ESFJ Myers Briggs – Who They Are?

ESFJ personalities are caring and kind people. These people are fiercely loyal and have excellent networking skills.

What ESFJs delight?

They like people who are friendly, humble, and compassionate. ESFJs love a disciplined lifestyle.

They always feel responsible for the well-being of others. ESFJs love subjective feelings that ensure emotional security.

What ESFJs hate?

ESFJs hate selfish behavior. They keep a distance from those who are self-centered and cannot think about others. These individuals cannot see others in pain or suffering.

They hate injustice and try to fight against societal conventions that are purposeless. ESFJs dislike surprises and last-minute rush.

ESFJs prefer hands-on learning experiences because they have Extroverted sensing as a dominant cognitive function. They prefer learning by doing.

Being the most harmonious and selfless personality type, ESFJs are great in understanding the needs of others. They are kind, and generous, and can bring positive changes in the lives of many.