In the world full of ‘bad boys’, a Unicorn Man or Unicorn Guy is the man of your dreams. Yes, however far-fetched it seems, Unicorns are hidden among the common human faces making your love-life just how you wanted it to be.

Unicorns are mystical (read it as *magical*) creatures living under a rainbow who evoke your belief in miracles. Pretty much like the Unicorn Men!

Well, yes. Not over exaggerating! Not even a bit.

Unicorn Man Infographic

Unicorn Man : 33 Signs to Identify Him
Unicorn Man : 33 Signs to Identify Him

What is a Unicorn Man?

He is an ideal man with all the too-good-to-be-true traits that you see in a movie’s protagonist. The only point of difference that distinguishes the two is that they are fiction, and unicorn men are real.

They exist. Pretty much.

4 Features to Help You Find a Unicorn Man

Unicorn men are difficult to find but not impossible. So, here are some traits that will ideally not be found in a common man. While none of the listed features below are proven, it’s widely believed because of its definite history.

1. Unicorn men are gentle but also a little wimpy.

While their female interests are clearly visible, they fail to PWN. PWN is a word derived from OWN which literally means to be able to dominate and since Unicorns are from the other shore, they come out as subtle creatures.

2. They can knock-dead females just by their first look.

Scientists are still finding stats to back this fact but history claims that Unicorns are really attractive. And why not, we all love how unicorns (animals) seem so magical even in their appearance. So, these men are just human form of it.

3. They are not always the brightest in the room.

It’s mainly because they are believed to be evolved from Unicorns that rightfully explain this character since all the others have evolved from apes. Unicorns are certainly the white, furry and fascinating beings that can spill magic but they were also stupid.

4. Unicorn men flip their hair very often.

This one might look like a little OTT, but it will help you differentiate the unicorns in the lot. They were unicorns in the past lives and they preferred keeping their horns clean, shiny and hair-free. Exactly why even a Unicorn man doesn’t like his hair lingering on his face. 

Unicorn Man v/s Your-Usual-Boyfriend

The regular clan doesn’t even stand a chance.


Unicorn Men are undisputable winners (even without a competition!)


Because who will want to keep begging for love when you can be someone’s first priority? Who will want to bear the brunt of a broken heart when you can rejoice with a pure soul? Who will want to compromise when you deserve the BEST?

33 Signs Of Unicorn Man

After listening to all the star-qualities of a Unicorn Man, what if you reckon that your boyfriend is actually a unicorn? What if you realize that the man standing beside you is actually desired by you?

Well, if that’s that, the entire world is going to envy the love you already have.

But, how are you going to identify? Look for these signs in your boyfriend and if he fits the bill, it’s time you show him some gratitude and a whole lot of love. 

1. Unicorn man listens to you.

Unicorn man listens to you.
Unicorn man listens to you.

– word by word.

Men are bad listeners. You generally can’t expect them to pay attention. But there’s a reason why unicorns are so rare and one of them is that THEY LISTEN. Isn’t that already enough?

He will pay attention to details, freeze all your sentences in his memory and act on it. You will have healthy conversations because he is not waiting for you to finish talking just so he can put his own point forward.

You actually feel heard when you are around him.

2. He cares about what YOU think

He cares about what YOU think
He cares about what YOU think

– unlike regards our opinions

He discusses every situation with you and considers all your opinions. Whether it’s his life decision or yours – he will talk to you about it.

Usually, men do that out of habit or responsibility, there are very few who are actually interested – and that my friend, is a unicorn man. He trusts your judgments completely and cares about what you think.

You feel very secure and unfiltered in his proximity.

3. He makes an effort

– all-the-time and never gets tired.

Now we are committed, the courtship fun ends’ doesn’t stand true for unicorns. They keep the love-fire burning with date nights, movie nights and everything that you both enjoyed during courtship.

His thoughtful gestures still sweep you off through the floor. You still find fresh flowers on your desk. You still receive messages with impromptu reservations at your favorite restaurant. You still notice his eyes flutter every time you look him in the eye!

If that’s your guy, do the same for him!

4. Unicorn guy is his real-self in front of you

– and everyone else

A unicorn doesn’t play around the bushes hiding his real self. He is as clear as water – for his intentions, needs or character.

Whether it’s about post-marriage behavior or an opinion on kids he will tell you everything upright. He respects your time and emotions and is completely against falsification. Plus, he is aware of the fact when he crosses the thin line of honesty and brutality and is extremely mindful of that.

