How to Identify You’re a Sigma Female? – The Ultimate Quiz

1. Are you only transparent around your loved ones but not others? Do you share the bare minimum with people you aren’t close with?

2. Do you keep your distance from others because you always protected yourself alone? Do you feel this world is too cruel?

3. In any situation, do you never hesitate to state your opinions? Are you outspoken and straightforward?

4. Do you believe in being loyal to your lover and not looking elsewhere?

5. Do you consider yourself extremely strong mentally? Can you stand tall even if you’re hurt emotionally?

6. Do you hate giving excuses? Would you rather work harder than have to give excuses or blame others?

7. Do people trust you a lot because you keep your word?

8. Do you never get defensive and work on criticism right away?

Being a sigma female, you’ll be pretty independent in most areas of your life. You’ll dislike being around a lot of people… even if you can socialize and lead others pretty well, you don’t wish to use those qualities. But that’s not all to understand your personality. So, let’s find the truth here…