Sigma Female Strengths and Weaknesses

Sigma Female Strengths

She knows her limits

A sigma woman knows how much to share with which person. She’s extremely transparent around her loved ones.

She’s also compassionate

A sigma woman has a rough exterior only on the outside to protect herself from harm. However, she’s pretty warm deep inside.

She’s independent

A sigma female loves her independence… so much that she hates to depend on others. She’ll take care of her responsibilities by herself. 

She’s mentally strong

A sigma female is immensely strong as you can see she’s used to walking the path of life alone.

Sigma Female Weaknesses

She might become reckless

Sigma females are also known for taking calculated risks and going on adventures. Frequent risk-taking, obviously, makes a person more prone to trouble.

She can’t make friends easily

A woman with a sigma personality type always has her guard up because she’s unaware of who might try to hurt her. 

She’s too stubborn for her own good

She doesn’t easily give up even when she repeatedly faces setbacks. She also doesn’t seek help easily.

She might have trouble in her romantic relationships

A sigma woman won’t settle for just any man. She wants the best, something like an alpha male.

A sigma female has both strengths and weaknesses like any other man or woman of any other personality type! So, neither be too alarmed nor judge her for that. She can totally work on the weaknesses that matter to you and keep the chances of troubles in check.