How much our schools try to mold us in the same form, we are but different from the start! Each one of us has a distinct personality trait. It could be your genes or your upbringing but you have a unique personality that is an identification of you as an adult. So, keep reading this piece to know alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma personality.

As you identify your personality trait you will be able to flaunt it easily and confidently.

Some of us try to imitate the ways of our friends or others but it’s not worth trying. You will remain the same and the more you try to change your personality the more you will suppress your qualities and won’t be able to express yourself fully!

To become more attractive it is better to own your personal traits and carry it with pride. In this article, we would discuss the six personality types.

Let’s start now. You will get separate information for men and women of each of the groups – alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma personality. It’s going to be a long read but worth your time, we promise!

Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma Personality Infographics

Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma - Male Personality
Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma – Male Personality
Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma - Female Personality
Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma – Female Personality

Alpha Male Personality

He is the most dominating and charismatic of the lot – a born leader, super-successful, and enjoys his stardom!

An alpha male is the one who grabs all eyeballs wherever he goes.  Women want to be with him and men follow him like ardent fans. He is the one with a natural charisma.

He leads, rules, and dominates. An alpha male is charming, attractive, and expresses his ideas with conviction. There is a natural capacity in him to captivate others by his appearance, words, and action.

He is always the center of attraction. And what’s fascinating is that people love to be dominated by him! He is, of course, an extrovert and knows how to do things and who to delegate the tasks. This is why he becomes an efficient boss!

An alpha understands his purpose and priorities. He will never waste his time.

People talk about him and are amazed by his qualities. He is the most successful in his group, super-rich, or about to become one if not already! An alpha knows how to climb up the ladder in his career and also how to get the best girl!

Needless to mention, an alpha pulls the crowd in the party! People like to be in their company. He will make you feel at ease while enjoying being hero-worshipped by you! An alpha male enjoys the stardom in social gatherings.

Women naturally want to be around him. And he does not shy away from being introduced to a lady! If he likes someone he would approach her without any hesitation.

He knows how to talk, walk, dress, and impress. He is the most appealing of all the personality types. Be warned, he can smile and flirt with you, kill you by his charm but maybe not just interested in you!

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Alpha Female Personality

She is a rock star! This woman is a true goddess, powerful, and knows how to carry herself.

An alpha female is the one having it all! She is charming, intelligent, and knows how to deal with even the most difficult situations with ease.

This is the woman who is the ‘rock star’ among all her peers and acquaintances. She is the ideal girlfriend type only that she might not choose you! Men worship her as if she is a goddess and are totally gaga over her. She enjoys the attention, smiles at men sweetly but she has her own plans.

This woman just knows herself so well! She is confident, smart, and independent and understands her worth. An alpha woman will not pay attention to other people’s judgment. She is opinionated, headstrong, and determined.

In professional life, she is the boss, making decisions and telling others what to do! She is dominating, powerful, and knows how to get things done.

This woman is not intimidated by powerful men and she will tell on their face about her opinion on things. It’s not that she has no emotions! But she can hide her emotions well and has a strong public image.

In romantic relationships, she can be controlling. She will express her feelings openly to her man without hesitation.

Beta Male Personality

He is modest, easy-going, and responsible. This guy is the ideal ‘husband material’ in the lot!

The beta male is the ideal ‘husband material’ for the ladies. They are the nice guys, soft-spoken, good-natured, modest, easygoing, and responsible. He keeps his words and is the quiet type who listens to more and talks less.

The beta personalities never come in the limelight, always overshadowed by more dominant friends. Beta males have confidence issues. Even when they have the quality to impress others they feel that they might do something awkward.

In professional life, a beta male is often ignored. His potential is not noticed by his boss. So, he doesn’t get the appreciation and promotions as much as he deserves!

Because they are faithful and somewhat submissive, women prefer to get married to Beta males. The betas form long-lasting stable relationships and they have satisfactory married lives.

Beta Female Personality

She is sensible, reliable, and not the popular type. She often does not get the credit she deserves!

A beta woman never gets the same attention from men as an alpha woman gets but somehow she is more successful in her relationships. This is because they are not dominating and extremely reliable.

A beta woman is a good listener and a trustworthy friend. Though not ‘Miss Popular’, she is loved and relied on by those who know her.

Most importantly, she will never steal your show! She knows how to mingle with all types of people and often hides her own feelings just to satisfy others. Because of her sweet nature, she can bond with all kinds of friends.

A beta woman is caring and empathetic. She often neglects her own interests and they do not find themselves attractive! If your girlfriend is beta, you must compliment and praise her often. For she would never see her true worth herself.

Beta females often end up with friends who do not value them. In careers and at home, they are always the sacrificing type and they put in a lot of effort. She is under-valued and never quite appreciated.

