You found you’re an F-type and want to know what are the pros & cons of having a type F personality? Wondering if your feeling nature only brings you bad luck? Anxious about whether you must change your personality completely?

Whoa there… don’t think so deeply into matters. Take a deep breath and calm yourself. Your traits attract some troubles, but there are also as many good traits.

So, instead of jumping to a conclusion, take the help of this think-piece to get a clear view here…

What are the pros of having a type F personality?

Being a type F doesn’t make you weak or a loser… it doesn’t emasculate men or make women even more vulnerable. All F-types have some good traits. So, there’s no need to lose your mind after getting the result of your personality tests.

That’s why don’t jump to conclusions and see for yourself here…

1. Your intentions are always pure

F personality types always have pure and unblemished intentions for everyone around them. They don’t ever wish anything bad for others. So, you’ll never have negative thoughts invading your mind or soul.

Even if someone hurts you, you won’t stoop to their level and always be the greater person in every situation. If others talk meanly about anyone else, you don’t get influenced by them and have a clear impression of them.

You don’t want to hurt others whether they hurt you or someone else spreads rumors about them. You live by certain morals and ethics and nothing can change your mind from this.

2. Your lack of expectations save you from disappointment

People with type F personality traits don’t expect anything from others. So, unlike others, you don’t have a chance of getting disappointed because others don’t understand your expectations.

You don’t want your lover to get you fancy and expensive gifts… you’re alright if they want to save money instead. You don’t need your parents’ special attention… you’re fine if they pay attention to your siblings more.

Low expectations help you lead a peaceful life without feeling left out or disturbed. You can be happy and satisfied with the least. Nothing can harm the peace of your life.

3. Everyone loves you for your caring side

Another pro of being a type F person is your compassion for others. In a group setting, you always take care of others. You’re like the worried elder sibling in all scenarios… even if you’re actually young by age. People love you for your responsible and caring attitude.

Everyone can depend on you during their worst hours. You help others out even if you fall in a pinch yourself. Your warm heart has a place for everyone in the world.

Whether it’s your loved ones or a stranger, you have a soft corner for everyone. Others feel comforted around you and seek you during difficulties.

4. You confidently follow your heart

In any situation, you alone can truly follow your heart and give your feelings a chance… this prevents you from having serious regrets in life. When your mind and heart are at a crossroads, you follow your heart without hesitation.

If your heart says that there’s a reason for something and that you must not judge it hastily, you go along with these feelings.  For instance, if someone hurts you, you try to understand the emotional reasons too, and save many relationships that way.

You try to understand your loved ones’ true intentions instead of judging them logically… you know that human beings aren’t robots and that there’s no reason to judge them like soulless beings.

5. People can trust you

People may not trust you just because you have an F personality type… but because of the traits, you show. Your caring, kind, nurturing, and emotional nature makes others believe in you more.

The way you make sure that you can keep your word and try to avoid hurting others, everyone is bound to be mesmerized by you. They grow immense faith in you.

Parents feel at peace when their kids go out and you’re also in the group. Your loved ones just know that you won’t ever break their heart. Even if you get in a sticky situation, everyone will trust you without a word.

6. You stay true to your responsibilities passionately

Due to your Type F personality traits, you always do everything with your heart in it. When you’re allotted a task, you don’t just do it because you’re bound to, you don’t have an option, or it’ll profit you. The main reason is always that you want to do it and work perfectly on it.

Where others might take their duties lightly, you pour out your entire heart to work on it. You do it happily whether it’s something at home or work… something serious or fun. All tasks get treated the same. So, people can peacefully entrust you with duties.

7. You don’t need to take help from deception

In your entire life, you never need or wish to deceive anyone. Your ethics don’t allow you to hurt anyone. You cherish others’ emotional stability and satisfaction. You’d never want to deceive or hide anything from others knowingly. You don’t even try to use white lies or do anything that might hurt others.

Unless you’re in a dilemma and don’t have any option other than hurting either of two people, you don’t try to do anything that might hurt any of you. You’d rather hurt yourself than hurt others. Since you never lie or have tendencies of cheating others, people can rely on you with their eyes closed.

8. You care for others’ emotions

Being a type F person, you’ll always prioritize others’ emotions and feelings. You make sure that nobody gets hurt because of you.

Just as you find peace when you’re emotionally satisfied, you believe it’s the same for everyone else. So, you make sure that everyone else feels happy, at peace, loved, and cared for.

So, to keep your close ones happy, you’re ready to go to great lengths. You never compromise when it’s about your loved one’s contentment.

Many don’t understand why you’d do so much for them… while you know that to you, they’re your life. On the other hand, you’re as aware of any stranger’s emotions and don’t mindlessly hurt anyone.

9. You feel loved by everything

With the smallest signs of affection, you feel satisfied. You don’t have great demands like a dinner date at a Michelin-star restaurant or the latest iPhone. You don’t want your dad to get you a Tesla after graduation.

Instead, you’re over the moon with the slightest sign of affection and love. You’re not materialistic in the least and this helps you win millions of hearts. Every lover wants to have someone like you by their side… every parent wants a sweetheart of a kid like you.

You believe that love can’t be bought with money… for which anyone can shower you with love.

10. You’re a selfless giver

In this world, people do favors to others only when they know that the other party can come in handy to them later. People aren’t ready to look back at those that can’t support them.

However, you’re not like that. You help others without judging such facts. You don’t care whether the other person can help you back in similar situations.

For this, people of all kinds can seek you and not feel judged. They know that you won’t push them away just because they don’t belong to the same status or don’t have as much influence.

