DiSC S personality type individuals are stable, steady, and predictable with their moves. One can easily rely on them as they are dependable. They show patience apart from being great listeners who wish to maintain harmony while working with teams. It would be nice to check what more people can expect while working with the DiSC S personality type

If you wish to know details regarding your working style, first take the online personality test to get a clear idea about your DiSC type. 

Working with DiSC S Personality

The world contains people from different backgrounds having specific characteristics. They make them ideally suited for typical job roles. It applies to individuals with DiSC S personality types as well.

The disc assessment of these people denotes that they have calm and stable nature, which makes them ideally suited for working in environments where they can collaborate with others. They love engaging themselves in doing consistent work that involves engaging with other professionals.

They are regarded as ‘supporters’ of the community and stay true to this tag even across professional environments. These supporters can help all those analytical and reserved individuals understand the importance of effective communication and developing strong working relationships. 

DiSC S personality types connect and work well with those individuals who take sufficient time to know them. They look forward to being around people who carry a warm and welcoming approach in their demeanor. If you are someone who resorts to criticism, then you would surely struggle to get along with s-type personalities. 

Their relationships in the professional circuit would have to cross hurdles when they allow minor problems to grow before resolving them. Things become tougher when they avoid giving necessary feedback to others, hence, leaving no scope for improvement. Struggles continue in their work life when DiSC S types start considering constructive criticism with utmost seriousness.

Supporters feel at their best when others approach them for assistance in completing the project. They appreciate it when their boss builds a healthy relationship with them over time. Moreover, these professionals also enjoy receiving verbal appreciation from their colleagues for their contributions to the team. It gives great joy when their direct reports value the guidance they receive from them. 

Problems arise when a DiSC S professional feels they have no scope to offer any input to the group. They realize their boss does not appreciate their efforts, and their peers no longer consider their helping hand. Besides, all those who used to directly report to them for all kinds of tips and guidance have started to prefer autonomous work.

DiSC Style S can work across various job roles in an organization. Let us now learn about DiSC S personality type’s style while working as colleagues, subordinates, and managers –

DiSC Style ‘S’ as a colleague

As a colleague, while working in a peaceful and collaborative environment, the S-style personality type professional loves being part of a team. It gives them a sense of security for having continuity and gaining the trust of their teammates. They are always ready to offer a lot of input to their team players, hence regarded as one of the workhorses in the team.

These professionals look into all possible angles of any situation. Hence, even if something does not seem feasible for others, they will keep working on different options and finally come up with a solution. It is one of the finest qualities DiSC S person brings to the table for their team. 

Their presence makes others feel secure and gradually helps them gain confidence. A DiSC S colleague always ensures that tasks are completed in the desired manner and on time. Team members can always approach them to complete their work on time. 

If any colleague feels demotivated and does not seem to find a way out of a problem, their DiSC S personality type peer would lift their spirits by showering them with praises and appreciation. 

DiSC Style ‘S’ as a subordinate

When some with the DiSC S personality type work as a subordinate, they look forward to working on those projects where they can help others carry out their responsibilities in the best possible manner. They need to work under a boss who would build a cordial relationship with them over some time. If that happens, it will serve as a source of motivation for the S-style employee to work even harder.

An ungrateful manager or peers would be a setback for these professionals. They will always want to receive acknowledgment or appreciation from their end. Apart from this issue, another problem exists within the DiSC S-style subordinate. If they have trouble understanding a project brief, they will not hesitate to approach the manager for clarification. It hampers their flow of work.

In this regard, it is necessary to understand that a senior must delegate work to their DiSC profile S subordinate slowly and thoroughly. You must make them check every detail with utmost care. They include your expectations regarding the work as a whole and the outcome. 

Besides, this employee fails to take criticism sportingly. They cannot take them in their stride, especially if the boss or a manager does so in front of the whole team. Therefore, as a boss, when you have an S-style employee working under you, make sure to give him your feedback in private. 

DiSC Style ‘S’ as a manager

As a manager, the main focus of a DiSC Style S professional is to win the trust of subordinates and colleagues. They do so without much effort as these people can collaborate with others, reach a consensus and create a win-win situation. 

These are leaders who genuinely care for their team members and nurture them effectively. Their focus remains on building a people-oriented work environment. A DiSC S manager looks at their employees as assets of the organization who play significant roles in its growth and development. 

The best thing about this person as a manager is that they always lead by example. Their leadership style is such that they pave the path for others to follow and achieve their goals while creating a calm and peaceful work environment. Apart from their contributions, DiSC S managers have some level of expectations from their subordinates. 