She is the woman who will never make the first move even if she likes you! A beta woman expects the man to propose or initiate a conversation.

Gamma Male Personality

He is shy, lacks determination, and takes more responsibilities than he can handle!

He is nothing like the alpha or betas. A gamma male is a shy guy in the lot! This type of guy isn’t persistent enough to achieve his goals. He has an issue to focus on the things he starts and so has a lot of unfinished projects.

Gamma males will always have big plans but he most often fails because of lack of determination and persistence.

They are often the ‘yes man’ in the office always nodding to the boss and taking more on their plate than probably they can chew!

This lot keeps things in their minds and will never give you an honest opinion or advice.

In romantic relationships, they often become very clingy. He blindly relies on his partner and is often cheated or taken advantage of. A gamma male can become a stalker if he likes a woman!

He has self-esteem issues and never has confidence in his ability. He is a super-sensitive and touchy kind of guy.

Gamma Female Personality

She likes to be caught by the man she adores! She is goal-oriented and knows how to achieve her goals.

A gamma female likes to be the catch! She can use tactics to get a man and then settle with him.

She knows what she wants and makes long-term plans in life.

A gamma woman can’t dominate but she keeps the information about people and resources that she can use to achieve what she wants. She is comfortable in her own skin.

She is intelligent enough to understand which man is worthy of her. A gamma woman never stays in a relationship that is not her right fit!

She is goal-oriented and otherwise co-operative. This woman will help her friends but not let them waste her time.

A gamma woman knows her worth and how to achieve what she wants!

Omega Male Personality

He is the odd one in the wolf pack. This guy isn’t competitive and has a laid-back attitude in life.

The omega male is nothing like the alpha and beta males! In fact, he is quite the opposite of them. An omega male is an odd man out! He perceives life from a totally different perspective. This guy isn’t chasing success, money, or women!

An omega male has a laid-back approach towards life. When the others are competing for promotions, expensive houses, or lavish cars, this guy will sit on his couch and play video games!

He is skillful and self-sufficient but he isn’t interested in participating in the rat race! They are often considered as the ‘social rejects’ because of their inability to fetch high-paying jobs or grab attention from women.

At his office, he likes to do things on his own. He isn’t a good team player at all!

He wears his pride and likes to show off his achievements. An omega male loves to stand out in the crowd and enjoys it when people rely on him. An omega male is often the most intelligent one among his peers although not quite successful!

In the love life, he would control his partner and want things done as he wants. He is the guy who takes care of his girl but wants his own space. This guy would always see that his needs are met in a relationship. He dislikes women who seek a lot of attention or are demanding!

An omega male is difficult to please and has unrealistic expectations that are most often not fulfilled. Because of this, they can end up staying single. Omega women are the perfect match for this type of man.

Omega Female Personality

She is smart, skillful, and straightforward. This woman is a child at heart and often has unrealistic expectations!

An omega woman is intelligent, smart, and can take care of herself. She isn’t a people pleaser and prefers her own company.

This woman is knowledgeable because she is always updated. She is often the ‘nerd’ type. At the office, she likes to complete projects alone, rather than in a group. An omega woman always puts herself first!

She would help when asked but won’t come all her way to save you. It’s because she lives in her own world and doesn’t notice others.

She isn’t bothered about what others think of her and she expresses her views without hesitation. An omega woman is sensitive and emotional only that she refuses to show it to the world. If you have her as a friend you will learn a lot from her!

She isn’t very organized and you will find clutters in her room. But she enjoys being messy and laidback.

In romantic relationships, she has a secret desire to have a fairytale romance because deep down she is a child at heart! She will either be in a lovey-dovey relationship with her man or she would prefer to be alone.

Delta Male Personality

He is modest and hard-working but unable to draw attention to himself.

Now that you have read about alpha, beta, and omega personality traits, here’s the fourth type. A delta male wants people to know him and like him but he doesn’t have the capacity to draw attention on his own. He does not have high esteem although he dreams to do something grand with his life!

This man is quite modest and hard-working and has a fine taste. He accepts the fact that he cannot draw attention from attractive women. And he realistically chooses a partner who is modest and reliable like him.

At work, he is ambitious and does everything to grab the rewards. He is competitive and smart. But somehow he stays invisible to his boss and his efforts are not recognized.

In romantic relationships, his partner will often feel that he is emotionally unavailable. A persistent and patient woman can although completely transform him into a responsible and endearing husband.

Delta Female Personality

She is shy and likes to be alone. This woman isn’t chasing success or popularity!

A delta woman is introverted and loves her solitude. She can achieve great things only that she isn’t much bothered about success.