Honesty is so underrated but so important.

5. Unicorn guy makes love easy

– and never takes pride in it

All the stories about heartbreaks and I-don’t-believe-in-love-anymore are so prevalent that it is really hard to believe that people who make love easy, exist.

But they do. Unicorn men are here to re-establish your faith in it. He will make you believe how love is not all about tears. It’s easy, warm and happy.

If your man does that for you, KEEP HIM!

6. Unicorn man knows how to respect women

– even if it’s not you.

A man who loves his mom is certainly irresistible, but if he treats every woman with equal respect is irreplaceable.

The way he folds up his sleeves in a bar and steps down from his car at a party can be really intimidating but how he treats a woman who just spilled a drink on his coat can truly define his character. The tiny messages that his eyes deliver when he first looks at a woman matter.

If your gentleman gives way to every woman, hold into him.

7. Sex is like a party with him

– Well. Well. Well.

Unicorns are really good in bed. The passion and seduction justify all the love. He adores your body like he hasn’t seen anything like it before and loves your soul like it’s the most beautiful thing on earth.

It’s unreal how the drive starts even before you enter the bedroom and the after-thoughts keep lurking in your head for long after.

So, let’s dance at the party! 😉

8. He can hold his own hand and yours

– both with equal ease!

If you have been a victim of boyfriends who whine when you are out partying with your girlfriends, you will know why this point deserves a special mention.

There’s nothing better than a man who can achieve a perfect balance between attachment and independence. Unicorn men let you be when you are on an all-night with your girl gang but never leave your hand when you are around him.

That my friend, is all that you need.

9. You don’t have to keep asking for kisses

– not even when you haven’t brushed. 😛

Yes, you heard that right. Not only on the date night, but he will also pucker up even when you are all sick and snotty.

Even when you have sneezed three times in a row or have bad breath (read that as *extremely* bad breath), a unicorn will kiss you just like the VERY first time!

It’s beautiful to feel the same passion even at your worst.

10. He doesn’t fight to win

– but to be fair

Unicorns are also humans. They can, of course, get angry. But here’s what distinguishes them from the lot: they don’t fight to win.

Unlike the usual, a unicorn man is not settling the scores even when you’re fighting. He wants to put his point across and make you understand his viewpoint. In the midst, he will neither disregard your assertions nor put you down in lieu of an argument.

Fights never overpower his love.

11. Your dreams are equally important

– It’s a partnership, in real terms.

A unicorn man is not your guy-next-door who will force you to be absorbed by his goals and play along. He respects your independence and all your goals and dreams.

Not only this, but he will also encourage you to achieve higher and show irrevocable belief in everything you choose for yourself. It can be your first time in the kitchen or the most important business deal in your lifetime, he will be your constant cheerleader.

In the world of self-worship, a man like this is so rare.

12. Unicorn man can turn the whole world around to make you smile

– irrespective of the situation.

Unicorns might not be the funniest people alive. But, if your boyfriend is one among them, he surely does seem the funniest to you.

Even while you are struggling to hold back your tears, a unicorn man will crack you into laughter fits. He will surprise you time and again with the title and big things in an attempt to make you smile.

He will not step back even while making a fool out of himself, if that can put a smile on your face.

Because, that’s all that matters (for him).

13. He will not hold on to arguments

– because the present is more important.

Boyfriends have this (annoying) habit of getting back to how you spilled his drink in a party or how you need a constant reminder about organizing your shelves or whatever-you-didn’t-do-right.

Well, not so annoying, maybe because you are wrong here. But guess what? Unicorn men don’t dwell on them either. They will rather enjoy the present with you than constantly nag about the past.

You, over everything else!

14. You are not shy of being afraid around him

– because he doesn’t judge you.

Remember when your heart rate multiplies a number of times when you hear a strike of thunder? Or when your hands start to shiver when you see a lizard creeping in?

How stupid – right? Well, no. A unicorn man will never make you feel uncomfortable about your irrational fears. In fact, when you wake him in the middle of the night complaining of strange anxiety, he will get up to ensure if the door is locked!

That’s exactly how sweet these unicorns are.

15. He takes care of people

– who matter to him

Today, care is extremely undervalued. Everyone seems to be more about ‘I don’t care about anyone’ and nothing can be more disheartening.

