In today’s competitive world, the diversity of personalities shapes our social fabric. Curious about the most trending socio-hierarchical personalities, ThePleasantPersonality embarked on a global analysis for 2023. 

Our focus centered on key personality archetypes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta, and Sigma – each holding a unique place in social media discussions and beyond.

Utilizing Google Keyword Planner, we meticulously compiled and analyzed search data from various countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. 

Our findings revealed a striking trend: the ‘Sigma Male’ consistently emerged as the top searched personality across all these nations, showcasing its significant global appeal.

As we delve into the specifics, let’s prepare to uncover these personalities’ intriguing Google search statistics in 2023.

Data of The United States of America

“In a revealing insight into America’s socio-hierarchical interests, our analysis shows a remarkable dominance of the ‘Sigma Male’ in search queries, boasting a staggering volume of 135,000. This far outstrips the second most searched term, ‘Alpha Male,’ which stands at 40,500. Following are ‘Beta Male’ with 18,100 searches and ‘Alpha Female’ with 12,100.

Interestingly, ‘Omega Male’ and ‘Sigma Female’ are tied with 8,100 searches each. The ‘Gamma Male’ attracts 5,400 searches, while ‘Delta Male’ garners 2,900. The search volume dips further for ‘Beta Female’ at 1,300 and ‘Omega Female’ at 1,000.

Notably, the least searched personalities are ‘Gamma Female’ and ‘Delta Female,’ with 390 and 260 searches, respectively.

Data of The United Kingdom

In the latest rankings of socio-hierarchical personality searches, the ‘Sigma Male’ stands unrivaled at the top in the United Kingdom with an impressive search volume of 27,100. This significant interest is followed by ‘Alpha Male’ with 8,100 searches, showcasing a clear preference for these two archetypes.

Trailing behind are ‘Beta Male’ with 3,600 searches and ‘Alpha Female’ with 1,900. Interestingly, ‘Omega Male’ and ‘Sigma Female’ share equal interest, both garnering 1,600 searches.

Further down the list, ‘Gamma Male’ records 1,000 searches, while ‘Delta Male’ attracts 590. The search volume for ‘Beta Female’ and ‘Omega Female’ is relatively lower, at 260 and 170, respectively. At the bottom of the interest spectrum, ‘Gamma Female’ and ‘Delta Female’ receive minimal attention, with just 50 and 40 searches.

Data of Canada

The ‘Sigma Male’ undisputedly leads the pack in Canada, commanding a search volume 14,800. This is a significant lead over the ‘Alpha Male,’ which comes in second with 5,400 searches. Following these is the ‘Beta Male’ with 1,900 searches, highlighting a sustained interest in these traditional male archetypes.

Interestingly, both ‘Alpha Female’ and ‘Sigma Female’ share equal footing in the public’s curiosity, each garnering 1,000 searches. The searches continue with ‘Omega Male’ attracting 880, ‘Gamma Male’ with 590, and ‘Delta Male’ with 320. Interest further tapers down for ‘Beta Female’ at 170 and ‘Omega Female’ at 110 searches.

At the lower end of the spectrum, both ‘Delta Female’ and ‘Gamma Female’ receive the least attention, each with a search volume of merely 30.

Data of Australia

The ‘Sigma Male’ continues to reign supreme, amassing a search volume of 12,100. This figure places it well ahead of its closest contender, the ‘Alpha Male,’ which holds a search volume of 4,400. Following these leaders, the ‘Beta Male’ captures the public’s interest with 1,600 searches.

Notably, both the ‘Alpha Female’ and ‘Sigma Female’ are tied in popularity, each receiving 880 searches. Further down the list, the ‘Omega Male’ garners 720 searches, ‘Gamma Male’ attracts 480, and ‘Delta Male’ has 260. The search interest for ‘Beta Female’ stands at 110, indicating a lesser but still present curiosity.

At the lower end of the spectrum, ‘Omega Female’ records a search volume of 90, while both ‘Delta Female’ and ‘Gamma Female’ receive minimal attention with 20 searches each.

Data of South Africa

Nonetheless, the ‘Sigma Male’ emerges as the unequivocal leader with a search volume of 4,400. This tops the list significantly, followed by the ‘Alpha Male’ with 2,900 searches, indicating a strong public interest in these dominant male archetypes.

The ‘Alpha Female’ also garners notable attention, securing 1,000 searches and surpassing the ‘Beta Male,’ which records 590 searches. The ‘Sigma Female’ follows closely with a search volume of 390. Further in the ranking, ‘Omega Male’ attracts 170 searches, while ‘Gamma Male’ sees 110 searches.

Interestingly, ‘Beta Female,’ ‘Delta Male,’ and ‘Omega Female’ each maintain a search volume of 70, reflecting a more moderate level of public interest. At the end of the spectrum, both ‘Delta Female’ and ‘Gamma Female’ occupy the lowest spots, each with a search volume of just 20.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantPersonality, commented, “Actually, the traits of Sigma Male are very similar to Alpha, and hence, it creates confusion among the masses. This confusion further leads to the surge in searches for “Sigma Male.” 

Besides, Sigma Males are often tagged as “friendly leaders,” and they don’t really care about traditional social dominance hierarchy. Rather, they prefer to be the lone wolf away from unnecessary ranks and social constructs.”

She further adds, “Besides, the portrayal of Sigma Male traits in media, pop culture, and online communities has popularized this concept. Due to this, there is a natural tendency of people to see if they share these traits. This explains their widespread appeal and high search volumes.”