Wondering what to do if you’re a sigma male… is it because someone told you that’s your personality? Or did you know it beforehand?

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If you’re sure, this think-piece is all set to help your self-improvement.

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What To Do If You’re a Sigma Male?

Being a sigma male, you probably often heard that you’re a loner or a commitment-phobe. While you don’t care about the bad remarks, you always wanna improve yourself. Your desire to be a better person is completely natural. So, without any further delay, let’s begin this quest…

1. Know yourself better

For starters, sigma males don’t like to change themselves. So, if you’re one… you’re probably disinterested in this piece. Your perspectives aren’t wrong and you’re allowed to choose for yourself!.

However, even you know that all human beings have flaws. Probably, you’re also aware of the pressing things to change about yourself… but what about the smaller details?

You might unknowingly hurt your loved ones with those. So, to cherish your special inner circle and sustain healthy and harmonious bonds, know yourself. Go through the sigma male personality traits and pros and cons of being one. This way, you’ll be prepared to work on the negative traits better.

2. Don’t push everyone away

You don’t like to expand your social circles. It’s probably because you’re wary of others’ intentions. You just can’t let your guard down because your enemies might enter your life pretending to be a friend. Moreover, you also feel that more people will only increase chaos and attract drama in your life.

You definitely have reasons to believe that… but are you sure this is the right way? You turn down almost everyone’s friendship. Ultimately, you’ll become lonely in the long run.

So, give them a chance to prove their worth. Otherwise, you might miss the chance to meet precious people.

3. Think before taking risks

You love taking risks and usually calculate the pros and cons of your choices. Probably, you even analyze the chances of your success before starting. However, others don’t know that. They are too scared of the negative consequences of the situation.

So, before you take the risk, think about how it’d affect the people around you. Of course, you don’t care about others and only focus on your own desires.

However, whether you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed, someone or the other always depends on you. So, think about others’ feelings. If it’s too risky, abort the plan!

4. Be more expressive to your partner

A sigma male doesn’t express his feelings a lot. So, if you’re the same and have a serious partner, you know the troubles. Lack of communication is the root of relationship problems.

When you don’t express your feelings to your partner, they feel you don’t love them anymore. Negative thoughts buzz in their mind and they feel insecure. They might even look for signs of infidelity or test your loyalty.

So, save the love of your life from all that trouble and be a bit more verbal. When you want space, say that you’ll get back to them ASAP. Tell them that you love them and reassure them that nobody is as wonderful as them.

5. Work on one plan at a time

Sigma men love adventures so much that they often hop on multiple plans simultaneously. So, your desire for thrill and excitement in life are completely valid.

However, if all the plans backfire together, you’ll be left in a huge mess. So, try to stick to one plan as long as you can. Wait for a while before you jump on a new task or project. At least wait till it’s almost time to wrap the previous one.

If the urge is too strong and you have free time, deal with it with distractions. Or, meditate to calm your mind.

6. Don’t ditch obvious responsibilities

You hate taking responsibility and want independence… because that way you can lead your life your way. That’s cool if it’s possible… but, don’t do that to your loved ones.

If you have a family or people that already depend on you, take a moment! Who’ll take care of them if you’re not around? Does your family have someone else to rely on? Can the other person seriously take responsibility?

Since you’re a lone wolf, you want to break free from the shackles. But not all traits of a sigma male personality are cool. At least, do the bare minimum to support others.

7. Fight your desire to rebel

One of the drawbacks of being a sigma man is his desire to rebel against social norms. He likes to dance to the beat of his own drum. So, you don’t like to follow pointless traditions and rules and that’s totally understandable, bro.

But hey, it’s not nice to show your distaste everywhere. You don’t care about others’ opinions… but what if the other person matters to your loved one?

For instance, your partner’s parents are extremely orthodox people. If you violate their boundaries, your partner will be upset too. So, think about the consequences before you follow your impulses.

8. Don’t always ditch the party

You’d rather stay home and sleep than socialize… yeah, noted! But before you ditch that party, identify your priorities. If it’s a loved one’s party or a loved one wants you to accompany them to it, try to compromise.

If you don’t attend the event, they won’t say break contact or judge you. However, they won’t ever expect anything from you. You’ll discourage them from asking anything from you ever again.

If it’s not a loved one, go ahead and roll in bed. But if you mean a lot to that person, don’t skip it!

9. Work on your social skills

You neither like socializing nor follow social media trends. You’re pretty detached from the world. So, when people make small talk, you’re pretty lost. However, both socializing and being updated about trends are important skills.

Without it, people often misunderstand you and get offended. Immediately, it might not be a must-have skill, but it can help you down the lane. So, prepare yourself for that time from now on.

For that, only practice can help you get used to it. Whether it’s flattery or emotional responses, practice lots even if you fail… it’ll all pay off someday!

10. State your boundaries beforehand

You don’t like to be ordered around. You don’t care about nonsensical rules and traditions. You hate drama and you’re also scared of committing too early.

Whenever someone does any of these, you get offended. You don’t even give them a second chance.

But hey, did that person know about these boundaries? Probably not because you hardly communicate. So, from now on, be transparent about your boundaries.

People that genuinely cherish you will try hard to avoid violating them. You’ll not miss precious people from your life.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember, practice makes a man perfect… so, don’t lose hope. The entire process will need some time. While you’re at it, don’t neglect your existing strengths.

Follow these steps and try to communicate more. Eventually, you’ll treat your inner circle better and feel great about yourself!

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