So, you anxiously want to know “what to do if you’re a type F” after taking the Type F personality test. It’s understandable that knowing you’re a type F and that you’re prone to messing up some areas of your life…  all this news can be quite worrying.

But it’s wonderful that you tried to reach out for help and found this think-piece… and here, you’ll definitely get all the help you ever needed for your personality type.

C’mon, don’t waste any time and get the necessary help here…

What To Do If You’re a Type F?

Being a type F, people probably called you a crybaby or weakling your entire life. At certain points in your life, people took advantage of your emotions or were made to feel ashamed of your emotions. That’s because you shared your kindness with the wrong people.

But knowing who to be kind to isn’t enough. Follow these detailed steps to improve your life…

1. Understand your priorities

It’s great that you’re a feeler and that you often depend on your emotions to set your priorities. But, you often prioritize others and their emotions over yourself. You might say that you’re happy and satisfied that way… but think from a broader perspective. How long and how much will you sacrifice for others?

For now, you might feel that you’re ready to continue this forever because you were always this way. But, are you sure you won’t regret it? You might never get the same opportunity to choose yourself again.

The situation might seem stable right now… you might feel that you can give more right now because you can… so, why not?

However, if you don’t prioritize yourself, you won’t be happy or satisfied with your life. If you’re disappointed with yourself and your life, you’ll eventually lose motivation in your private, social, academic, and professional life. So, set your priorities correctly.

2. Amplify your strengths mindfully

Figure out the strengths of a type F personality. Don’t think that you have all the strengths mentioned in the pros and cons list. So, mindfully find which ones match and which ones don’t.

Then work on the matching strengths if you have any room for improvement. If you don’t, then leave it be. Don’t try to overdo anything because the strengths and weaknesses of a type F personality are quite connected. So, if you overdo anything, it might turn into a flaw instead.

On the other hand, think if you can awaken some of the unmatched strengths. No need to perfect the strengths, but instead instill them in low amounts. This will help you prevent it from turning into weakness and you’ll also be on the winning side.

3. Work on your weaknesses

As mentioned above, the strengths and weaknesses of a type F person are quite interlinked. Anything good in excess becomes poison for an F-type personality. So, your weaknesses are blessings in the name of flaws.

So, first, jot down all the weaknesses you have. Find out ways to diminish them to a certain amount. This totally depends on you and the kinds of weaknesses you have. So, either work on it alone or seek a trustworthy loved one to help you suggest ideas.

Once you dim the weaknesses, they’ll eventually turn into strengths. For instance, you might be so caring that you hurt yourself and put yourself in a tough position.

If you only care for others enough to not hurt yourself and create a boundary… you’ll be all set for a brand new strength!

4. Learn to judge people’s intentions

Being a type F person, you often jump into deep messes to save others. You don’t notice the extent of trouble waiting on the other side of the intentions of that person. It’s obvious that your heart bleeds at the thought of someone else’s troubles.

But understand that the world is full of opportunists… and probably you already met some. Go back to the time when you first felt used and taken advantage of. Of course, it isn’t a great memory and you don’t wish to relive that.

So, take your time to know the other person’s intentions. Ask them straightforward questions about their trouble and figure out a way to know the truth. It’s certain that the first time you do this, you won’t feel good.

But with time, you’ll save yourself from many opportunists and feel great about yourself. You’ll feel confident and people won’t take you as a pushover anymore.

5. For your own sake, make better decisions

You’re prone to making emotional decisions. And while that’s a good thing in certain situations, it’s a bad option in others. For instance, your lover wasn’t able to meet you on your anniversary because of their work or a loved one’s poor health. This can be excused. However, your lover intentionally cheated on you… that’s inexcusable!

On the other hand, your best friend had a prior engagement with their lover and couldn’t join you on your road trip… that’s acceptable. But if they go have fun with other friends and ditch you, they were never your best buddy.

In your professional platform, if someone is helpless and needs your support in their tasks, it’s great so long as they divide the tasks for help.

But if they push the entire work on your shoulder and sign off like a jerk after that, don’t help them. You might fall for their trick once, but if they repeat this behavior, learn your lessons ASAP.

6. Balance your good deeds

People trust you a lot… but why? Is it because you always prioritize others over yourself? Is it because you make others the highlight of your life and hardly think about yourself? Is it because you’re always worried about others’ happiness?

In all the mentioned possibilities, notice how you’re always a great person like a deity. You always try your best to keep others satisfied. But amidst all that, how happy are you? It’s more like you’re barely holding on to make ends meet for yourself.

You’re so busy sharing happiness and doing good deeds that you hardly have anything left for you. Selfless giving is your long-term habit and you can’t just change that overnight.

However, if you do two good deeds for others, learn to do at least one just for yourself. Keep count and do things that make you feel better at the end of the day.

7. Don’t assume everyone is a well-wisher

Every person assumes others are the same as them. A swindler is scared of getting swindled and a good person thinks everyone else is a noble soul. Being a type F person, by virtue of your traits, you believe that everyone is a good person just like you.

You assume that everyone is good and share your deepest scars with others without any filter. You think that everyone is as close to you as a family member. However, this might hurt you instead. You never know who’s jealous of you and who awaits to use your weaknesses against you.

Someone might be jealous of you and the love you receive due to your positive traits. It’s time to not accept and trust everyone around you.

Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t an attempt to make you uncomfortable, but even someone from your family might not want the best for you. So, share limited info and protect yourself from harm.

8. Never sell yourself too short

You don’t have any materialistic needs which is a great virtue. You also become happy with the least bit of things. If your partner gives you a handwritten congratulatory note, you go over the moon. You can be satisfied with the least of things.