True unicorns, however, are still among the rare. They are connected to their friends and family on a deeper level and are not afraid to invest in them (emotionally, of course).

This doesn’t imply that they neglect their own health, whether mentally or physically – they take care of themselves and the people who matter to him.

Thank God, they still exist.

16. Unicorn man wants your success

– as much as he wants his

It’s an accepted fact all around the globe that most men cannot accept their partner’s success especially if it overtakes his own.

But that’s the only reason why Unicorns are so rare. They not only support you on your way ahead but also roots for your success. He will prove to be one of the very few people in your life who will take pride in your success and will push you to achieve more.

Seems unreal, but it’s true as rock!

17. The Mumma’s-boy play games don’t work with him

– because he is a man.

Sure the ‘I am a Mama’s boy’ sounds cute, but when the tantrums surface it gets under your skin. You are annoyed at all times and his ‘not-so-mature’ talks disinterest you.

 On the contrary, a Unicorn man is far away from these games. He is sensible and mature. Plus, this relationship means the world to him. He will rather stay quiet than talking senseless.

Get ready for some healthy conversations!

18. He is a man of his words

– and actions.

Yes, a unicorn man doesn’t make empty promises. Either he won’t make one or follow it word by word.

In today’s world when promises have lost their substance, Unicorns don’t talk their way out and later play it in some other sense. He is transparent, honest and is very mindful of what he speaks irrespective of the situation.

So, if he has promised you a date night, be ready! (There’s no way in the world he wouldn’t turn up)

19. Unicorn man is reasonable

– even when he’s angry.

This is one of the most celebrated qualities of a man. The fact that a few men in the world are so sensible that they won’t provoke fights in the public is such a relief.

Unicorn men will neither provoke you with insignificant reasons nor ignite senseless arguments. For the times when there are serious issues – they will wait until both of you get back in private and solve like adults.

For all the times you lose your calm, he’s got you!

20. He doesn’t cook up stories

– Rather, cook meals for you! 😉

A douche will always find reasons as to why he hasn’t been answering your calls, or why he forgot your birthday or did not care to call you on your sick days.

However, you will never find a unicorn making excuses and spilling crazy ideas. He will never blame you for his situation. He will not reach out to his ex because you didn’t pay enough attention. Will never say, ‘But baby…’ unless absolutely necessary and real.

Unicorns are real men, they don’t hide their mistakes in the lieu of ‘lonely’.

21. He helps you in every way

– even when he is struggling himself. 

Sometimes all you need from someone is to sit and listen – on those days he will be all ears. On the other days, you want him to lend you a hand at home – he wouldn’t shy away.

There are times when a unicorn man will reckon your hankering from the way you answered to his texts or from the come-back in an argument. He will sense your PMSing even if he misses out on a date and will go out of his way to make your life easier.

A guy who doesn’t leave you alone to struggle through the way of life is a real blessing.

22. Unicorn man shares his favorites with you

– because he knows you’ll do the same for him. 😉

Unlike the new-gen boys who say ‘What’s mine is mine’, Unicorns are quite the opposite. They will take you places because you wanted to come along and never complain.

You like his favorite headphones? You will find it at your desk. You love to play his favorite video game? The controller is waiting!

You want the last slice of the Pizza? It’s yours! Even if there’s something on your list that he doesn’t enjoy, he will still play along to see that shining curve on your lips.

That’s how dreamy they are (crying happy tears!). 

23. He can say ‘I am sorry’

– and really mean it

All that big male ego, is not a Unicorn. A Unicorn man is instead very humble and kind, knows how to apologize when he’s wrong. Plus, try his best to not repeat it again.

In today’s generation where ego is one of the primary reasons why couples part ways, this quality is irreplaceable. But, remember he will NOT apologize if it’s not his fault. So, if you thought he would come running to you every time you push him away, he will NOT.

So, learn to appreciate him, before it’s too late!

24. Unicorn guy knows you

– in-and-out, north-and-south! 😛

A person who has explored all the hidden versions of you and still loves you unconditionally is so rare. But if your guy is one among the unicorns, you really are lucky!

Unicorn men will complete all your sentences, read your thoughts, and spell your words just by the look of your eye. He will keep a tab on your likes and dislikes, and ensure that he doesn’t annoy you by repeating the latter and capitalize on the former.

Basically, he knows all there is to know about you!

