ENFP personality traits are defined as relatively stable qualities and attributes that make them who they are. These are intrinsic to the person and do not change much according to the situation or circumstance the person is in.

ENFPs are outgoing and friendly. They become inspiring examples of hard work and goal-orientation for others. People with ENFP personalities are visionaries, having a clear and broad outlook for their future. They are able to carve a reality based on their imaginations and creativity.

ENFP personality type is an idealist with typical extrovert qualities. They derive their mental energy from social connections and affirmations. They often seek people’s approval to feel the best about themselves. 

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ENFP Personality Traits

The ENFPs are flexible and open-minded extroverts. They are the true idealists who prefer to create magic in their personal and professional life. These individuals know the art of living a perfect life, created with vision and power of manifestation.

They live in a world of opportunities. ENFPs have rich imaginations and a bigger than life approach. Thus, they know how to stay open to new ideas and incorporate those new ideas to what they already know. 

People with this personality profile are warm and friendly. Armed with networking ability and an assertive communication style, they always love to put their ideas on the table, no matter what others think about them.

ENFPs are graceful and charismatic. They have a big and wide friend’s circles who literally adore them for their socially vibrant lifestyle. Their smile is infectious as they move on to make new friends every now and then.

ENFPs are the life of the social space they are in. Because of their flexible nature, they always give others a chance to share their ideas and speak their minds. Thus, ENFPs are also highly approachable personality types.

Moreover, ENFPs love traveling to distant places. They dislike getting caught in the rut of boredom. These individuals love to adapt to new places and situations. They dislike mundane, monotonous tasks that make them feel irritated and overwhelmed.

ENFPs are energetic and creative beings. With innovation, they love to create new paths that lead to personality growth and enrichment.

Some of the key traits that are exclusive to them only are discussed below.

1. ENFPs are curious souls

ENFPs prefer to explore and experiment with new things. They have an innovative mind that allows them to think out of the box. You will always see them moving out of their comfort zone to pursue the unknown.

Being an intuitive type, they thrive in future opportunities. They study the present situation and develop patterns of unrelated things to understand how things will take shape in future. Their curious minds wish to know everything, even the smallest details. 

ENFPs play with ideas and imaginations. They will make use of these ideas and implement long term plans that have some future significance.

2. They’re friendly and soft-natured

Due to their happy go lucky nature, ENFPs are loved by all. They have many friends. Even unknown people approach them for help and assistance. ENFPs are loved by others because of their soft, pleasant, and helpful nature.

These individuals are humble and never misbehave in social settings. They are not the ones to get into conflict easily. Their easy going and soft natured personality is socially attractive. 

Armed with altruism, they leave their personal interests aside and prefer to accommodate the needs of others. Others find them considerate and love to interact with them.

3. Emotional and sensitive

ENFPs tend to overthink about every small thing that they come across in daily life. They have a bad habit of ruminating about issues that are not serious. This keeps them on their toes always. 

People with this personality type are overly sensitive. They prefer to be in tune with other’s feelings. Given their sensitive nature, they may also feel excessively overwhelmed if things do not turn out in ways that they had expected.

Saying a ‘no’ to someone who wants their help is a big problem for an ENFP. They may get into others’ issues deeply and feel stressed out in the way. Sometimes, they suffer from emotional outbursts when things go out of control in their daily lives.

4. ENFPs are socially dynamic

Being an extrovert, ENFPs are in tune with their social settings. They cannot live a lonely and isolated life. Thus, they have many friends and well-wishers with whom they love to spend quality time. 

These individuals would party a lot, hang out with friends to adventurous activities etc. their social presence is active and agile. 

Moreover, you will also find them having casual talks and serious conversations with friends and family members.

They will never miss a chance to party or spend time with their loved ones. For an ENFP, human connections keep them alive and make them feel connected to humanity in general.

5. Communication style is assertive and clear

ENFPs possess the quality of head and heart. They have a clear and distinct communication style. These individuals do not prefer backbiting sprees. They have an excellent command over language skills. The flair is inspiring for those who listen to them patiently.

ENFPs are armed with good speaking skills. They are aware of their choice of words and never speak trash in social setups. This amazing quality can make them thought leaders and motivational speakers par excellence.

ENFPs love to debate, argue, and play with ideas and imaginations. They use strong justifications to prove their point of view as right. But they also listen to what others have to offer in the conversation.

Their confident tonal quality and voice modulation strategies can win over any debates and discussions easily.

6. ENFPs are a bit less disciplined

ENFPs are imaginative. They have thousands of fleeting ideas that keep them occupied throughout the day. Their mind can even imagine the most absurd things. But they will hardly put all these ideas into action.

ENFPs struggle to maintain their focus and dedication on a particular task when the initial spark of creativity wears out. They may feel bored and leave the work unfinished. These people tend to lose interest very soon and many of their creative ideas do not take a shape in reality.

They lack consistency and eagerness to act with discipline and focus. They will start many new projects and keep it undone unless they feel frustrated and irritable.

7. ENFPs seek approval from others

ENFPs seek validation from others to feel worthy of themselves. Even though they are smart, highly qualified, and ambitious people, they want others to tell them that they are good enough in all respects.

Sometimes, you may find them suffering from an inferiority complex. Their self confidence levels go down and they may start thinking like a failure. Poor self-esteem and the need to get validation make them seek approval from others.

ENFPs prefer the spotlight and want others to pay attention to them; otherwise they feel lonely at heart. ENFPSs will start questioning their identity in the social space they are in, unless there is someone to tell them that they are good in the way they look and behave.

