DISC i personality traits include those special attributes that give them unique work styles. The style i is symbolic of influence and people with this personality trait can easily motivate and persuade others. 

They enjoy the flattery and approval that others give them. Most importantly, these individuals are outgoing, sociable, and highly interactive. They carry good social charm and can easily inspire those who need it the most.

DiSC I Personality Traits

In DiSC I personalities, ‘I’ stands for influence. It denotes that these individuals put great emphasis on shaping the environment by persuading others into doing those things just the way they want. While talking about their personality traits, we must look into their overall behavior styles here. 

People with DiSC I personality types receive motivation from undertaking group activities, getting social recognition, and maintaining relationships. They give a lot of priority to taking concrete action, collaborating with others, and expressing enthusiasm toward anything that catches their attention. 

They often describe themselves as warm, trustworthy, and optimistic individuals. Their strength lies in behaving enthusiastically and having the ability to attract others. These attributes never allow them to get bogged down in any situation and achieve victory with a lot of flairs. Their focus lies in pursuing their friendships and being happy under all circumstances.

As far as their leadership style is concerned, individuals with this DiSC type love exploring new ideas and allowing their team members to implement them for accomplishing tasks. They infuse energy within teams and build a lot of enthusiasm among them to complete projects on time. At times, they can turn out to be erratic leaders, who do not feel the need to maintain consistency or practice caution. 

One can always look at these people as talkative, and filled with optimism. They never lose hope even when life throws stiff challenges at them. You can easily identify a person with the DiSC I personality profile because of their ability to always remain in the thick of things, thereby thriving under fun-filled experiences. 

It is now time to discuss some of the traits that make their personality type and help them become influencers –

Loves Interacting with People

Individuals with type I personality styles are people-oriented. They love being around people, talk extensively, and influence them into doing things just the way they want. They also enjoy expressing their thoughts and never shy away from being at the center of attention. These individuals enjoy pursuing new friendships and building a wide network. 

They know how to lift the spirits of their team members, make them feel energetic, and motivate them to fulfill their responsibilities in the best possible manner. There will be no dearth of positivity when a person with the DiSC I personality type is around. 

It is easy for these individuals to maintain good relationships with the public and focus on doing what suits best for them. As they are talkative, it makes them poor listeners. While carrying out communications with people, they keep giving their views without paying attention to what others have to say. Hence, they miss out on crucial points which can ultimately make them pay heavily in their life. 

Keen Observer

People with DiSC I personality types are those who always keep focusing on details. Hence, they identify others in no time and make them feel at ease in a new environment. They always try to understand their likes and dislikes, hence treating them accordingly. 

Even though these individuals have the habit of influencing others, still, they know how to get the best out of them. They do so by making people focus on directing all their actions according to their strengths and letting them work on their weaknesses.

Builds Rapport Easily

Another great quality of a DiSC I person is that they can easily build rapport even with an unknown person in no time. They can initiate conversations and get things going effortlessly. 

Hence, these people find no problems in gelling with people from different backgrounds while working in a professional environment. Thus, they can become successful leaders and take organizations to great heights.

Always Brimming with Confidence

All those individuals having this disc personality type are always confident while dealing with people. They face no issues in building relationships. Their confident nature helps them to communicate in an informal, relaxed, and casual manner. 

They display their enthusiasm while discussing those topics that create interest in their minds. These people love having discussions about ideas over which they have expertise. This kind of self-assurance makes them able leaders as it allows them to gain the trust of others. 

True Entertainers

When you are with a person belonging to this DiSC model, rest assured of having tremendous entertainment. They have the power of captivating others’ attention by raising discussions on interesting topics. These people love spending a lot of time with people and let them make the best use of it. 

They leave no stone unturned to entertain others and let them become their good friends over time. You can expect the unexpected when a DiSC I person is around and be sure of the fact that there is not going to be a dull moment. These individuals know different ways through which they can entertain others and let them smile. 

They Work on Impulse

Among all those belonging to DISC personality types, people with the disc profile i are adventurous and enthusiastic. Hence, they turn out to be quite spontaneous and can make decisions or engage themselves in different kinds of activities based on impulse. Hence, this trait of theirs makes them unreliable and careless. 

Even though they tend to make decisions on the run, still, they are extremely decisive. These disc-style personalities are people-oriented in nature and it makes them base all their decisions on the popularity of others’ opinions. Thereby, they do not resort to a practical approach and hence often face their decisions’ negative impact on life. 

Easily Gets Distracted

The energetic personality of a DiSC I individual makes it difficult for them to work on those tasks and responsibilities requiring concentration. When it comes to dealing with data and complex figures, these people face problems in making extensive analyses. 

They struggle to remain attentive for a long period, hence suffering from distraction. These people also have the habit of working on multiple things at a time. It leads to their underperformance. 

Fails to Accept Rejection Sportingly

An individual with an I-style personality always has their focuses on maintaining personal relationships. In the process of doing so, there are occasions when they go out of their way to get others’ approval. They fail to rely on their abilities but only receive motivation from appreciation and praise. 

Hence, they are always afraid of upsetting people. Now, as DiSC I personalities have problems rejecting others’ advice or offers, similarly, they also cannot accept when someone rejects their viewpoints. Hence, despite having the confidence to interact with people, they avoid asserting themselves.

Ability to Improvise Based on Intuition

Type I personalities can easily sense whether something is right or not for their lives. They use their intuition to make decisions and act accordingly. This great ability enables them to improve on existing methods or processes they adopt for undertaking responsibilities and hence bring forth positive developments in their lives. 

Due to this reason, when you have them as your team member in the professional setup, rest assured that attaining perfection will always be your team’s forte. Hence, you will always stay one step ahead of others. 

Flexible and Open-Ended

People with DiSC I personality types stay away from rigidity in their lives. They never stick to one plan for the execution of work but also keep a backup in case things do not work out. The same applies to them even in their personal life. This flexibility enables them to take risks and reap great rewards. 

These individuals keep their options ended and never restrict themselves to set patterns. Therefore, one can never predict what will be the next step for an individual with DiSC I personality type. Hence, there is always a bit of suspense involved with the activities of these people. 

Motivate People to Act

Being great influencers, DiSC I individuals know how to motivate others to take the right action at the right time. They use their observational skills to identify people’s skill sets and strengths and then make them implement those in the best possible manner to get exact results. 

Thus, people do not even think twice before reaching out to an individual with this personality type to get suggestions and improve their manner of undertaking work. Hence, they can significantly improve their productivity. 

Spontaneous and Emotionally Expressive

DiSC I personality types act on spontaneity. You will never see them plan things and work accordingly. It is not their forte. 

These people thrive in those situations when they must make prompt decisions and explicitly express their emotions. It even gives people the freedom to undertake the same. 

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

A DiSC I personality enjoys having their influence over others and letting them act just the way they want. They cannot remain patient and wait for things to happen but prefer using their minds to get instant results. 

The biggest fear within these individuals lies in people rejecting their ideas and opinions, hence going on as per their liking.