25. Unicorn man makes you a better person


If your man always pushes you to achieve more, aim higher and do more, the cue is yours to pick. Here’s a hint: Unicorn men do exactly the same!

They act as your source of inspiration and cheerleader, both in one. They will celebrate your smallest wins and hold you up when misery strikes. They will always wish the best for you, motivating you all throughout the journey. 

Imagine how beautiful it will be, to wake up to a better version of you, every day!

26. He does all the “little big things”

– that is worth dying for. Quite literally.

So, whether you watch the lamest comedy show on-repeat or love to gorge onto junk all night when you are stressed, he will not shy away to tag alongside you.

When he knows that you have had a tough day at work, he will keep your favourite show running when you come back and let you delve into the laughter while he bakes a pizza for you!

Believe it or not, Unicorns are awwdorable.

27. He has his own dreams and goals

– and works for it.

As much as you enjoy the ‘undivided’ attention, there’s nothing more disappointing than a man without his own dreams.

If your guy belongs to the unicorn clan, he will be driven by his own ambitions. He will not just sit back talking about his dreams, all-night all-day, he will instead put his all to make ends meet. He will test his limits, challenge himself and emerge a winner.

A man who is both successful and crazy about you – what else do you want?

28. You are a PRIORITY for Unicorn man

– Yes, you are.

For all the times you were made to feel that you are not good enough or don’t deserve the first place on the list, Unicorn men are here to alter your thinking!

A Unicorn man will never make you feel that you are not needed. He will always reply to your ‘Having a moment?’ texts with equal vigour. He will always call you when you need a person by your side.

And, he will always put you first, NO MATTER WHAT!

29. He’s nice to your family and friends

– even to the most annoying of the lot!

You know a man is THE MAN when he treats your family with equal respect and love. Looks like we are talking about unicorn men! 😉

Imagine this: You just had a bitter argument with your guy > Your parents come over on a surprise visit > what will you expect in this situation? The “bad boys” will walk off without even greeting or worse will embarrass you in front of them.

On the contrary, Unicorn men will behave like nothing happened and will sort out with you later when your parents aren’t around.

Much like the man of your dreams.

30. He doesn’t fear to talk about the future

– unlike most other men.  

In the world where commitment is most feared, unicorn men don’t back off when they feel the time is right.

You certainly can’t expect marriage just at the start but they will not shrug you off whenever you ask “Do we have a future?”.

He will be honest about his thoughts even if he just wants time. This doesn’t imply that he is in the relationship for games. He is pretty much serious and just wishes to analyze a few more things.

For the future or for the present, unicorn men will NEVER play you.

31. Unicorn man is your ray of positivity

– on the most cloudy days.

In all the stressful situations when you just want to shut yourself behind the closed doors, a unicorn will be the only person you will want by your side.

Unicorn men never panic even in the toughest of times. In fact, they find the reason behind your situation and attempt to solve it. He might not always succeed in providing you with a solution but believe me, you will have a smile by the end of the day.

You are his life and he knows how to keep it happy.

32. He tells you about his trigger-points

– so that you don’t dab them

Every human has his own past and so does your unicorn. There can be certain instances that remind him of his bitter past with his ex or intrigue a bad memory.

Unicorns are not afraid of discussing about his insecurities, unlike the usual guys. He is ready to work this out together and walk out of his misery with your help. After all, someone has rightly said, ‘Scars can be healed, only if you are courageous enough to rip it open.’

When he shares his deepest secrets with you, learn to respect the boundary and never step on it. NEVER. 

33. Unicorn man loves you for who you are

Unicorn man loves you for who you are
Unicorn man loves you for who you are

– not for what he wants you to be.

Unlike the usual, a unicorn man doesn’t categorize you. He doesn’t tell you about an ideal woman he always wanted in his life.

Instead, he sees you as a complete person for who you are and loves your worse just as much, he loves your best. He appreciates your layers of emotional building, admires your physical scars and grooves on your bad-hair-day face.

Told you, he is worth it. (especially, for the last one!) 😉

Don’t Worry, There’s Nothing Fishy!

Yes, if you are worried about the red flags. There are none. If your boyfriend is a unicorn, he is not hiding to try anything with all that awesomeness.

This doesn’t mean your relationship will be perfect, free of flaws but one thing is for sure, the guy beside you is PERFECT!

At least perfect of what exists on this planet.

If all these signs were a match, don’t let him go. EVER.

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