What Are Some of the ENFP Personality Traits?

ENFPs are curious souls

ENFPs prefer to explore and experiment with new things. They have an innovative mind that allows them to think out of the box. You will always see them moving out of their comfort zone to pursue the unknown.

They’re friendly and soft-natured

Due to their happy go lucky nature, ENFPs are loved by all. They have many friends. Even unknown people approach them for help and assistance.

Emotional and sensitive

ENFPs tend to overthink about every small thing that they come across in daily life. They have a bad habit of ruminating about issues that are not serious. This keeps them on their toes always.

Communication style is assertive & clear

ENFPs possess the quality of head and heart. They have a clear and distinct communication style. These individuals do not prefer backbiting sprees. They have an excellent command over language skills.

Flexible and caring

ENFPs are open-minded, easygoing, and flexible. They know how to give space to the relationships that they have in their personal and professional lives.

Day dreamers

ENFPs are day dreamers. Being an intuitive personality type, they believe in their power of imagination. They love to create ideas that no other can ever think of.

They can multitask

ENFPs have the ability to do many things together. It is easy for them to shuffle housework and workplace commitments because of their flexible and easygoing personality.

ENFPs are future focused

The ENFP personality type always thinks about future possibilities. Thus, they never enjoy living in the precious moments of life.

ENFP personality traits are defined as relatively stable qualities and attributes that make them who they are. These are intrinsic to the person and do not change much according to the situation or circumstance the person is in.