tarnish their self-image and they might lose the reward and recognition that they want from others.

With regard to their core values, Threes believe that moral guidelines are an integral part of their life. They will always choose to remain competent and honest in their lives and then only they’ll be close to their achievements and success stories that are so dear to them.

Let’s learn more about these motivations and values that keep them energized and committed toward their urge for never-ending success in life.

Enneagram 3 motivations and core values

Based on your enneagram’s basic motives, the enneagram is a personality test system that demonstrates how a person might perceive and interpret the world in one of nine ways.

It is a tremendously useful tool for both knowing yourself and others. Achievers are well-mannered and affluent, and they have a special preference for pleasant aspects of life. To meet their objectives and high standards, they are capable of producing enormous amounts of output. 

They aim to excel and be the best so that their discoveries and works are remembered and valued. Achievers often remain busy and active by scheduling a full calendar of events and business meetings. Achievers are often self-assured, enthusiastic, have high energy, and are modest role models who motivate others.

One of the nine main motives is hardwired into every enneagram-typed person. Your characteristics are a result of your motivation. The enneagram delves deeper to explain why you are the way you are rather than stopping at the superficial qualities like many personality tests. 

The two primary categories of the enneagram’s core motives are core fears and core needs. Technically, these two are related or even interchangeable because wanting to be something means being afraid of not becoming it. You’ll probably identify with the majority of the basic wants (or all of them), which makes sense given that they are all desirable things.

Enneagram 3 motivations

Enneagram Type 3 individuals devote their entire effort to achieving their own big goals. They will use every effort to prove their worth so that others will respect and value them. A three’s motivation to achieve comes from their worry that others would think less of them if they accomplish nothing or lose touch with the goal.

The desire to be successful, appreciated, and respected is Enneagram type 3’s basic desire and motive. To expand on those two criteria, threes aim to be valuable, successful, recognized, respected, and complimented. Their basic fears are not achieving adequate results or not being seen as a role models.

The fundamental desires of enneagram 3s are:

  • They establish ambitious objectives and complete them to maintain their need to be respected and accepted.
  • The appreciation and affection of others are respected by Enneagram 3s. They are driven to protect their social standing from harm.

The fundamental worries that rule their perspective are:

  • Feeling of worthlessness
  • Social awareness and reputation decline
  • Not getting the intended effects

Impact of Motivation on Enneagram 3

Due to their goal-directed nature and attention to the task at hand, threes are energized while working towards their objectives. The flexible Three are frequently described as the “chameleon” because they change who they are and adjust their function, attitude, dialogue, and presentation to the people they are trying to impress. 

The Three’s conflict will show up at work and during their free time. While more outgoing Threes are drawn to good teams, some Threes are especially drawn to pursuits that allow for individual competition and success. 

The enneagram threes are seen as being incredibly energetic and self-assured by others, and they are likely to be drawn to managerial roles in a team context.

Enneagram type 3s are probably particularly skilled at framing errors and failures as “active learning,” allowing them to swiftly move on from these shortcomings rather than focusing on them and experiencing the defeats personally. 

While other knowledge will rapidly pass away, they have little trouble connecting to facts that support their viewpoint. 

The mental energy of the Three is concentrated on their objectives and what it will take to attain them since they are intellectually calculating people. Since they probably think quickly, they can respond quickly to changing circumstances. 

Threes constantly “evaluate” or “read” the circumstance to make sure they are acting, interacting, and talking in a way that will increase the likelihood of achieving success.

Threes are skilled at distancing themselves from their emotions to avoid letting their sentiments come in the way of success. They seldom have time for introspection or conversing about sentiments, particularly those that are connected to worry, despair or dread or their blind spots in their way of achievement. They prefer to lay emotions aside. 

Even though the Three experience sadness and anxiety, they connect to rage and irritation more readily. 

Type 3s also find it difficult to completely understand these problems because they are afraid to take a chance on gaining the trust of powerful people, especially if those individuals are critical to their success. A Three’s emotional center will often be preoccupied with the ways other people are responding to them.

Enneagram 3 core values

The fundamental value system of enneagram 3s are:

  • They establish ambitious objectives and complete them to maintain their need to be respected and accepted.
  • The appreciation and affection of others are respected by Enneagram 3s. They are driven to protect their social standing from harm.
  • Since status, acclaim, and recognition are the apex of the achiever’s lifestyle. Threes are driven by goals, possess a Type a personality, and have a constant desire to better themselves. The main values of the Achievers are productivity and achievement.
  • More essential than excessive preparation and “wasted” time fantasizing is getting things done.
  • Threes are extremely ambitious and possess the zeal and desire to succeed in anything they embark on. They are confident in their ability to succeed and feel valuable in the eyes of others.
  • Effective: The Three are resourceful and can complete things efficiently and effectively.
  • Adaptable: Threes are capable of successfully adjusting to a variety of circumstances, people, or environments in addition to being willing to do so to achieve their objectives.
  • Driven: The Three inspire others to act and finish projects with their boundless enthusiasm.
  • Results-Oriented: For Threes, setting and achieving goals comes as effortlessly as breathing. They are focused on the result of the actions.
  • Enneagram 3 persons are goal-oriented and strive for success, performance, and excellence.
  • Achievers desire to be recognized and thanked. It considerably boosts their perception of their worth and self-worth. They use competence and hard work as their compass.
  • Enneagram 3 individuals are driven to develop themselves. They want self-improvement that keeps them competitively a step ahead.

To Sum Up 

Lastly, we can conclude by commenting that Threes are motivated by success and accomplishment. They strive for perfection at work and are kind, helpful, and cooperative. With their growth-oriented attitude and natural charisma, they can do anything. When they are motivated, they may serve as inspirations for others to be their best selves. 

Type 3 has reached this stage when it is more versatile and adaptive. Type 3s are motivated by action and they value success hence they are action-oriented, and they don’t often daydream in private.