What To Do If You’re A Sigma Female

1. Make sure you don’t hurt others with your straightforwardness

Though you’re extremely sweet towards your loved ones, you have your guard up around the rest and act tough.

2. Be stubborn but only with good reasons

You are a motivated person and don’t give up easily on anything. You stick to your plans once you set your mind on it and you also don’t mind if the results are negative. 

3. If you’re depressed or low, talk it out

Being a sigma woman, you’ve been alone way too long and had to use your sharp senses to protect yourself.

4. Don’t get too reckless

Risks and adventures attract you so much because if not, how else will you stand out? You’re always eager to take chances in life to find rare opportunities.

5. Be more clear about your romantic needs

Being a sigma woman, you probably want to have someone powerful like an alpha male. However, that’s only the general situation because everyone is unique and every sigma woman has different needs.

6. Before you miss the next event, think

You don’t like to join parties at all and often turn down invitations whenever you can… even though you have great socializing skills. But be careful about how often you miss socializing.

7. Don’t stop doubting the rumors

You’re not ready to judge that person because you don’t have evidence. You don’t believe just in the rumors alone… moreover, you don’t know what you’d have done if you were in their place.

8. Feel confident about being a sigma

You always wish to be an alpha female and deep inside put yourself down for being so much like an alpha but not entirely like one. Understand that you’re great even if you’re not an alpha.

People say you’re perfect yet you still feel something lacking in you. You’re probably anxious and self-conscious about even the slightest things. Deep inside you just wanna be the best.