But are the negative claims completely false? There’s no reason to lie to you, so here goes the other side of the coin…

What are the cons of having a type F personality?

Though F-types aren’t as weak as people carve them to be, they face some major issues due to their personality style. So, if you’re a type F, be prepared to deal with these sides of your personality…

1. Small things can hurt you

One of the greatest pains that come with being a type F is sensitivity. You’re so sensitive that your tears overflow at the drop of a hat. You can’t take it when someone talks loudly with you.

Just as you’re a kind and compassionate person, you assume everyone in the world is like you. But that’s far from the truth… so, when the truth of the evil world gets revealed to you, you feel heartbroken.

Some people call you oversensitive and that you must grow up… while others understand how to hurt you and use this against you.

2. You feel hollow inside

You invest a lot in all of your relationships. You treat others right and sacrifice a lot for others. Moreover, you never demand anything from anyone. You say that you’re happy with the thoughts.

You’re so modest and never ask for any favors or support in return. And the same happens… Nobody tries the least to return the same energy of feelings and thoughts for you.

This leaves you feeling hollow and used. You exhaust yourself by giving away endlessly and getting nothing in return. You have no love left within you and feel like a puppet for others’ happiness eventually.

3. You get deceived by others

You run to help others the moment they seek you. You don’t waste a moment or try to judge them because the other person is in grave danger. Though you act this way because of others’ welfare, this harms you eventually.

Opportunists pretend to be genuinely troubled and you by virtue help them as usual. You fill in for their tasks, help them by sharing your notes and assignments, and even do their share of the chores. Usually, it’s too late when you know that the other person deceived you.

After knowing that you’re deceived you doubt yourself and your judgment and feel disappointed in yourself.

4. Emotions lead you to poor decisions

You always prioritize your emotions over rational and logical thoughts. In every situation, you feel that you must use your emotions as if you’re a human. Do your beliefs scream that what’s the point in being a strict judgmental human being if you can’t use your humane emotions?

However, this sort of thought process can’t always work. Sometimes, others don’t deserve your emotional and lenient judgment. You must take charge of the reins strictly… otherwise, you push yourself into trouble.

Especially in your professional field or any serious situation where someone knowingly harmed you, you might not make the best decisions with emotions alone.

5. You get emotionally invested in others too fast

In this world, there aren’t many trustworthy people around. Most people wait to take advantage of others. It’s not a good habit to trust others too fast as you never know the intentions of the other person.

However, being an F-type, you’re prone to not only trusting others… but also getting emotionally invested in them. This makes you extremely vulnerable to getting hurt frequently.

You get attached to people even before you know them well and this doesn’t always lead to the best consequences. You run a high chance of being hurt and disappointed.

6. Others’ opinions hurt you

Being a type F, another con is that you care a lot about people that mustn’t matter to you. “What would people say?” is a regular thought in your mind. You feel scared that you’d hurt others… you feel that whenever others have negative opinions about you, it’s true to some extent.

You feel guilty about hurting others… when you’ve done nothing. When someone bad-mouths you, you think that you hurt them in some way and that’s a repercussion.

So, you often feel bad about others’ opinions about you. You often let people affect you and give them the satisfaction of being successful in their evil plans.

7. Your emotional health declines

Emotional and mental health is of utmost importance to you… however, you prioritize others’ emotional and mental well-being over your own. So, even if it’s important to you, you don’t pay attention to it when it comes to you.

While worrying for others, you forget to love and care for yourself. You incessantly give to others and neglect your emotional and mental wellness. You feel deprived of the peace and joy you care so much about.

You get used, manipulated, and exhausted while tending to others. Continuous self-neglect leads to a decline in emotional health.

8. You forgive your wrongdoers too easily

You’re also prone to going too easy on people that don’t deserve your kindness. If someone abused you, you just can’t make them pay for their sins.

You can’t make yourself burn in the fire of vengeance. You either let fate take its course or fear that if you make them pay, you’ll be as much of an evil person.

You often let your wrongdoers get away or don’t try hard enough to make them pay for your sins. You believe that karma will do that for them and lose your chance to get justice.

9. You always get hurt

You protect and support others as much as you can and even ignore yourself at times. Whenever you’re in a tight situation, you put yourself in trouble to help others. While that’s noble, you repeatedly put yourself in a bad situation.

You overlook your priorities and leave yourself dissatisfied with others’ happiness. If life gave you the option to choose between your and others’ peace, you’ll choose others’ peace undoubtedly. You habitually put yourself at the end of your priority list.

This, later on, hurts you and makes you feel bad about yourself and lose confidence in life.

10. You set the bar too low

You show others that the thought is all that matters. You don’t ask others to cherish you and become happy with the least bit. While that’s noble, you show others that it’s fine if they don’t value you.

So, others take you for granted and don’t try to treat you the way you deserve. You show them that you can be satisfied with the least and they believe that they can invest their resources to treat someone else better.

Even after being treated this way, you can’t say how you desire to be treated. Instead, you go on with being treated less than you deserve and everyone gets convinced that they can get away with mistreating you.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re asked to not feel agitated with the cons of your personality, it’ll probably not help you out. But have faith and you will get through the troubles of your personality type eventually.

You might think that this is empty consolation because every other article does the same but never keeps their side of the deal. But you will be supported till the end with everything you must do to protect yourself and improve your life experiences with this guide.

So, for now, don’t lose hope and have faith in yourself. And lastly, don’t you even dare to change yourself… improvise, not change… because you’re one of a kind! 

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