These leaders expect their subordinates to be stable, reliable, and cooperative. They must act according to their instructions, fulfilling their responsibilities and remaining loyal to the organization. 

One can always expect an organization to prosper if it has a DiSC S personality type professional as its manager. It is because they focus on developing their team by offering personal guidance to each member and issuing necessary instructions for their success.

Despite having these benefits, several drawbacks exist inside the personality of a DiSC S manager. There are instances when they can easily forgive their team members rather than hold them accountable for not meeting the desired quality or deadline. They might even allow conflicting situations to lie beneath the surface without bringing them into the limelight and take steps for resolution. 

Workplace Communication of an ‘S’ Style Person

DiSC S Style professionals are easy-going individuals who always give the impression that they carry an outwardly calm demeanor. They are good listeners and seem very engaged in perfectly undertaking their responsibilities. These people agree to almost any suggestion their team members come up with and do not bother much about the result.

As a colleague or a subordinate, you must be careful while dealing with an ‘S’ style co-worker or boss. It is because they might tell you that they have heard your opinion or plea, whereas, in reality, they may not agree with the content of what you are trying to convey. The communication style of a DiSC S personality type professional is such that due to their control of emotions, they will neither show excitement nor portray any displeasure to anyone’s comments. 

These employees are opinionated. They always have something to say but often prefer to keep quiet and let things move at their own pace. S styles frequently ask questions about specifications to understand others’ viewpoints easily. When someone reaches out to them for final approval on a project or a particular task, they will think about it and inform them later. 

The best way to communicate with a high-s personality type professional is not to rush too much for discussing matters on a particular agenda or business as a whole. It is necessary to chalk out their individual goals and objections. As they prefer written communication, hence, you must present your viewpoint in that particular form and in a logical manner. It is also necessary for DiSC S professionals to speak and express their views. Therefore, as an employee, you must not interrupt while they talk and carefully listen to what they say. 

Do’s and Don’ts with an ‘S’ Style Person in Workplaces

When you have to deal with a DiSC S-style person in a professional environment, several challenges will come your way. It is because each individual’s personality contains specific traits. You may not necessarily like their calm and composed nature, apart from their way of dealing with various circumstances at work.  

When you want them to come to a decision, they might prefer to take a step back, analyze the situation in detail and make you wait longer. This easy-going approach of a DiSC S might invite clashes from an aggressive and impulsive individual. 

Hence, understanding the dos and don’ts can make dealing with these professionals easier. 


  • Have a fixed agenda before meeting with a DiSC S-style person. You need to do it in person or through a video call.
  • As they do not have any problem with small talk, prepare to begin the conversation casually before discussing the important stuff.
  • They do not like asking questions in front of everyone else. So, you must take the initiative to follow through in private.
  • When you decide to communicate with your DiSC S colleague over email, the content must have a touch of warmth and sincerity. It should specify the details you are looking to convey to them.
  • Your S-style subordinate can come over to get feedback on the project delivered. Then, you must invest time to thoughtfully explain each point and show empathy while asking them to work on a few things to attain perfection. 
  • You must let this individual play a supporting role in the team and prevent them from hogging the limelight.
  • It is necessary to give the DiSC S style person the impression that, as a boss, you are promoting teamwork and taking steps to ensure cooperation between two parties. 
  • Always look to reach out to them for input, as otherwise, they might feel left out or ignored. 


  • When you have a DiSC S personality type individual in your team, you should refrain from forcing them to act instantly. Give them some time to think, and then decide.
  • Refrain from showing impatience or irritation while dealing with this employee. It would unnecessarily result in conflict.
  • Never try to confront them or use an aggressive tone while making both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • While communicating with DiSC S personality types, do not make vague claims in your statements. There must be logic to support them. 
  • Moreover, you should never disregard their feelings but show empathy and give due respect.
  • Try to cut down on your demands from a DiSC S person, as that would shut them off completely. You must allow them to proceed with their tasks at their own pace. 
  • Under conflicting situations, never lose your composure and sort out the problems with caution and calmness. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

The workplace habits of a DiSC S personality type show that they always prefer having a calm and collaborative work environment. They look to work with those individuals who focus on understanding them, carry out verbal communications, and give them sufficient space to undertake all their responsibilities. 

These people love contributing positively toward the growth of organizations. If co-workers abide by the preferences and choices of a DiSC S, it can go a long way toward building a healthy work culture.