The Hobbies of ESFJ personality type include activities that they love doing for entertainment and fun. Some of the side hustles that keep them mentally fit and fine are volunteering in community work, celebrating family festivals, freaking out with friends, etc.

Sometimes you may find them getting engaged in a religious or charitable cause that is meant for the benefit of the entire community.

Hobbies of ESFJ personality type

This Myers Briggs type stands for extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging personality type. The ESFJ personality type loves social order and has great regard for traditions and conventions. They are the most friendly and helpful if you compare them with other 16 personality types.

Being an extrovert personality type, ESFJs prefer thrill and excitement in their daily life. And their hobby choices are not an exception to this rule. 

Hobbies of ESFJs include activities that bring them closer to other people. They love spending quality time with their friends and family. When they are not doing anything serious, they love to engage themselves with social work, or charitable organizations.

ESFJs are helpful and can understand the needs of others around them. In social service, they find pleasure by assisting those in need. They love contributing in positive ways to other’s lives.

Apart from community service, ESFJs also have diverse interests. They are good public speakers and performers. As such, they love to take on the stage for a short motivational talk, or a dance performance.

They can also balance work-life schedules efficiently because of their organized and systematic mindset. These people always pursue hobbies that nourish their soul with happiness and joy.

You may find them doing a lot of gossip in their free time. At the same time, planning events is also their favorite pastime. They love organizing game nights and home get together for their friends and family.

They pursue hobbies that give them mental relaxation and take them away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. ESFJs thrive in peace and their hobby choices always reflect their innermost desires and wishes.

Some of the hobbies that keep them mentally agile and relaxed are as follows:

1. Planting and gardening

ESFJs are nature lovers. They love spending quality time in nature. Thus, gardening is a good hobby choice for them. They love raising seasonal flowers and fruits in their backyard. 

This is a favorite pastime because it keeps them busy and busts boredom. Moreover, their organized mindset allows them to do the planting in a systematic manner.

ESFJs also like to keep their homes neat and well-maintained. A garden in the front yard will add beauty to their household. It will be appreciated by others, so ESFJs can take pride in their choice of living.

2. Cooking

Cooking is the most likable hobby of the ESFJs because they pursue this hobby to earn appreciation from others. It’s a way for them to show care and concern for others.

Sometimes, ESFJs can use this pastime habit for a social cause. They may sell their favorite dish or arrange a cake sale in the home backyard. Then, the earnings from such a selling activity can be used to support a noble cause. It may benefit the poor and the underprivileged.

ESFJ love to cook for their family and friends. They love organizing small home parties for friends or extended family members and feel great when others praise their cooking style and talk highly about them.

3. Dancing

ESFJ personalities are energetic and exuberant. They love hanging out with friends and always seek new social connections. Dancing is a good hobby choice for them because it can keep them physically fit. It also allows them to do certain group activities that they love to do.

At times, they may also organize dance parties where fresh talents can showcase their talents in front of a bigger audience. Dancing is a favorite pastime for an ESFJ because it keeps them in a good mood and helps to bust the monotony of everyday life.

4. Shopping

For an ESFJ, shopping means to move about in free spaces in a shopping mall, or do some window shopping in their favorite marketplace. ESFJs like to know the recent trends in fashion and home décor. 

These individuals possess refined tastes for good clothing, food, and beauty accessories. They love to shop for new trendy things that have come up on the shelves. Thus, shopping is both entertaining and pleasurable for them.

5. Traveling

ESFJs can spend hours outdoors. They love trekking, hiking, and adventure sports. Being an extrovert, they love to travel in groups where they will get enough opportunity to meet other people and know about their varied cultural traditions.

These individuals love to explore unknown lands and know about new cultures. They are curious to know the details of a culture from the local people residing in that area. 

ESFJs stick to customs and traditions. Thus, traveling for them means knowing the subtle differences of different cultures, and the food habits of the locals living in that place for generations.

6. Social work and volunteering

ESFJs love to volunteer and serve the needy, the sick, and the homeless. They are true altruists and find peace if they can contribute positively in others’ lives.

People with ESFJ personality types also love to take care of their environment. They love planting trees, making homes for the destitute, etc. ESFJs find joy and satisfaction when they can serve others humbly and carefully.

7. Mentoring

ESFJs love to guide others who come to them seeking valuable advice. Since they have good communication and networking skills, they can become good teachers as well. Moreover, they possess good leadership abilities and people listen to them quite easily.

The attractive personality of an ESFJ makes them people’ favorite and grows their social connections leaps and bounds.

8. Photography

This is another favorite pastime of an ESFJ personality type. They love clicking pictures of their family members and friends. While traveling, they click moments of happiness and share it over social media to get praise from a larger section of the society.

9. Outdoor sports

ESFJs love to pursue outdoor sports like tennis, basketball, rugby, etc. Apart from these, they enjoy playing other social sports such as darts, paintballing, golf, bowling, etc. These activities can keep pace with their energetic and vibrant life. They get an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and eventually grow their social connections.

10. Camping

ESFJs love to explore nature. They can move away from the city shouts and be with themselves amidst nature. Camping gives them a quiet place to unwind and recharge their batteries. They prefer to go camping with few close friends and carry all the equipment that can facilitate a peaceful and joyful stay amidst nature.

11. Artistic endeavors

ESFJs can also try doing art and painting activities in their leisure hours. Art helps them to relax and portray their deepest thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. They also have an inclination towards music and other performing arts. 

They are good at writing. ESFJs love creating articles and informative blogs of their own and share it with others. When people praise their work, they feel great about themselves.

12. Hosting parties and gatherings

ESFJs love to throw home parties for their loved ones. They are great event planners and do everything perfectly. No one can pinpoint any fault in their work. This pastime fun also allows for more social interaction and networking which they love the most.

To Sum Up

No matter what hobby they choose to do, they always prefer having fun to the fullest. The ESFJ type may easily get bored if their social life becomes narrow. They love interacting with almost everyone they know. Maybe, these connections keep them buoyant, energetic, and lively as always.