8. They are not well organized

ENFPs are not well organized in their daily life. They are messy and lack being tidy and methodical. Since they have perceiving qualities, they prefer an easygoing lifestyle that is unorganized and unplanned in nature.

ENFPs can work in chaos and commotion. They never feel discomfort if things are not in order. ENFPs can thrive in changes that many other personality types would find absolutely irritating. At times, they become forgetful because they never keep things in order.

You may find them losing important documents because they cannot remember where they have kept it. Moreover, they forget important phone numbers or appointments and become the reason for irritation for many others.

9. Flexible and caring

ENFPs are open-minded, easygoing, and flexible. They know how to give space to the relationships that they have in their personal and professional lives. They will always make others feel loved and cared for. 

People love their humble and grateful nature. ENFPs take a lot of effort to nurture their relationships. They are kind and can feel others’ woes quite easily. They are affectionate and loving. Thus, you will always find them giving a lot of time to their families and friends, just to make them feel comfortable in the relationship.

10. They understand others deeply

ENFPs can study others’ behavior closely. They have mind reading abilities that tell them how others are feeling in a particular situation. By doing this, they analyze the nature of the person. 

ENFPs are loyal and faithful. Thus, anyone trying to connect with them will have to past the test of honesty.

11. Love unconventional things

ENFPs do not prefer traditional things. Since they are flexible in their outlook, they are often seen as rule breakers. They will completely defy traditional beliefs and rituals that are meaningless. 

ENFPs believe in game changing ideas that are creative, innovative, and novel. They are nonconformists who prefer to think out of the box. Unconventional things attract their attention because they rely on imagination and creation.

Sometimes, ENFPs break social rules that are not needed. They will prefer to stay inclined towards innovation rather than playing with ideas that are traditional and seem obsolete in today’s world.

12. Ethical values are strong

ENFPs are morally strong. They do not abide by a rule book but prefer to do things that are right. If they do anything wrong, they will own their mistakes without any fear or inhibition. 

ENFPs may disagree with many popular beliefs because they think many times before they can accept the traditional ideologies prevalent in the society. 

People with ENFP personalities have strong gut feelings. Their hunch never goes wrong and as such they decide emotionally more often in their daily living.

They will always disagree with things that they believe are wrong or not worthy to be treated as real and authentic.

13. Day dreamers

ENFPs are day dreamers. Being an intuitive personality type, they believe in their power of imagination. They love to create ideas that no other can ever think of. Sometimes, these weird ideas are pretty worthy and they strive to accomplish these ideas into real-life stories. Their imaginative world is rich and helps them think about so many known and unknown things.

14. They can multitask

ENFPs have the ability to do many things together. It is easy for them to shuffle housework and workplace commitments because of their flexible and easygoing personality. Juggling between various responsibilities is indeed possible because multitasking skills are fully nurtured in an ENFP personality type from early days of their life. 

15. ENFPs are future focused

The ENFP personality type always thinks about future possibilities. Thus, they never enjoy living in the precious moments of life. 

Being an intuitive type, they envision future possibilities that can give them the desired name and fame. They never put importance to the things happening here and now. Thus, ENFPs miss out on many precious moments that could have made their life more beautiful.

16. Criticism irks them a lot

ENFPs hate being judged for their innovative ideas. If someone tries to break their ideas believing that they are unrealistic and weird, it can annoy an ENFP in no time. 

Since they are skilled in imagining out of the box ideas, they would hate to be around pessimistic people who try to evaluate them critically. Moreover, ENFPs also dislike needless interruptions. They cannot relate well with critical evaluators who are nitpicky and always try to find fault with others without a genuine reason.

17. ENFPs are non-judgmental people

Since these individuals do not like to be judged by others, they prefer not to judge others as well. They will never use harsh words, or use a taunt to demean anyone. 

They prefer to listen to other’s viewpoints before making any comment. They will not contradict, rather give importance to the opinions of others as far as possible.

ENFPs are open-minded. Thus they also avoid giving extreme opinions that may not be liked by others. You will never find them forcing anything on anyone without their wishes.

18. They are persuasive by nature

ENFPs can convince others easily because of their charismatic nature. They have typical personality traits that are attractive and people find it easy to connect with their easygoing mindset. Most ENFPs are inspiring leaders because they have the power to motivate, and give hope to those who have lost interest in life due to various personal issues.

19. ENFPs have many friends and big social circle

ENFPs are socially popular. They usually have many friends because they have good networking ability. Most ENFPs are quick to make friends even with unknown people. They can adjust with others easily because of their flexibility and open-mindedness. They can mingle with just anyone and everyone. Others find them friendly, adaptable, and easily approachable in times of need.

20. ENFPs are restless and fickle-minded

They always want something to get engaged with otherwise they feel mentally restless and irritable. ENFPs never like to sit idle doing nothing. They are always busy creating new ideas, making plans to execute those ideas into reality.

This personality type tends to think big. Thus, their aims and aspirations are big and infinite. If they are not doing anything, they will behave in unusual stressed out ways. They may show signs of anger, annoyance, anxiety, and much more.

They prefer to keep their mind in an active mode otherwise it pains them a lot. Feelings of failure and unproductivity may cloud their rational thinking, making them behave in odd, unusual ways.

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, ENFPs have a joyful personality. They spread happiness and optimism all around them. These individuals are also receptive. They can pick up environmental cues easily and understand the finer emotional vibes of others.

They enjoy outdoor activities and prefer to live life to the fullest. Having perceiving traits also means that they are flexible and adaptable.  They are individual contributors but also love to participate in group work.

For an ENFP, life is a journey to be lived with utmost happiness and inner joy.