Are you in touch with a D-style person? Are you eager to know the ways of dealing with the DiSC D personality type? This type of person wants everything more than what they may need in life. They desire more money and power, authority, and social regard. 

These individuals are driven by success and excellence and thus dealing with them from others’ perspective is not always easy. As they are too dominating in their personal and professional life, others find it challenging to tame their dominance and work with them peacefully.

Let’s analyze how one can deal with them without conflicts and squabbling.

Dealing with a DiSC D personality type – general overview

When you are working with DiSC D styles, you need to understand their overall behavior patterns and the motives behind their dominating nature. Once you get to know them in detail, you’ll no longer find it challenging to deal with or manage them in workplaces and even in their personal lives.

D personalities desire freedom and if you give them the right kind of work atmosphere that nurtures individual creativity and innovation, you’ll find these ambitious souls moving towards excellence very soon. They will bring the best outcome to the organization no matter how difficult the road may look like.

People with a DiSC D work style are competent and prefer to see the same level of work dedication in others. They hate sloppy work and want everyone in the organization to give their best in delivering results. 

As they prefer authority and freedom, they perform well in leadership roles in positions of power and hierarchy. If you want them to perform in best form, make sure to give them the authority in the team.

When you are working with a D-style person, make sure that you never use a negative approach toward life. Be positive and use affirmative statements that they like. 

You should keep your tone firm, yet soft so that they find you worth recognizing. Moreover, you should be direct, crisp, and to the point in delivering your opinions. They do not like advice and opinions that appear vague and roundabout. 

People with D style desire to know business topics and not social issues. They hate small talk, and unnecessary conversations that are of no use in delivering the outcome they are looking for. 

These individuals are interested to know only the tangible facts that are result-oriented. Therefore, you need to understand their mindset and put the discussion in line with their psychological makeup.

Communicating with a D-type in business meetings

The D-style person in an organization is always respected for their business-like approach toward work. They are direct and decisive, powered by domination and authority. People with this personality type prefer to speak to the point. They also prefer to listen to a straight talk that is devoid of emotions and flattery. 

Therefore, if you are planning for a business meeting with a D-style person, hone your communication skills and make it absolutely crisp, conceptual, and to the point. 

They hate small talk and social gestures that are time taking and do not serve the actual business purpose. They prefer fast-paced communication that is meant to fetch the best outcome.

Here are some of the best communication tips that can help you to relate well with a D-style person in a business meeting.

  • Be candid in expressing your ideas and opinions
  • Avoid unnecessary greetings and personal questions in business meetings
  • Clarify the goals and objectives that need to be accomplished
  • Keep your opinions short
  • Give them room to ask questions that are relevant
  • You need to talk about results and outcomes, not the methods and processes
  • Ensure that your proposals are meant for the general good of all, not for a particular team member
  • Stay on the task and avoid touching their emotional notes
  • Be precise and never waste time
  • You can give them choices and alternatives so that they can choose what’s suitable for them
  • If you disagree, try to talk about the facts over again; a general discussion with persuasion and not dominance from your end
  • Plan your presentation well and in advance. You need to be prepared before talking to them; otherwise, the conversation can actually look like a one-sided turn
  • They would love to see a win-win situation. So ensure positivity with a humble tone.

Negotiating with a D type

If you are trying to negotiate with a high-D teammate or employee, you will have to make them feel important and in control of the situation. You should start giving them direct orders as quickly as possible. Make your point of view move across very fast so that they do not get enough time to alter or oppose your sayings.

You may also see them refusing to cooperate but stuck to what you expect them to do. At times, you will have to use your power strategy wisely so that it appears that you are keen to listen to them but will ensure that they come into common ground with you.

One should remain receptive to their ideas, gently pushing them to accommodate your opinions as well. It means you should assert your position slowly and steadily. Another way to negotiate with them is by giving interim hints and suggestions so that they comply and authorize your ideas and opinions gleefully.

Dealing conflicts and tension with D-style people in workplaces 

Workplace conflicts and tense moments between managers and teammates are nothing uncommon. In every organization, conflict resolution strategies are put in place so as to nullify the intensity of disagreements between employers and employees.

 In the face of conflict with a D-style person, you should use a direct and decisive decision-making style. They may show their arrogance and annoyance when under stress, but make sure that you use your strategy of firmness in such a situation.

Be calm yet firm in your negotiations with a D-style person. Show logical explanations that are clear and make sense. You may find your D-style boss or a D-style subordinate taking a backseat and slowly calming down.

You can follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure peace inside the team – 

  • D personalities like direct communication. Never beat along the bush and speak your mind clearly
  • Get into the issue and differences quickly
  • Listen to their point of view
  • Use logical explanations to negate their opinions and sayings
  • Never frame your justifications based on emotions because D styles do not understand the language of the heart
  • Talk about solutions mutually
  • Help them take good action at the right time tactfully
  •  D styles love power and authority. Tell them that the ball is in their court by offering your opinions clearly and helping them sort out the conflict rationally. Help them understand that they are still in control

Managing a D-type employee being a leader

If you are a leader and are looking for tips to manage your Style D employee, here are the few best-picked tips for you:

  • They need strong managers who are confident, tough, and assertive as they are.
  • D-style people need clear guidelines for work. They hate ambiguous outlines of work. So, give instructions for work that are precise and straightforward
  • Ensure them with responsibility and independence.
  • If they need information, they will ask for it. So avoid giving advice and suggestions that were not asked for.
  • D-type employees tend to influence their managers. They may also try to negate their manager’s work style. So, you need to be direct and maintain your point of view if you think that’s the best way to get the job done.
  • The D-style person needs a space to speak their mind. Being a manager, you can give them the opportunity to share their ideas but only to a certain extent; otherwise, the chances of getting overpowered by them is also high.
  • As they are motivated by challenges and innovations, you can provide them with a flexible work environment where they can learn new things and grow in the profession.
  • Sometimes, you may find them creating many new changes if they feel things are not in their rightful place in the organization as expected.

Dealing with a DiSC D personality type in romance, dating, and intimacy

Understanding how DiSC models operate in relationships is helpful in developing a bonding that is both fulfilling and enriching. Here we will give you some actionable tips to ensure that your D-style partner can enjoy the relationship as much as you do.

  • D-style people love to take charge of the situation. So you can allow your partner to decide the time, date, and venue of the date night
  • Ask them what’s going on in their minds. This is a good way to make them feel heard and understood in the relationship
  • Accept their viewpoints but slowly push yours as well
  • Negotiate calmly by giving them more power to decide if you feel you can afford to give such a subtle control
  • You should compromise occasionally instead of listening to them all the time
  • Avoid interrupting when they are speaking their mind. 
  • They like requests more than commands, so you can try to choose the same
  • Participate with them in building the point and try to overlook their too-dominating nature. Remember they are vulnerable and insecure from the inside and need your validation to feel powerful from inside
  • Be clear that you will always love to participate in the decision-making process with them regarding life choices that involve both of you
  • Speak in non-judgmental ways and avoid pointing out their faults openly unless it becomes the need of the hour
  • Being a partner to a D-style person, it is your responsibility to help them validate others’ opinions and ideas with open hearts. In short, help them grow into flexible beings

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

From the discussion, it seems clear that managing a high D personality type involves great negotiation skills. Their behavior styles also depend upon who they are interacting with in their daily life. A peaceful interaction with this DiSC style means you give them the authority yet push them steadily to arrive at a mutual consensus with you. 

As their personality profile is task-oriented, you need to ensure that your work style also focuses on the big picture so that conflicts do not arise and goal accomplishment takes place easily.