Sigma Female at Work

She’ll never mix professional and personal life

She won’t share her feelings a lot because she knows that someone might use her secrets against her.

She’ll never hesitate to state her mind

A sigma female doesn’t care about what others think of her when she speaks. She never worries that others will be offended by her and speaks her mind.

If you’re her close colleague, she got your back

If you’re close to a sigma female coworker or boss and they care for you as much as a best friend, then know that you have your special guardian angel around you in the office.

She likes to work solo

A Sigma woman is introverted and a lone wolf. She doesn’t need lots of people around her… definitely not at work!

She’s strong and motivated

A sigma woman is synonymous with the very definition of strength. The traits of a sigma female show that she’s independent, never lets others take advantage of her.

She’ll never give excuses

Women with sigma female personality types don’t believe in giving excuses. She’ll straight up accept defeat and work on her skills.

She’s not into office politics

even if everyone found something to gossip about you, a sigma female coworker isn’t in that group. She’s just not into smothering dirt behind each other’s backs.

She knows which risks to take

Adventures and risks are a sigma female’s first crush. But don’t worry, she only takes calculated risks and goes for those with favorable risk-to-reward ratios.

A sigma female may not be as outgoing or loud as an alpha female, but she’s definitely no less impressive than her. She brings almost all the similar benefits to the workplace. You might only find some minor differences in her attitude due to her introversion.