A delta woman is carefree and wants her peace of mind. This woman understands that patience is a virtue. Therefore, she is patient and talks nicely with even those who are rude to her.

She takes time to commit to a relationship. This woman would first take the time to know her lover and prefer to be just friends.  She is sure of herself and does not like to rush things.

A delta woman is often anxious and has confidence issues although she realizes her worth. She is always improving herself and has high aspirations in life.

At her job, she is often perceived as a bit slow because of her relaxed attitude but she knows where she is going and how to go there. She likes to have honest, clear communication.

Sigma Male Personality

He is the smartest of the lot, attractive, successful, and somewhat manipulative.

The Sigma male is the lone wolf! This guy doesn’t care about the social situation. He is nothing like the alpha or the omega or any other type!  A sigma male will not chase the race for he has his own rules to play!

He is often called the ‘manipulative mastermind’ because he moves in and out of all social circles and uses people and information to their own benefit. Sigma males are not influenced by the alpha males. In fact, they can even manipulate the alphas!

He dates with women in the highest social circles that most alphas have not even met! A sigma male does not look for approval, he does what he wants.

He does not dominate or seek attention like the alpha, but he wins any game he chooses to play. He is not an introvert but he likes to stay quiet and keep his intentions to himself.

A sigma male is confident, smart, witty, and has excellent communication skills. He is charismatic like the alpha but he doesn’t crave attention.  Women fall head over heels for him.

He is super ambitious but likes to have an independent venture, then working in a monotonous job. The sigma male prefers to be his own boss. He takes risks and often experiments in new ventures.

The sigmas like to pack his bags suddenly and go for an expedition. He likes nothing that is routine-like and predictable.

He does not keep a lot of friends and loves to do things on his own rather than with a group of friends. In his love life, he finds it difficult to commit. He has a Bohemian attitude towards life and often ends up staying single.

The sigma male prefers to have short-lived passionate romances than settling permanently with someone.

The one Guy no girl can resist!

Sigma Female Personality

A sigma woman is proud, charismatic, and a high-achiever.

She is strong and stubborn like the alpha woman but she is too proud to hang around with a lot of people. Opinions of others do not matter to her and she isn’t interested to impress anyone! She just knows what she wants and she is ready to chase it no matter what!

She rarely forgets things and loves to avenge her wrong-doers. A sigma female loves to count her victories but she isn’t competing against anyone.

It’s better not to argue with her because she can get ferocious! She is a high-achiever and you can never put her down.

A sigma female isn’t really keen on making friends but she gets along well with others unless they try to stop her! She might not be on your side but won’t hurt you if you are courteous to her.

In choosing her partner she will want to have the ‘best’ man. She wants her lover to be handsome, rich, and super-successful. Mostly, the sigma woman prefers to have an alpha male as her husband.

She is extremely choosy and wants the best qualities in her partner. Because she knows that she is but the very best!

Men find her extremely attractive and women tend to copy her style! She is charismatic and draws attention without even trying. This woman gets the spotlight wherever she goes. But unlike the alpha female, she does not enjoy it. Because this woman loves her solitude.

She is unpredictable, glamorous, and lively. Although she has only a few friends, she will be there for them whenever they need her.

If you have read till this you must have identified your own personality type! Also, you might have a combination of personality traits which isn’t uncommon. In any case, now that you know the characters you can find your strengths and weaknesses.

Using this information, you can reflect on what’s working and what’s not working for you! So, you can, as well, make changes in your personality for your best interest.


Dominating & Charismatic Modest & Easygoing Introverted & Super sensitive Skillful & Self sufficient Modest & Hardworking Super smart & extremely attractive
The born leader! Ideal husband type! The “Yes Man” at the office! The odd one in the wolf pack! Wants attention but can’t get it! The “manipulative mastermind!”
Understands his priorities & always utilizing his time Works a lot but overshadowed by his peers Has big plans but lacks determination & focus Laidback, not chasing success or money Works hard but unable to draw attention He is super ambitious and his own boss


Charming & Intelligent Sensible & Reliable Goal-oriented & Intelligent Skillful & Straightforward Introverted & Carefree Proud & Charismatic
The Rockstar Miss Trustworthy The Superb Planner The Nerd Centered The High Achiever
Opinionated, dominating & strong-willed Sweet, caring & supportive Tactful, informative & clever Intelligent, childish & messy Peaceful, quiet & relaxed Opinionate, headstrong & unique

Closing Thoughts

If you have always wondered about personality types and how to identify those, this is the perfect article to read! You have to understand the six personality traits in men and women to recognize how they act and behave in society.

The alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma personality types indicates why we behave in a certain way in life. You can identify your own personality type and even change or rectify certain aspects to become more successful and happy.

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