Of course, this is the right thing to do if the other person has nothing to offer you. That’s their heartfelt gesture. However, you just set the bar extremely low for others to make yourself happy… especially if the other person has plenty to offer.

Instead of treating you properly, they’d treat others better with the resources that aren’t spent on you. So, act accordingly based on the power of the other person.

If someone can make you happy and satisfied with sweet gestures, more time, or with an appraisal… and you deserve it, don’t shy away from it. Learn to accept the things that you deserve!

9. Practice self-love

If you’re used to selling yourself too short, it’ll be hard to get over this habit. So, you must start this new practice at home with yourself. At the beginning of the day, meditate and exercise to thank your body for staying healthy and allowing you to continue the day.

Carry out hygienic acts and have balanced meals throughout the day. This will boost positivity and provide you with sufficient energy to fight through and help you make informed decisions.

After returning home, pamper yourself with a bath or shower and nourish your skin with beauty products. Don’t forget to sleep at least 8 hours to rest your mind and start on a fresh note.

During your leisure time, try out new recipes to surprise yourself and test your limits. Allow yourself to have delicious junk food once a week to keep yourself motivated.

Self-love can take different shapes, so don’t limit yourself to these options and try out any healthy practice you want.

10. Learn to not get affected easily

Being a type F, you’re prone to be emotionally sensitive. You get hurt by the slightest harsh words. Perhaps, you run to the washroom to cry every time someone acts rudely… ruminate over all of your mistakes and criticize yourself… or, lose all motivation to work and function.

However, that’s a lot of power you give others over your emotions. It’s normal to let your parents and partner have this much command over your emotions, but F-types get affected even by strangers’ bitter words. So, if you’re the same, this needs to change.

Though easier said than done, you must try to incorporate this change slowly yet steadily.

So, how to do that?

Whenever anyone hurts you with their verbal attack, take a deep breath. Figure out how much that person matters to you. When you’re hurt, does the other person shed tears?  If not, they’re somewhat replaceable in your life.

Remind yourself that they don’t mean a lot to you… so, it’s okay to ignore those bitter words.

11. Take time before investing your emotions

You entangle your emotions in all sorts of connections you make… whether it’s a platonic bond or a professional one. You get emotionally involved with others more often than you need and must. For this, you often end up getting hurt.

Just as mentioned in the last pointer, you get hurt when others are mean to you. This is because of the swift emotional attachment you create.

So, another way to save yourself from tragic situations is to take your time and not get emotionally attached to everyone you meet.

If you feel that this doesn’t happen consciously, then mindfully remind yourself that you just got to know the other person and it’s not quite the time yet. Whenever a distant thought of the other person invades your mind, ask yourself what you feel about them.

If they’re no more than a stranger or only have a formal connection with them, remind yourself that they won’t ever care about you… it’s all just business!

12. Don’t take public opinions too seriously

Being a type F, you’re also prone to taking unnecessary and random opinions seriously. You feel that people have negative opinions about you only because you hurt or disappointed them in some way.

Snap out of this delusion because the world isn’t a utopia. People don’t need a reason to badmouth you. They even do it to have fun while watching you suffer in pain. Understand how things work in reality… not everyone is as pure as you assume.

If someone thinks poorly of you and you have zero ideas why it’s okay to let them be. Don’t try to change their perception unless they’re a loved one. If someone spreads rumors about you, confront them, and don’t try to find a reason to understand the reason behind their feelings.

13. Accept that you can’t make everyone happy

A type F person spends their entire life balancing others’ feelings. So, you’re busy making others happy and amidst all of that, you forget that you’re also a person. You become exhausted from trying so hard… you forget that you’re also a human, have limits, and that you need some time to yourself.

It’s high time to understand that you’re not even close to God or Goddess… so, why do you try to make others happy so desperately?

Sure, this world needs more kindness and you can share the love.  However, sharing the love includes making yourself happy… if you make yourself unhappy in the process, then it’s not worth it!

Stick to your limits and only share a kind gesture for others… don’t try to make others’ entire life happy.

14. Avoid forgiving too easily

You often forgive your ill-wishers because you want to be at peace. You might believe that they’ll get the result of their actions or that karma will return to them.

Sometimes you try to understand your offender’s reason to do it. You try to find reasons to forgive them. You feel that perhaps you can give them another chance.

However, that’s one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Yes, sometimes people deserve a second chance… they change themselves for the better and prove that they only lacked the proper sense of direction in life. So, give the other person no more than one chance to prove themselves.

If they can’t prove that they can change for the better this time, that’s enough. Don’t give them unlimited chances even if they beg you for them. If someone can’t respect the second chance, they won’t change even after all of eternity.

15. Be candid about your feelings

Most of your miseries begin because you don’t value your own feelings. Probably, at this very moment, you’re uncertain about your feelings… and even if you know, you don’t know what you want and feel about certain situations. You just never gave your emotions much of a chance.

So, from now onwards, try to be more expressive. Be open about your feelings and if you ever feel uncomfortable with anything, try to refuse.

If you feel bad about refusing others’ requests, challenge yourself to say “No” and express your true emotions once every day. Eventually, you’ll learn to be more open about your feelings.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember to incorporate these steps slowly… otherwise, you might feel too overwhelmed to accept so many changes at once. Moreover, it’ll take some time to bring the necessary change in your life even after you practice all of them together.

Your emotions might even say that you’re doing something wrong… you might want to return to your older ways. Make sure you don’t entertain or work on these thoughts. Perseverance and persistence will help you return happiness in your life… so, hang in there and work on yourself!

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